初三英语专题复习 词汇 I

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人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第四课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第三课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第三课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第五课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第四课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第二课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第一课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第五课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第二课时
人教版八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第二课时
人教版八年级 Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第三课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第一课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第五课时
人教版八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第四课时
人教版 八年级上Unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.第一课时
新目标(Go for it)版九年级Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are_L2
仁爱九年级英语词Topic 1
人教版 七年级下 Unit11 How was your school trip?


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                  九年级英语专题复习          词汇   I
1.Collecting stamps is one of my h_________________(爱好).                      1.  It’s _________ for me to work out the problem in such a short time.(possible)
2.If you want to sell your p________________(产品),you must advertise it.       2.  The more he said, the ____________ we felt. (angry)
3.My favorite subject at school is s_______________(科学).                      3.  The photos ____________ on the Great Wall look very nice. (take)
4.The copy of Evangeline has many h____________(有帮助的) notes at the back.      4.  Everybody knows ____________ comes first. (health)
5.Have you ever e________________(经历)such kind of embarrassing situation.     5.  After a while the little dog came to ____________ . (it)
6.We p_____________(种植)lots of trees around the school last month.Now they grow well. 6. In which year did your parents get ____________. (marry)
7.Xinjiang food t_____________(尝起来)delicious.Most people like eating.         7.  Keep quiet! You are speaking too ____________. (noise)
8.Please be c_______________(小心的)when you cross the street.                   8.  His friend made it work by _____________the Scuba machine. (invent)
9.It's very dangerous to d______________(驾驭)after you drink wine.             9.  The boys scored in the ____________ minute of the first half.  (twenty-six)
10.If your dream comes t_____________(真的),you must be happy.                  10. Be careful ____________ friends with bad boys. (not make)
11.Leo has no sisters or brothers.He is the o___________(只,仅仅)child in his family. 11. He was the second _____________at the meeting and I was the first. (speak)
12.Thank you very much for i______________(邀请)me to your birthday party.      12. Her ______________ sounds good but it’s hard to try out.  (decide)
13.Chinese people are supposed to shake h__________(手)when they meet for the first time. 13. The story ____________ on a real person is very moving. (base)
14.There is little time left.We have to walk q____________(迅速地)to get there on time. 14. After the mouth –to –mouth breathing, the SARS patients came back to _________. (them)
15.October is the t______________(第十)month in a year.                         15. There is much _____________ in the town. You’d better not go in. (foggy)
16.Ted is so b______________(忙的)that he has no time to watch TV in the evenings. 16. ________________, he missed the last bus. (luck)
17.I can't understand what you said.Please speak more s______________(慢地).    17. The ________________ you eat, the better you’ll be. (health)
18.It is very cold and snowy in D____________(十二月)in Harbin every year.       18. Two ______________ of the earth is covered by water. (three)
19.She often borrows some books from the l______________(图书馆).                19. It’s said that he’s had the machine _______________. (check)
20.Many people like Wang Fei's songs because she has a sweet v_______________(声音). 20. Children were excited to see the _________ of the plant they grew. (appear)
21.Do you know the c_______________(首都)of America?                            21. There are no machine _____________ people to stay under water for a long time at that 
22.It's not s___________(令人惊讶的)that many tourists come to visit Shanghai every year. time. (allow)
23.My little brother is fond of making all kinds of plane m________(模型).      22. Our teacher has a good _______________ (know) of computers.
24.This is the f________(第五)letter she has received this week.                23. In a ____________ result, the boys were beaten by the girls. (surprise)
25.I can't find the exact words to d_____________(描述)her beauty.              24. By the time we got to the station, the train ________away for five minutes. (be)
26.Mary likes telling jokes.She is really a f________(有趣的) girl.              25. ___________ (where) you go, I’ll right be here waiting for you!
27.He n___________(点头)to me in greeting when I  entered the room.             26. It’s said that his father is one of the greatest journalists __________. (live)
28.We are very p______________(自豪)that a pupil from our school has won the prize. 27. The meat tastes____________ good. (terrible)
29.They all hurried u______________(往楼上)to see what was going on.             28. The books _________ from the library should be returned on time. (borrow)
30.There was s___________(沉默)for a moment and then someone made a useful suggestion. 29. There are many differences between you and _____________. (I)
31.Miss Yang is very kind and f____________(友好的)to her students.              30. Children are interested in ____________ computer games.  (play)
32.You will r_____________(意识到)the mistake you made today in future.          31. How ________ he is doing his homework! I can hardly understand it. (care)
33.A person m_____________(精通)a foreign language by using it.                 32. The men fell off the motorbike and ____________ on the ground.  (lie)
34.It is said that the teacher has done his very best to e______________(教育)and help him. 33. I want my ruler. I don’t want _______________. (someone else)
35.He likes watching movies,e_____________(尤其)movies made in America.         34. Hurry up! There are ten more windows ____________ . (clean)
36.Could you tell me the h_____________(高度)of Qomolangma?                     35. Children under 1.2m in ___________ are not allowed to come in. (high)
37.Don't make any n_____________(噪音)when you are in the class.                36. His mother cut the apple into two__________________ .  (half)
38.He spends more than an hour e_____________(锻炼)every day.                   37. Little Tom had his left leg _____________ on his way home. (break)
39.Betty worked every hard.At last she a_____________(实现)her goal.            38. Kate asked the Greens to help ____________ to some fried chicken. (them)
40.After the accident,she could h______________(几乎不)speak.                    39. What’s another way of saying _______________. (bike)
                                                                              40. I don’t think the language worth _____________ .(study)
                   九年级英语专题复习          词汇   II                                 41. Edison was one of the greatest _____________ in the world. (invent)
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42. In ___________ countries, the most important holiday is Christmas. (west) 83. We are all _____________ of the winner.  (pride)
43. ______________ he says, you must listen to him clearly.  (what)           84. The baby was crying _______________. (noise)
44. The picture book made the baby very ____________ .  (interest)            85. We can’t live _____________  air or water.  (with)
45. The cotton sweaters ____________ there feel comfortable and soft. (hang)  86. Miss Zhang asks us to have a group _______________ (discuss).
46. China and India are _____________ developed countries.  (little)          87. The bottle is _________________ with milk.  (fill)
47. Beijing University ______________ a hundred years ago.  (found)           88. Soon he fell fast ______________. (sleep)
48. Could you please fill in your ____________ information here?   (person)   89. Father Christmas isn’t a _________ person. In your family, Father Christmas is 
49. Such an old man can’t be left at home by ______________.  (him)               ____________ your father. (real)
50. After ______ off things, they went to Tian An Men Square in a hurry. (drop) 90. The children play games on the playground , _________happy songs. (sing)
51. I was told there _________ twelve months in a year when I was young. (be) 91. He couldn’t wait ______the result of the result of the English exam. (know)
52. It’s still ________________ who broke the window.   (know)                92. There was no enough time ______________ (visit) the Great Wall.
53. The injection given by the nurse wasn’t _______________ at all.  (pain)   93. They stepped into the classroom, _________ (sing) and _________ (jump).
54. Thanks for __________ me to your party.  (invite)                         94. Computers are now ____________ (wide) used all over the world.
55. When they got to the airport, the plane ________five minutes before. (take off) 95. Please cut the apple into _______. (half)
56. Xiao Li’s dog has ___________ for nearly two months.  (die)               96. There are a lot of foreign ____________ (travel) on the train 
57. I have worked in the supermarket since it ____________. (open)            97. Bananas ___________ (grow) in the south of China.
58. To finish the work in such a short time is ____________ for me. Please give me some 98. He told us he had the work ________________. (finish)
   more time. (possible)                                                      100. I would have you _________________ a new bike.  (buy)
59. By the time we got there, the basketball match ______on for ten minutes. (be) 101. What’s another way of saying ________________? (phone)
60. By the end of last month, Wang Ping ____________ more than 1000 English words. (learn) 102. Have you grown flowers or planted trees in or near __________ (neighbour)?
61. Her mother is a ______________ doctor.  (child)                           103. He had visited many countries in his ______________ . (thirty)
62. The doctor told me to take the medicine _____________ a day.  (two).      104. The 3 scientists tried to explain the _________________ (appear) of dinosaurs.
63. The girl is too _______________ to win the competition.  (confidence)     105. A girl ___________ (call) Kate won the first prize in the competition.
64. They wake up the other family members, ______ “Merry Christmas.” (call)   106. It seemed that Miss Liu was very _______________ (pleasant) with.
65. I prefer to read rather than _______________ idle. (sit)                  107. I don’t think the book is worth _____________. (buy)
66. In American you can buy a _____________ car as little as 300 dollars. (use) 108. Has your girl friend ________________ (water-ski) with you?
67. I prefer to walk there instead of ______________ by bus.  (go)            109. Which country has weather the most like _____________? (German)
68. Miyoko clicked on the screen, and a form appeared for her to fill in her _____________ 110. It is said that he is a good ______________ manger in New York. (sell)
   information. (person)                                                      111. His ___________ speech made us ____________ a lot.  (excite)
69. You are __________________ about him.  (mistake)                          112. There are the words “Made in China” _____________ on the back of the machine. (write)
70. We had our pictures ____________ in the middle of the square.   (take)    113. Half of the money ________________ (use) to buy a car.
71. We can’t have the car ______________. (stop)                              114. Many kinds of books _________ (send) to the country school last week
72. His ____________ speech made us a lot.  (excite)                          115. Thank you for _________________ (tell) me about it.
73. He got nothing in _______________ for her kindness.  (reward)             116. Listen! Jim’s radio ________________ (make) a loud noise.
74. He ____________ of his sickness.  (heal)                                  117. Writing brushes are used much_____________(wide) in the old days in China.
75. Their hen has _____________ two eggs today. (lay)                         118. The shelf is used for _________________ (store) books.
76. Li Lei has got some books about _____________. (chemist)                  119. I’d like to buy a _________________(wool) sweater.
77. The policeman helped the mother to find the ____________ boy.  (lose)     120. Three ___________ of the newspapers are written in English. (quarter)
78. If it ____________ (rain) next Sunday, we won’t have a football match.
79. Beijingers are true _______________ to the world.  (friend)                                       九年级英语专题复习          词汇    III
80. Of all the teachers in our school, Mr Li talks _________ but does most. (little)
81. I can’t find my pen, I think I ______________ (lose) it.                  121. This year my father is _____________ (health)than last year.
82. I found my bike _______________. (miss)                                   122. I bought ______________ (many) than 20 story books.
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123. The Young Pioneers often go ____________ (boat) in Green Lake park.      164. Mike is busy ___________ (download) the information on the Internet.
124. The boy ________________(tell) ____________ (not play) with fire.        165. Our teacher told us that there _____________ (be) a talk on the world’s population 
125. Tom, Somebody ______________(wait) for you at the gate, go and see.          tomorrow afternoon.
126. The babies should __________________ (take) care of.                     166. A newspaper ______________(report) will come to visit the old man.
127. Nearly all the _______________ (panda) in the world live in China.       167. The girl is glad, she has bought a Canon camera _______________(successful)
128. The famous article “My Hometown” ____________ (write) by Lu Xun.         168. She seems ________________ (buy) a digital camera soon.
129. ________________, I found my lost pen. (lucky)                           169. Before I came in, he ___________(search) the Internet for half an hour.
130. In the night we can see several ____________ (million) stars in the sky. 170. I’m sorry we haven’t got this kind of cameras. They _____ (sell) out last week.
131. We shouldn’t touch the things on _______________. (show)                 171. How much ____________ the computer ____________? (cost)
132. This school ________________ (found) in 1950.                            172. We must try our best _________ (stop) the world’s population from increasing.
133. He stopped his son ____________ (play) computer games.                   173. The parents spent a whole day ________(look) for their child, but they failed.        
134. You can borrow money from me _________________. (direct)                     They reported the __________ (appear) of their child to the police.
135. China has built a Great Green Wall ____________(cross) the northern part of                       174. The ___________ (use) camera I bought from Jack is far cheaper than a new one, but it’s 
     the country.                                                                 very ____________(use)
136. Two of the players __________ (fall) as they tried __________(meet) the ball. 175. We were _________ (amaze) at Jone’s quick ______________ (decide)
137. At 7 last night all the lights _______(turn off) and the film _________. (begin) 176. My lovely dog can help me ________________ (feel) less lonely.
138. Nearly everybody here _______(know) when the old museum _______ (build)  177. How happy Mr Wang was when he saw his sick cat _____(become) well again.
139. The 29th Olympic Games will be _________ (hold) in Beijing in 2008.      178. His dog, Dan often followed him when he went to the farm __________ (heal) sick 
140. Some boys were talking and laughing ___ (noise) when the  teacher came in.   animal.
141. March 12th is Tree _______________ Day. (plant)                          179. I loved dogs ____________ (well) of all the kinds of animals.
142. The more we get together, the _______________ (happy) we’ll be.          180. Only two of them were hurt in the earthquake. They _____________(take) to the hospital 
143. Look! The boy ______________ (tie) the tree to the top of the stick.         at once
144. The _____________ (die) leaves fall on the ground in autumn.             181. A policeman rushed into the burning house ___________ (get) the boy.
145. _______________ (thank) to your help, I won the prize.                   182. Both of his feet were hurt in the accident. A doctor must _________ (send) for.
146. No man has traveled _____________ (far) than the moon so far.            183. Last Saturday, we climbed Mount Tai __________ (watch) the sunrise.
147. Do you know ________________ (who) son he is?                            184. A dog or a cat ______________ (keep) by people for fun.
148. Please keep your eyes ____________ (close).                              185. _________________ (ride) fast is very dangerous.
149. My father told me an ________________ story. (usual)                     186. If I ___________ free next Sunday, I will go to the farm with you. (be)
150. Michael Jordan is my favourite basketball ___________. (play)            187. Listen! Mary _________________ in the next room. (sing)
151. My wish is _______(go) to college when I _____(graduate) from high school. 188. Hi! Tom. Can you tell me when _____________for London tomorrow? (leave)
152. ___________ (say) in one thing and ___________ (do) is quite another.    189. Could you tell me when the inspector _______ back from Paris today? (come)
153. Does Mr. Smith like us ____________ (speak) to him in Chinese?           190. He __________________ a letter all yesterday morning. (write)
154. Can rice ______________ (grow) in winter?                                191. Yesterday he told me there ____________ four seasons in a year. (be)
155. Dr Bethune _____________ (know) all over the world.                      192. They like to watch TV very much now. But they _____________to play basketball a lot. 
156. 3 _______________ (multiply) by 2 is 6.                                      (use)
157. The world’s population is growing faster and faster, we must             193. Thomas Edison ______________ a chemistry lab for himself by the time he was ten years 
    do  ______________(some) to show down its increasing.                         old. (build)
158. Lily writes the most ______________ (care) in our class.                 194. __________ the thief _________ by your father?  (catch)
159. They never knew what _____________ (happen) in a hundred years.          195. Many clothes today can __________________ with the washing machine. (clean)
160. The Rolls Roycle is _________________ (expensive) car in the world.      196. I think working long hours ______________ hard for children. (be)
161. My brother prefers ____________________ (swim) to playing football.      197. English ________more and more important since China joined WTO. (be)
162. I wasn’t sure if I _______________ (be) able to buy a car in two years.  198. What a good _______________ Jim is! (cook)
163. You can’t get in the bus, there is no space for you ________ (stand) in. 199. Miss King enjoyed ________________ in the party last Sunday. (she)
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                                                                              30.   I like singers who ___________ (be) really cool.

                           九年级动词填空专项练习                                        31.   Shanghai ________________ (become) a modern city over the years.
1.    It’s very important for us to learn English by_________(make) flashcards. 32.   He doesn’t know where ____________ (go) for the vacation.
2.    We__________(take ) notes when the teacher had a lesson.                33.   He decided ______________ (chat) with his friend on the net.
3.    I think_______(wear) tie looks really cool.                             34.   I am considering ______________ (join ) the English club next week.
4.    It ____________ (seem) that they’re playing basketball on the playground. 35.   Sunglasses are used for ____________ (keep) out the sun.
5.    Students should be ___________ (allow) to study with friends.           36.   I _____________ (feed) my cat, so it is full now.
6.    When they are together, they talk instead of __________ (do) homework.  37.   Many tall buildings ___________ (build) in our city during the last few years.
7.    You’re only twelve years old. Don’t get your ears _____________ (pierce). 38.   You shouldn’t make him______________ (stand) so long.
8.    It’s raining now. We have to put off ____________ (have ) a picnic.     39.   My brother will call me as soon as he ______________ (reach) here.
9.    It takes me half an hour __________ (walk) to work every day.           40.   She said she _________________ (not write) to her parents for a long time.
10.  If it __________ (be) fine, we’ll go fishing tomorrow.                   41.   These homeless children _____________ (look) after in the SOS village.
11.   He ___________ (live) in Beijing since he was eight years old.          42.   His uncle _______________ (return) in three days.
12.   I think the computer ____________ (invent) before the TV.               43.   So far, they_________________ (plant) thousands of trees.
13.   He said he____________ (be) to the Great Wall four times.               44.   I’m sorry ________(keep) you _________ (wait) for me for such a long time.
14.   By the time I got home, my parents ____________ (have) supper.          45.   He was made ____________ (sing) a song for his little mistake.
15.   What’s your plan for the coming holiday? I ______(visit) Beijing if possible. 46.   Just then I was frightened, I heard someone _________ (walk) towards to me.
16.   The foreigners are getting used to____________ (use) the chopsticks.    47.   The baby is sleeping. Would you mind ___________ (turn) off the radio?
17.   At first she had trouble __________ (make ) compete sentences.          48.   Do you enjoy __________ (listen) to the pop music?
18.   I think _____________ (memorize) the words of pop songs also helps a little. 49.   You had better not to go out now. It ___________ (rain) heavily.
19.   Jim is often alone. He doesn’t seem ____________ (have) many friends.   50.   If I had a million dollars, I _____________ (give) it to the charity.
20.   As a middle school student, you should stop ______ (wear) that silly earring. 51.   Nancy said that loud music made her __________ (feel) sad.
21.   Cheng long _______________ (make) some great movies over the year.      52.   I __________ (oversleep) because my alarm clock didn’t go off.
22.   Why it is easier ____________ (learn) Chinese than English?             53.   She told me she ____________ (go) on a beach vacation next month.
23.   My father used ____________ (get) up early.                             54.   Shanghai is cold this time of year. You need ________(pack) warm clothes
24.   As the name ____________ (suggest) , he is a quiet boy.                      if you ____(go)there.
25.   Be sure ___________ (close) the windows when you leave.                 55.   The man under the tree ___________ (call) Tom comes from India.
26.   If I ________(be) you, I would take a long walk before ________(go) to bed. 56.   What if everyone else ___________ (bring) a present to the party?
27.   You look tired. Why not _____________ (have) a short rest?              57.   We are looking forward to _________ (become) a volunteer.
28.   My brother often practices _______________ (play) soccer after school.  58.   He likes _________ (drop) by his friends’ homes on weekends.
29.   It’s too noisy. They must ____________ (listen) to the rock music now.  59.   In the United States, you’re not supposed __________ (eat) with your hands.
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60.   When I got to school, I realized I _________(leave) my homework at school. 2. Sue always________________ (分享) things with her friends.
                                                                              3. Simon lives on the________________ (第五) floor in that tall building.
                                                                              4. Sandy has lots of _________________(业余爱好).
                                                                              5. He is one of the best_____________ (游泳者) in our school.
                                                                              6. Don't spend too much time_____________ (chat) on the Internet.
                                                                              7. The film Hero _____________(direct) by Zhang Yimou is not so good, I think.
练习一    :根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
                                                                              8. If we _______________(not protect) giant pandas, they will die.
1. Little Jim is ______________ ( ) at home when his parents got to work.     9. I_________(not finish) my homework yet, Mr Yang. Can I hand it in tomorrow?
2. The earthquake in Taiwan made a lot of people ________( ).                 10. It is______________ (danger) to cross the street when the traffic lights are red.
3.Summer is his favourite season because he likes ______________ ( ).         练习四    A) 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。
4. Be quiet! I heard someone _________( ) in the bush.                        1. You'd better open the window to let in some ___________(新鲜的)air.
5.There is more and more air ________( ) in the big cities.                   2. Sue always ______________(分享) things with her friends.
6. I know only one of the ____________ (visit), how about you?                3. Teachers always________________ (鼓励) their students to practice speaking English in 
7. It's _________(danger) for the boys to play on the street.                   class and after class.
8. It's ________________(usual) for Sandy to stay at home at weekends because 4. The planes fly low____________________ (吵闹地) through the sky.
  she is outgoing.                                                            5. There are lots of people________________ (等待) at the bus stop.
9. My father was watering flowers in the garden while I _________ (read) in it. B) 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
10. When his favourite match began, he stopped ______ (play) the computer game. 6. The film is ______(suit) for all ages.
练习二                                 美味的
      1. The food is __________________(  ). Will you have some?              7. Which subject do you like ________ (well), maths, English or Chinese?
2. Teachers always_________________ ( ) their students to practice speaking English in 8. Look at the photo! The__________ (five) person from the right is my brother.
  class or after class.                                                       9. You made so many mistakes in your homework. How _____________ ( care )
3. He_______________ (      ) he shouldn't give seats to the mid-aged woman because you were!
  she is very impolite.                                                       10. Mr. Green spends lots of time______________ (explain) to his students.
4. The trucks go through the street___________________ ( )                    练习五(A)    根据括号中的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。
5. When giant pandas were born, they looked like little white ____________( ) 1. All the boxes in the room are filled with __________ (苹果).
6  Mary lives in a_______________ (wood) house in the hills.                  2. How many books have you borrowed from the school __________(图书馆)?
7. Our classroom is as clean as________________ (they).                       3. Thousands of people died in __________(自然的) disasters every year.
8. Young people like wearing clothes______________ (make) of animal fur.      4. Will you please __________ (解释) the meaning of the sentence?
9. Mark _______________(watch) TV while his father was reading.               5. The students want to ask their teacher to _________ (描述) what kind of life will be like on 
10. Is your mother used to _______________(get) up early?                       Mars.
练习三      根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。
      A)                                                                      6. Miss Yang really enjoyed ____________ (her) at the party yesterday evening.
1. You'd better open the window to let in some fresh______________ (空气).
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7. There are _____________ (few) teachers in Woodland School than in Beijing Sunshine 
Secondary School.
8. My uncle lives on the ____________ (twelve) floor of the building.
9. You must try your best _____________ (not be) late for school again.
10. The Great Wall _____________ (know) all over the world. Many people from other 
countries come to China to visit it every year