人教版八年级英语Unit6I'm going to study computer science.重点复习

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                                   Section A

1.—What do you want to be when you grow up?          
  —I want to be a basketball player.        
2.—How are you going to do that?—那你打算怎么做呢?         
  —I’m going to practice basketball every day。        
3.—Wow,now I know why you’re so good at writing stories。         
4.—Most of the time,we make promises to other people。However, promises you make to 
yourself are resolutions。大多数时间,我们向其他人保证。然而,你向自己做的保证是决心。
5. Some people write down their resolutions and plans for the coming year.一些人写下他们来年
6.This helps them to remember their resolutions  这帮助他们记住自己的决心.        
7.Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement.许多决心和自我提高有关系.        
8. For this reason,some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions.因为这个原因,
9.The third resolution is about improving my relationships with  my family and friends.第三个决
10.The last resolution is about how to do better at school.  最后一个决心是关于怎样在学校里
11. I’m going to keep on writing stories. 
【解析】 keep on    继续 
          Keep on doing sth 继续做某事
          keep sb. doing sth 使某人处于某种状态
          keep sb/ sth from doing sth 阻止某人做某事
 拓展:go on   继续   go on doing sth/ go on to do sth
(     ) Although it’s late, he still keeps on ____ his homework.
       A. does      B. doing     C. do     D. did 
12. Not everyone knows what they want to be. 
【解析】not everyone   并不是每个人
  ⑴ everyone 作不定代词时视为第三人称单数,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式。
     Not everyone likes the movie “Lost in Thailand” .
  ⑵  部分否定:      当  not 与 all, every, both 等连用时,表示部分否定,        not 可放在这些词
      Not all of them know the answer.
 ⑶全部否定:       相应的表示全部否定的词。如:              none ; no one; no; neither
      None of them know the answer.
(      ) Not everyone _______ here.
       A. is     B. are      C. am 
13. I’m going to write articles and send them to magazines and newspaper.
  【解析】send [send] v  邮寄,发送      →sent → sent  
  send sb. Sth = send sth to sb. 送某人某物
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【拓展】 give (pass/ show/ sell) sb. sth = give ( pass/ show / sell ) sth to sb.  
【短语】 send for   派人去请               send up 发射; 
         send off 寄出;  为……送行       send out 派遣;发出
(    ) ① Please send ____ best wishes to Mary.
        A. I    B. me    C. my    D. mine
(     ) ② On June16,2012, China _____ its Shenzhou IX spaceship.
       A. set out     B. set off     C. sent up    D. sent out
14. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
  【解析    1】when   “当……时” , when   引导的时间状语从句,从句用一般现在时,主句用
  She is going to be an astronaut when she grows up.
  Jim is a computer fan and he wants to be a computer engineer when he ______________(长大)
 【解析   2】grow → grew →grown v (1) 生长,成长     (2) 种植 
(    )① When he ___ , he ___ to be a policeman.
     A. grow up ; want     B. grows up ; want   
     C. grows up ; wants   D. grow up ; wants
(    )② The farmer likes _____ vegetables in his garden, and they all ____ well.
       A. growing; grow up    B. to grow  ; grow up 
       C. growing; grow       D. to grow ; grows  
 (   )①My cousin was born in Hongkong, but he _____ in America.
        A. grow  B. grow up  C. grew  D. grew up
(   )② What’s she going to be when she _____?
      A. grow up    B. grows    C. grows up       D. is going to grow up 
(   )③ When I ______, I am going to be a teacher.
      A. am elder   B. grow up    C. am going to grow up   D. grew up
(    ) The boy is going to be a pilot when he grows up .(选择与划线意思相同的选项)
      A. get up             B. leaves school     
     C. becomes an adult    D. becomes a teenager
15.  He’s going to take acting lessons 
【词形变换】act v     表演→ actor n  男演员→ actress n  女演员
【名言】Think carefully before you act . 三思而后行
【短语】an actor   一个男演员      act as 充当,起作用 
         take acting lessons 上表演课
【注】 take singing lessons 上声乐课
       take … lessons = have… lessons 上……课 
    ① Li Long loves art and wants to be an___________ (act) in the future
      ②— Are they going to take ________________(act) lessons?
       — No, they aren’t .
(    ) ③ If you are going to be an actor, you have to ________.
      A. take acting lessons     B. take act lessons    
      C. take acting lesson      D. take act lesson
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16. Well, don’t worry. 
【解析】worry v    担心   → worried adj. 焦急的
        worry about = be worried about 为……担心
      ①Don’t be _________(worry). You’ll catch up with others.
(    )② Don’t ____ about things so much. It will make you stressed out.
     A. afraid  B. worry  C. worried  D. terrified
17. Just make sure you try your best. 只要你尽力就好。
【解析】try v    试图,设法,努力  
【拓展】 (1)try on  试穿
         (2) try to do sth 努力做某事 【侧重尽力做】  
         (3) try doing sth 试图做某事 【侧重尝试做】
(4)try one’s best to do sth= do one’s best to do sth 尽某人最大努力做某事
       ①We should __________________(尽最大努力)to be happy in the future.
  (    ) ② We should try ___ much fruit.
          A. eat    B. to eat   C. eating   D. eats

                                   Section B
1. Many resolution have to do with self- improvement. 
【解析   1】resolution  n 决心,决定  
          make a resolution 下决心    New Year’s resolution 新年决心
      ①You should make a New Year’s _________(resolute).
(    ) ② — What’s your New Year’s _______?
         — I’m going to eat more vegetables.
         A. idea     B. resolution    C. job    D. subject
【解析   2】have to do with 关于;与……有关系                        
         have nothing to do with  与……没有关系
(    ) I heard you ____ to do with the person.
     A. have    B. have nothing    C. had    D. has nothing 
【解析   3】 selfimprovement  [selfɪmp'ruːvmənt]自我改进,自我提高
2.  Sounds interesting.
【解析】sound v    听起来    (系动词,后跟形容词做表语) 
         sound like +名词/ 代词   听起来像
        ①That piece of music ________(sound) very beautiful
  (    ) ②His plan ____ great.
       A. sound    B. sounds like    C. sounds    D. sounding
【拓展】sound n    声音(指自然界中的一切声音)
        noise n 噪音,(指不悦耳的一切吵闹声)
        voice n 说话声(指人的声音及鸟叫声)
3. When we make resolutions at the beginning of the year.
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【解析】 begin v   计划   → beginning [bɪɡɪnɪŋ] n 开头,开端  
         at the beginning of  在……开始时
         from beginning to end 从头至尾
         begin to do/ doing sth 开始做某事
         begin with 以……开始
(   ) We usually make a plan for work ____ every term.
      A. in the beginning of    B. at the beginning of  
     C. on the start of          D. in the start of 
(    ) _____ the beginning ____ this term, he made a resolution.
      A. From ; on    B. At; of    C. From ; with   D. On; of 
4. Were you able to keep them?  【解析】able  能够                             
be able to 能够做某事=can     表示有能力做某事,后接动词原形。
    词条                适用时态                          用法
be able to   各种时态                      侧重通过努力而获得的能力
can          一般现在时或一般过去时                 表示有能力做某事
(   ) Lucy could read story books at the age of four.
     A. is able to    B. was able to   C. should   D. would
    Her husband was able to drive a car last year.
       A. can      B. may         C. must    D. could
5. Most of the time, we make promises to other people. 
【解析】promise [prɑmɪs]     n 承诺,诺言  
        promise to do sth 允诺做某事;答应做某事         He promises to help us.
        make a promise 许下诺言        keep one’s promise 遵守承诺
        make promises to sb. 向某人作出承诺    
(    ) He _____ to save his pocket money for later use, but he spent it on a toy soon.
     A. refused     B. persuaded    C. promised
  — I won’t have time to go shopping with you this afternoon?
    — But you ____ me yesterday.
       A. ordered    B. mentioned   C. promised    D. knew
6. … we hope that we are going to improve our lives…
【解析】improve     v 改进,改善       = make better 
【用法】sb improve sth/ sb.某人提高了某物或某人。improve oneself         提供自己      
        sth + improves 某物提高了
    (   ) — We will do what we can ____ ourselves this term.
        — It’s high time for you to work hard.
        A. improve     B. to improve   C. be improved   D. be improving
7. Some people write down their resolution and plans for the coming year.
【解析】write down    写下,记录下 
(     )① There are some important words in this unit. Please ____.
       A. write down them   B. write down it   
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       C. writer them down   D. write it down
(    )② Let me ______ your phone number and I’ll call you when I’m free.
       A. cut down    B. turn down    C. let down   D. write down  
8. Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep.
【解析】too…to…      太….而不能….  
       too +adj./adv 原级+to do sth  
  【注】⑴     该词组本身有否定含义,句子中不再加                not 
        ⑵ too… to 中间用形容词或副词原形。
        ⑶当主语是物时,to do       后不再加宾语       The box is too heay to carry.
  此结构也可换成        “not … enough to do … ” “不够……可以……”和        “so … that … ” “如
此……以至于……”so        后跟   adj./adv.  that 后跟从句。
   The child is too young           (go ) to school.         
     =The child is not old enough           (go ) to school.       
     =The child is so young that she can’t go to school.
 (    )① They are ____ tired ____on.
       A. too; to walk  B .too; walking  C. can’t ;to work  D. very ;to walk
(    ) ②– This box is ___ heavy for me to carry. Can you help me?  —Certainly.
       A. so   B. much   C. very   D. too
(    )③ Lucy isn’t old enough to carry the box.
       A. is so young that she can     B. isn’t young enough to
      C. is too young to             D. is so young to 
(    ) ④The ked isn’t enough to go to school.
      A. is too young to go to school     B. is too old to go to school
      C. is so young that he can go to school    D. can go to school
9. Do you agree with the writer? 
【解析】agree v    同意;   赞成;    允许
agree with sb 同意某人的话    Do you agree with me?
agree to do sth 同意做某事  He agree to go with me. 
agree on 在……方面意见一致         We agree on the question.  
(    )① ____ this reason. I didn’t agree ____ her.
      A. For; with   B. For; to   C. About; with   D. About ; to 
(    ) ②I don’t agree _____ you. I think she has something to do ____it.
      A. to; about    B. with; with    C. with; to   D. to; about.  
— I think drinking milk is good ___ our health.
            — Yes, I agree _____ you.
       A. to; to     B. with; to     C. at; with    D. for; with                    
10. She’s going to study education. 
【解析】educate v   教育→educationn  教育   →educational adj 有教育意义的
   an educational toy 智力玩具
   get a school/family education 受到学校/家庭教育  
   an educational film 一部很有教育的电影
①This is an _____________(education) book.
②Every week the students in No.1 Middle school see an ______________(education)
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11. make your life easier 使你的生活更容易
   make my family happy 使我的家人高兴
   make sb. / sth + adj. 使某人/某物   
— Dad, how can I get on well my classmates?
            — Try to be friendly to them. That will make it much _____.
   A. easily      B. more easily     C. easy    D. easier
12. I’m going to study medicine at a university.
【解析   1】 medicine  n 药,医学     → medical .“医学的,   医疗的”
  medical team 医疗队   take some medicine 吃药   
 (   ) She’s going to study ____ because she wants to be a doctor.
      A. medicine   B. music    C. cooking    D. paiting
【解析   2】university  n 大学,高等学府 
(     ) _____ girl riding a bike is ______ university student.
       A. A; an   B. The; an   C. A; the    D. The; a    
13. I’m going to learn another foreign language.
   【解析】foreign    adj . 外国的   → foreigner n 外国人
         his foreign friends 他的外国朋友
         a foreigner from Europe. 来自欧洲的外国朋友
      ①I can talk with the ____________(foreign) . I’m sure of myself.
      ②There are more and more ______________(foreign) working in China.
(    )③ Wow, this _____ can speak several ____ languages.
       A. foreign; foreign   B. foreigner; foreigner
       C. foreigner ; foreign   D. foreign; foreigners

14. To discuss the different kinds of resolutions .
【解析】discuss   讨论,商量       → discussion n 讨论
 discuss doing sth 讨论干某事      
discuss sb. = have a discussion about sth.
(   ) The physics problem is really hard. Let’s ____ it.
     A. question    B. improve    C. promise   D. discuss  
15. To qusestion the idea of making resolutions.
 【解析】question / problem
  ⑴ question n 问题;  疑问;    指一般的问题。        常与  ask; answer 搭配
  ⑵problem n 问题;    难题,指已存在的,需要解决的问题。 
    常与   solve; deal with 搭配。
  【记】 I can answer your ______ . But you can’t solve my ________.
(    ) I want to ask a _______: Can you deal with the math _____.
      A. question; question     B. problem; problem
      C. question; problelm     D. problem; question
16. The third resolution is about improving my relationships with my family and friends.
【解析】relationship   n 关系  
     relationship with 与….. 的关系  
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     relationship between … and … 与….的关系
     拓展  friendship 友谊
(    ) Do you know the relationship _____ sleep ____ health?
      A. for ; and    B. between ; and    C. from ; to   D. between ; to                      
17. Some people like paiting say they are going to take up a hobby like painting or taking photos. 
【解析】take up   学着做;开始做 
(    )① I _______ the hobby of singing when I was a child.
      A. built up    B. set up    C. kept up    D. took up 
(    )② The lady ____ dancing as a hobby in her sixties, and she is really good at it now.
     A. dressed up      B. looked up    C. took up    D. put up
【解析   2】hobbyn  业余爱好→ (pl)  hobbies 
(    ) ①Selian has many _____, such as drawing, dancing and taking photos.
        A. hobbies   B. resolution   C. promises   D. schoolwork    
(    )② Cici enjoys dancing . It’s one of her ____.
         A. prize     B. prizes      C. hobby      D. hobbies