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                      湖北省咸宁市          2017  年初中毕业生学业考试


                             第一部分          听力       (共  40 分)

一、情景交际         听下面五个提示句,从每小题             A、B、C   三个选项中,选出能回应提示句的
    1. A. You are welcome.       B. It tastes delicious.      C. Yes, please.
    2. A. It’s very comfotable.     B. Only a little.           C. Very well, they are friendly.
    3. A. The subway runs very fast.   B. Sorry, I’m a stranger here.   C. I travel by subway.
    4. A. I seldom go to concets.     B. Classical music.      C. I want to be a pop singer.
    5. A. I’m not sure.            B. Never mind.          C. Thanks a lot. 
二、听对话选图           听下面五段对话,每段对话后有一个问题,从下面所给的                        A、B、C、D、E、F       六幅图

  三、对话理解         听下面三短对话,从每小题            ABC 三个选项中,选出相应问题的最佳选项。
   听下面一段对话,回答          11~13 小题。
11. What size of the jacket does the man take? 
   A. Size S.        B.Size M.           C.Size L.
12. What color does the man want? 
   A. Brown.   B. Black.       C. Blue.
13. What is the jacket made of? 
    A. Silk.        B. Leather.        C. Cotton.  
听下面一段对话,回答          14~16 小题。
14. Why did Michael get up early on March 5th? 
   A. Because he was too excited to fall asleep.
   B. Because he had a two-day journey as a volunteer.
   C. Because he would see his grangparents in Xinhua community.
15. How did they get there? 
   A. By bus.    B. On foot.    C. By bike.
16. What activities did they do there? 
    A. Swept the floor and perfromed ballet.
    B. Sang songs and performed magic tricks.
    C. Cleaned the windows and swept the floor. 
    听下面一段对话,回答          17~20 小题。
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17. What do Jim’s parents want him to do during the summer vacatioin? 
       A. Take summer courses.   B. Get a part-time job.   C. Have a visit around Wuhan.
    18. How many people will take part in the bicycle trip? 
       A. Three.       B.Four.           C.Five.
    19. Would Betty’s friend mind Jim’s joining in? 
       A. Yes.      B.No.     C.Not sure.
    20. What’s the route of the bicycle trip? 
      A. The East Lake→Wuhan University→Museum→Zhongshan Park.     
      B. Wuhan University →the East Lake→Zhongshan Park→Museum. 
      C. The East Lake→Museum→Wuhan University →Zhongshan Park. 
四、短文理解         听下面一段短文,从每小题            ABC 三个选项中,选出相应问题的最佳选项。
    21. What place is the speaker talking about? 
       A. A museum.       B.A cinema.        C. A park.
    22. In which month can’t we go to the Sea World? 
        A. February.        B. March.          C. September.
    23. Where can we see the short film about the sea? 
       A. In the Visitor Center.   B. In the dining room.   C. In different halls.
    24. What’s the children’s favorite show at the Sea World? 
       A. The whale show.     B. The polar bear show.     C. The dolphin show.
    25. How much does it cost for two adults and a kid? 
       A. 240 yuan.     B. 320 yuan.      C. 400 yuan. 
                               第二部分      语言知识运用(共      25 分)
26. —Who won the fist prize of the ______World Table Tennis Championship? 
   —You mean the match help in ______? Ma Long did. 
    A. fifty –four; German       B. fifty-fourth ; Germany   
    C. fifty-fourth; German      D. fifty-four; Germany 
27. —Kangkang, tell us something about _____in your hometown? 
    —Usually on this day, people eat zongzi in memory of Qu Yuan.
      A. the Spring Festival        B. The Lantern Festival  
      C. the Dragon Boat Festival   D. the Mid-Autumn Festival 
28. —Zheng He was a Ming dynasty _____that we Chinese people are proud of.
    —I agree with you. He even succeed ______sailing to the east coast of Africa. 
      A. tourist ; to    B. philosopher ; in    C. inventor ; to    D. explorer; in 
29.—In some countries, people eat with chopsticks, but in _____, knives and forks. 
   —You see, people around the world have different eating habits. 
     A. others    B. other    C. another    D. all 
30. —Celia, join us in the Super Summer Camp if it ____this weekend. 
    —I’d love to. But nobody knows if it ______.
     A. is fine ; rains   B. is fine ; will rain   C. will be fine ; will rain  D. will be fine ; rains 
31. —CCTV has produced a TV show —Chinese Poetry Competiton. Have you seen it? 
   —Sure. Wu Yishu, 16, _____studies at the High School Affiliated to Fudan, is the winner. 
     A. which     B. where     C. who     D. whom 
32. —Did you do something special on Father’s Day?
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   —Yes. I made my father a card in the ____of a heart to express my love. 
   A. height      B. shape    C. design    D. midel 
33. —What do you think of the lastest TV play the Name of People? 
    —It’s very popular. Millions of families ____by it during that time. 
      A. attracted    B. are attracted     C. were attracted    D. were attracting 

35. —It’s said that nuclear power will be used to produce electricity in Xianning.
   —However,   nuclear power _____be very dangerous.
   A. can    B. need    C. must    D. should 
36. —Excuse me, can you tell me ______?
    —Sorry, I am too busy now. Why not search the Internet for information?
      A. how does smog (雾霾) come into being   B. where the national space station lies 
     C. why are tigers becoming fewer now   D. how many years did the Qin empire last 
37. —Teamwork is very important in a football match.
   —I think so. _______
   A. The early bird catches the worm.   B. Every dog has its day.
   C. One tree can’t make a forest.   D. Everything comes to him who waits 
38. —What have you learnt after three year’s study in China, Maria? 
   —I was taught ____knowledge _____good manners. 
   A. either; or    B. not only ; but also   C. neither ; nor   D. not ; but 
     It was a fine spring day with beautiful flowers in the park. A young man arrived early and waited for his    
39     under a big tree. But he was so short-tempered (性急的) that he wasn’t in the mood to    40    the 
    Suddenly, an angel appeared. “Put this button (按钮) onto your clothes. If you don’t want to    41    , just 
turn the button to the right. You can skip over any time period if you want to.”
    The man happily held the button and turned it softly. Oh! How amazing! His girlfriend appeared before him 
and was gently    42    him! How I wish our wedding ceremony could be held now! He turned the button once 
again. A great wedding    43    in front of him, the  beautiful bride (新娘) was standing next to him and the 
band was playing cheerful music. He lost    44    in it deeply. 
    The    45    in his heart kept coming out: I also want a big house with a garden in the front. He turned the 
button. Then he wished for children. All of a sudden, a group of lovely children were playing    46    in the 
huge living room. Again, he jumped at the chance to turn the button to the right. 
    How time     47   ! Before he could see beautiful flowers in the garden, everything had been covered in 
deep snow. Looking at himself again, he found his hair totally    48   . He had already become so old.
    He felt so sad. He would rather enjoy life    49    than watch it go by in such a hurry. He quickly turned 
the button to the    50   . Once again, he was waiting for his lovely girlfriend under that big tree.
39. A. angel        B. girlfriend  C. teacher      D. father
40. A. judge        B. find        C. enjoy        D. check
41. A. wait         B. move        C. work         D. sit
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42. A. quarreling with B. laughing at  C. smiling to  D. crying to
43. A. discovered   B. covered     C. disappeared  D. appeared
44. A. herself      B. himself     C. itself       D. themselves
45. A. wishes       B. questions    C. secrets     D. problems
46. A. rudely       B. angrily     C. happily      D. sadly
47. A. fly          B. flies       C. flying       D. flew
48. A. shinning     B. white       C. strong       D. black
49. A. one by one   B. face to face  C. step by step  D. hand in hand
50. A. left         B. right       C. up           D. down
                      第三部分              阅读理解            (共   30  分)
七、阅读理解       。    
   A  young man entered the last interview of a company. The director found the young man’s academic grade 
were very good. 
   “Did you get any scholarships(奖学金) in school?” The director asked. “None.” The young man answered. 
   “Was it your father who paid for your school fees (学费)?” the director asked. “My father passed away when I 
was one year old, so it was my mother who paid for my school fees.” the yound man answered. 
   “Where did your mother work?” the director asked. “My mother cleaned clothes.” the young man said. The 
director looked the young man’s hands. He had a pair of smooth and perfect hands. 
   “Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” the director aske.  “ Never,” the yound man 
answered. “I have a request,” the director said. “When you go back home today, go and clean your mother’s hands, 
and then see me tomorrow morning.”
    The young man felt that his chance of getting the job was high. When he went back, he happily asked his 
mother to let him clean her hands. His mohter felt strange; happy but with mixed feelings. She showed her hands to 
the kid. The young man cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. His tears fell as he did that. It was the first time he had 
noticed his mother’s hands were so wrinkled. He realized it was this pair of hands that helped him pay the fees. 
   The next morning, the young man went to the director’s office. “I cleaned my mother’s hands, and I know that 
without my mother, I would not be the person I am today.” he said.
   “This is what I am looking for in my manager.” the director said. “I want a person who can appreciate (感激) ” 
the help of otheres to get things done. You get the job!” 
   51. What did the director ask the young man to do that night? 
       A. to help his mother wash the clothes   B. To wash his mohter’s hands
       C. To chat with his mother             D. To hug his mother
  52. The underlined word “wrinkled” in paragraph 6 probably means ______.
       A. soft     B. rough          C.dirty        D. smooth 
  53. What can we learn from the passage about the young man? 
      A. The young man had good academic grades and got scholarships.
      B. His parents worked hard to pay the fees.
      C. The young man had a pair of hands that looked just like his mother’s. 
      D. The young man finally got the job as a manager.
  54. Which of the following is wrong about the young man’s mother? 
     A. Her son never helped her with her work before the interview.
     B. Life was difficult but she managed to support her son.
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     C. She couldn’t help crying when her son washed her hands that night.
     D. Her son learned a lot from what she had done for him. 
55. What did the director value most from the young man? 
      A. Working ability.           B. Academic grades.   
      C. Communication skills.      D. Appreciatioin. 
      Thousands of years ago, in the south of ancient China, there lived Shengnong, a man who had an ox(牛) 
head and human body. Seeing that local people were suffering from disease, he built ladders and houses on a high 
mountain to store hundreds of medical plants. To remember him, people named the place Shengnongjia. 
      The legend (传说) makes Shengnongjia in Hubei an inviting place for tourist. Traveling there is a unique 
experience,as you can sceneries of the four seasons from different altitudes. “When the bottom of the mountain is 
summer, the top is spring and while the foothill is autumn, the top is covered with ice,” local people say of the 
special climate of Shengnongjia. 
      Shengnongjia is also home to 5,000 species of animals and plants. Many animals in danger live there, such 
as the golden monkey, the clouded leopard and the Asian black bear. 
      One interesting and mysterious thing about Shengnongjia is its legend of wild men. Some people one 
claimed that they saw big prints or big-foot creatures. Yet so far, scientists haven’t proved it is true and some say 
they are just bears. 
      The beautiful place has recently received a new title. On July 17, 2016, Shengnongjia Foresty District was 
added to United Nations World Heritage list as a natural site.China now has 50 world heritage sites (遗址). Second 
only to Italy in the world. 
      56. Which of the following is right about Shengnong? 
          A. Shengnong had an ox body.    
          B. Shengnong grew medical plants for people. 
          C. Shengnong  helped the local people.  
          D. Shengnong named the place Shengnongjia.
      57. In Shengnongjia,_____________
          A. there are many medical stores along the way
          B. people can experience four seasons up the mountain
          C. there 500 species of animals and plants 
          D. scientists have proved there are wild men there 
      58. What does the underlined word “title” mean in paragraph 5? 
         A. 标题      B. 景点     C. 称号      D. 职务
    59. Which of the following countries has the most world heritage sites? 
        A. Italy.     B. The USA.     C .China.      D. Canada.
    60 . What’s the main idea of the passage? 
         A. The legend of Shengnong      B. Animals living in Shengnongjia
         C. The amazing Shengnongjia     D. World heritage sites 
    It was the beginning of a new term. As a new teacher in that school. I didn’t know any of the students. A little 
girl was standing at the gate of the classroom. She looked very shy. 
     I walked up to her and asked why she stood there. But she said nothing. Then a boy shouted, “She is from 
Grade Four, the worst student in her grade.” I looked at the little girl. ①She didn’t  seem to be the smart kind. 
I understood  why her teacher asked her to stay in Grade Three. I took her hand and led her into the classroom.
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   “Sit here. Now you are my student and I’m your teacher,” I said. She still said nothing, but suddenly began to 
    I later learnt that her parents died in a car ②______/ ˈæksɪdənt/ She became sad and didn’t like talking to 
others after that.
    She learnt very slowly. I gave her respect and never looked down upon(鄙视) her as I know everybody 
deserves (值得) respect. I helped her after school, and she was making little little by little. ③随着时间流逝,她不
像以前那样害羞。At the end of the term, she seemed to have forgotten all her sadness. She was not among the 
best students when she left that school, but at least, ④_______________
    In the following years , she would send me a card on each Thanksgiving Day. Three days ago, I received  an 
invitation to her wedding. And now, I am at her wedding, and she is smiling ⑤ ______/ 'braɪtlɪ /.
Everyone deserves respect and everyone can be happy.
61. 填写单词:根据文中②、⑤两处音标填写单词。

    ②/ ˈæksɪdənt/___________; ②/ 'braɪtlɪ /_________

62. 将文中①处划线句子翻译成汉语。
63. 将文中③处划线句子翻译成英语。
64. 补全短文:从下面四个选项中,选出能放入文中④处划线部分的最佳选项。
    A. she became the most popular student in the school 
    B. she was not that shy and sad little girl any more
    C. she forgot everything and feared nothing 
    D. she was still that shy and sad little girl
65. What can we learn from the story? 

                         第四部分         书面表达        (共  25 分)

    八、短文填空        阅读下面短文,在空白处写出适当的单词,单词首字母已给出。(有点词请注意词形变
    Wonder shy you get angry so easily (66) w _____ your friend smiles all the time? It’s probably because you 
two have different personalities. 
     Personality (性格) is about (67) h_____people think, behave,and react(反应) in different (68) s_____. So 
what (69) m_____people think, behave and react in certain ways? 
    Part of the reason is that people are (70) b_____like this. A baby gets itls blood type, genes, and (71)o______ 
physical things when it’s still inside its mother. These things may help decide what the baby will be like. 
    But one’s personality doesn’t stop here. Family life,school learning and life (72) e_____ can also make you 
the person you are. This doesn't (73) m_____ it’s impossible to change your personality. You can always try to 
make yourself (72) b_____. Don’t get too worried about your shortcoming (缺点). Just accept thme. This is a good 
way to start making changes. 
    For example, if you don’t know how to make friends, find (75)o_____the reason. Is it because you’re too shy? 
Tell yourself to smile at people. Start talking to people using (76) w_____at it. One day you’ll see that you can turn 
over a new leaf and be a new you. 
九、短文写作(共       15 分)
78. “民以食为天”,饮食的安全和健康受到越来越多的关注和重视。请你以“Say                            NO to Junk Food”为题,根
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          1、词数:80    左右,开头与结尾已写出,不计入总词数;
        3、参考词汇:过多包装           over packaging; 有规律的  regularly ; 营养 nutrition 
Say NO to Junk Food 
    Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to food safety and health. As far as I am concerned, we 
should say no to junk food.
    In a word, a healthy diet with less junk food can help you make us stronger and stronger. 

                                     Say NO to Junk Food
    Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to food safety and health. As far as I am concerned, we 
should say no to junk food.
    There is no doubt that junk food is made delicious and attractive, but it surely does harm to our body. 
Meanwhile, the over packaging necessarily leads to much more rubbish.
    To get away from the junk food, we should focus on how to keep a healthy lifestyle. There are many tips to 
follow. First, eat regularly, three meals a day on time. Try as few snacks or fast food as possible. Second, take more 
fruits and vegetables which can provide the nutrition we need .What’s more , do more outdoor activities, as long as 
you are busy with something interesting, you will more probably get away from junk food.
    In a word, a healthy diet with less junk food can help you make us stronger and stronger. 

                      湖北省咸宁市          2017  年初中毕业生学业考试


                             第一部分          听力       (共  40 分)

   1~5 CCBBC
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   6~10 CFDAB
   11~15 CACAB    16~20 CABBA  
   21~25 CBACC
                          第二部分         语言知识运用(共            25 分)

  26~30 BCDAB     31~35 CBCDA   36~38BCB
   39~43 BCACD     44~48 BACDB   49~50 CA
                         第三部分            阅读理解          (共  30 分)

七、阅读理解       。    
51~55 BBDCD     56~60 CBCAC

61. accident; brightly   62. 她看起来不像是聪明的那种人。
63. As time went by, she was not as(so shy) as before.
64. B
65. Everyone deserves respect and everyone can be happy.
                第四部分         书面表达        (共  25 分)

66. while   67. How   68. Situations   69. Makes    70. Born 
71. other  72. Experience(s)   73. Mean  74. Better    75. Out 76. Warm 77. working
                                     Say NO to Junk Food
    Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to food safety and health. As far as I am concerned, we 
should say no to junk food.
    There is no doubt that junk food is made delicious and attractive, but it surely does harm to our body. 
Meanwhile, the over packaging necessarily leads to much more rubbish.
    To get away from the junk food, we should focus on how to keep a healthy lifestyle. There are many tips to 
follow. First, eat regularly, three meals a day on time. Try as few snacks or fast food as possible. Second, take more 
fruits and vegetables which can provide the nutrition we need .What’s more , do more outdoor activities, as long as 
you are busy with something interesting, you will more probably get away from junk food.
    In a word, a healthy diet with less junk food can help you make us stronger and stronger. 

一、情景交际         听下面五个提示句,从每小题             A、B、C   三个选项中,选出能回应提示句的
1. May I take your order now, sir? 
2. How are you getting along with your neighbors? 
3. Excuse me, where is the nearest subway station? 
4. Which kind of music do you prefer, classic or folk? 
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5. Be brave! Everything will be fine. 
二、听对话选图           听下面五段对话,每段对话后有一个问题,从下面所给的                        A、B、C、D、E、F       六幅图
6. M: Oops! I forgot my wallet.
  W; It doesn’t matter. You can pay with your phone.
  Q: How will they pay the bill? 
7. W: Somebody help! Mr. Johonson is badly hurt by the car!
  M: Calm down. Call the doctor immediately!
  Q: What number should they call now? 
8. M: Susan, what is your program for the coming party? 
  W: I’m good at playing musical instruments, and I’ll play a song at the party.
  Q: What might be Susan’s hobby? 
9. W: Time for dinner! Do you have any good idea about what to eat? 
  M: I’ve heard that hot pot is very famous here in Sichuan. Shall we have a try? 
  Q: Where are they? 
10. M: I like Shakepeare’s play’s so much, especially Romeo and Juliet. It’s sad but beautiful.
   W: I can’t agree more! Shakespeare is the pride of our country.
   Q: Which country are they probably from? 
三、对话理解         听下面三短对话,从每小题            ABC 三个选项中,选出相应问题的最佳选项。
   听下面一段对话,回答          11~13 小题。
  W: Morning,  sir. What can I do for you? 
  M: I am looking for a jacket. 
  W: OK. We have jacket in different styles. Which do you like best? 
  M: Hmm, maybe the one with two big pockets.
  W: What color do you want? 
  M: Give me the brown one. Can I try it on? 
  W: Of course, the fitting room is over there. 
  M: The jacket is fashionable on me, but do you have a larger size, size L? 
  W: Yes, here you are. 
  M: What is it made of? 
  W: It’s made of cotton. It feels comfortable. 
  M: Well, I’ll take it then.
  W: All right. 
听下面一段对话,回答          14~16 小题。
W: How do you spend March 5th as a volunteer, Michael? 
M: I got up early because I was too excited to fall asleep.
W: Where did you go? 
M: We went to Xinhua Community and did some meaningful activities. 
W: How did you arrive there? 
M: We arrived there on foot. It wasn’t far.
W: What activities did you do then? 
M: We helped the old clean the windows and sweep the floor. Some read newspaper and some performed magic 
tricks. The old were grateful for our kindness. 
W: How did you like the activities? 
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M: Though tired, we felt happy
W: That sounds wonderful. I hope I can join you next time.
M: Welcome! 
    听下面一段对话,回答          17~20 小题。
W: Hi, Jim. What are you going to do this summer vacation? 
M: Hi, Betty. My parents want me to take some summer courses, although I don’t really want to.
W: Come on, you need a break or you’ll get killed.
M: I believe so but I haven’t got any plans yet. I suppose I cound get a part-time job to kill the time,but I’m afraid I 
can’t find one.
W: Why don’t you join me and my friends,Boy and Annie, to have a visit around Wuhan by bike? 
M: Well, I don't know really. Would your friend mind? 
W: No, of course not. They’ll be happy to have you along. Both of them like making new friends.
M: Then I’ll join you. Where shall we start? 
W: We can start from the East Lake, then move to Wuhan University , the museum, and we’ll end in Zhongshan 
M: Sound good. I’m sure we will have a great time. 
四、短文理解         听下面一段短文,从每小题            ABC 三个选项中,选出相应问题的最佳选项。
     Welcome to the Sea World. Here is some information for you. We are open six days a week, from Tuesday to 
Sunday, from nine a.m. to six p.m. Visitors are welcome all year round except March, because we have to close in 
March for painting and repairs.
     Every morning at eleven, there is a short time film about the sea in the Visitor Center. Then you can go to see 
different animals in different halls. If you are hungry, enjoy the delicious food in the dining room. 
   The dolphin show begins at two o’clock every afternoon. Dolphins are lovely and clever animals, so the show is 
the children’s favorite at Sea World. You must arrive by a quarter to two to have a good seat.
   Adult tickest cost one hundred and sixty yuan and tickets for children are eighty yuan. And there are special 
prices for school groups. 
    Have fun!