新人教八年级下册英语unit 8基础练习(无答案)

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                      新人教八年级下册英语          uni 8 基础练习

                                   Section A

I. 根据汉语意思完成句子

1. 街上熙熙攘攘,车水马龙。The streets are noisy and _____________ activities.

2. 你必须赶紧些,否则不能及时完成。You                 must ____________, or you can’t finish it 


3. 读书报告的上交期限只有两周了。The book report _________________in two weeks.

4. 不要总是匆忙完成你的家庭作业。Don’t finish your homework _________________.

5.  — 你已经到达北京了吗?             —  是的,已经到了。

   —          you        in Beijing yet?   — Yes, I       .

6.《小妇人》是关于什么的?                     is Little Women       ?

7. 他还没写完这本书。He                                 the book       .

8. 他的书预定十月份出版。His book                          to be published in October.

9. 这儿你还认识谁?                         do you know here?

10. 在那后不久,      他找到了另一个人的脚印。 

   ______________, he found the _________ of _________ person.

11. 为了有吃的他把他的牛杀了,             现在他一无所有了。

   He killed his cow ______________. Now he ______________________.

12. 当他看见那艘破船后,向那个岛屿跑了过去。

  When he saw the _______________, he _____________________.

13. 他砍了一些树把他们拿回来修房子。 

He _____________ some trees and _______________ to build a house.

II. 根据句意及汉语提示完成英语句子,每空一词。

  1. The box is              (满是……的) books.

  2. If you don’t              (赶快), you’ll be late for the meeting.

  3. The boy wants to be a scientist when he              (长大).

  4. They were              (等候) a bus when I met them.

  5. Do you like              (科幻小说)?

III. 用括号内所给动词的正确形式填空。

  1. I        already        (finish) doing the work.
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  2.        she        (see) the movie So Young (《致青春》) yet?

  3. They        just        (decide) to go to Beidaihe on vacation.

  4.        Jack        (read) Robinson Crusoe before?

  5. —        Mr Black        (leave) Tianjin?  — No, not yet.

  6. I       (tell) him about it two days ago, but he       (not decide) what to do yet.

  7. Mr Brown       (teach) her French for a month, but she still can’t speak French well.

  8. The young singer       (become) famous last year and he       (have) several 

    concerts by himself since then.

  9. — When        they        (leave) Guangzhou?

   — This morning. They       (be) away for about three hours.

  10. We       (get) to London yesterday, but we       (not start) to work yet.

                                   Section B


1. 听起来像                 2. 为...而争辩                3. 出国留学

4. 通过收音机                5. 逐渐意识到                   6. 自从

7. 例如                   8. 属于                      9. 彼此

10. 互相                  11. 发现                     12. 向某人介绍...

13. 乡村音乐                14.看到他现场演唱                 15. 现代生活


1. My hometown is in the s__________ part of the country. 

2. He is too old to get used to the m________ life in the big city. 

3. I guess they are having a great time over there. Can you hear the loud l__________?

4. Would you like to i________ the new student to us? We want to know more about him.

5. It's polite to wait in l_______ while we are waiting for the bus or shopping. 

6. This book doesn't b________ to me. It's Sandy's. 

7. The girl went a________ alone two years ago and came back to see her family last week. 

8. Everyone wants to achieve s__________, but only some of us try to work hard for it. 

9. This city is really crowded because m__________ of people work and live here. 

10. Good friends can help and trust one a_________ in the face of danger. 

11.At the end of the day, we felt happy the bus_________ (bring)us back to our school.
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12.Mount Huang is one of the most_________ (beauty)mountains in the world.

13.I joined the book club last month and I _________ (read) five books already.

14.There used to _________ (be)millions of birds singing in the trees in the forest.

15.He saw the newspaper on the table this morning, but he _________ (not) read it yet.

16.--- I looked for the keys just now. ________ you ________ it? (find) 

   --- Not yet. 

17. He is not going to the movies with you tonight. He __________ it already. (see) 

18. It's 8:30. The bus has _________. You will have to wait for the next one. (leave)

19. I ________ him the news yet. So he knows nothing about it now. (not tell)

20. The boy ________ like this ever since last night. (be)


1. 你觉得我穿这件衣服好看吗?Do you think the dress ______ ______ ______ ______?

2. 他昨天买了一张       CD 但是还没有听过。

  He ______ a CD yesterday but he ______ ______ ______ it yet.

3. 听乡村音乐是放松的好方式。             ______ ______ country music is a good way ______ ______.

4. 她曾经几乎每件事情都和家人争辩。

  She used to ______ ______ ______ everything with her family. 

5. 在这个村子里,人们彼此和善而且相互信任。

  In this ______, people are ______ ______ each other and ______ ______ ______. 

6. 我还没去过云南,但是有一天去那里是我的梦想。

  I have not ______ to Yunnan, but it is my dream to ______ ______ ______ ______.

7. Garth 是美国历史上最成功的音乐家之一。

  Garth is one of ______ ______ ______ ______ in American history.

8. 你曾经唱过她的歌吗?没有,对我来说太难了。

  ______ you ever ______ her songs? No. It's ______ ______ ______me. 

9. 关于你最喜欢的乐队你了解哪些事情?

  What facts do you ______ ______ your ______ ______?

10. 他们为什么喜欢听这种音乐?             它听起来更像摇滚。

  Why do they like ______ ______ ______ music? It ______ ______ ______ rock. 

11. What is the book like? (同义句)     ______ ______ _______ _______?
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12. The girl has read over 300 books ever since then. (划线提问)

  How many ______ ______ the girl ______ ever since then?

13. He has seen the film three times. (一般疑问句、否定回答)


14. My son thinks Harry Potter is really exciting. (划线提问)


15. finished, you, yet, have, homework, math, your, ?(连词成句)



    Country music first came from the s________ states of America. It can usually bring people 

b________ to the old days. And it tells us what the simple life should be l________. After a long 

day of w________, many people like to sit down and enjoy it to r________. Some of the songs 

can help people r________ how much they love their family and hometown, so they can 

sometimes bring family m________ closer. When you listen to the songs, you can think of all the 

best things in life --- friends, family, l________, the countryside and the b________ of nature. So 

next time when you feel upset, just try a country music s________.