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新人教版九Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restroom are 周末习题
人教版(新) 九年级宾语从句专题综合训练
人教版(新) 九年级 Unit 3 宾语从句知识梳理
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人教版(新) 九年级英语Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are学案
人教版(新)九年级英语Unit3 达标测试卷
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人教版新目标九年级Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are练习题


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                      新目标九    Unit3 试题 
一、单项选择        从四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其标号填入题前括号内。

 (   )1. — Is AC Milan      Italian football club?
   — Yes. It’s one of      most successful clubs in Italy.
   A. an; /      B. an; the
   C. /; the        D. /; /    
(   )2. — Look! What’s that      the corner of the room?
      — I can’t see clearly. It’s a little dark there.
       A. behind    B. below
       C. in         D. under
(    )3. There are         floors in the building and my home is on the      
   A. twenty; fifteenth    B. twenty; fifteen
   C. twentieth; fifteen D. twentieth; fifteenth
(   )4. — What fruit would you like?
   — Some     , please. They are my favorite.
   A. dessert    B. grapes
   C. juice          D. biscuits
(   )5. — The Internet has made communication much more     .
      — I agree. For example, I can communicate with my friends on WeChat 
any time.
       A. popular           B. necessary   
   C. important      D. convenient
(   )6. — Whom would you      for the job?
      — Tom, I think. He’s always careful and serious.
   A. suggest    B. remind
   C. remember       D. explain
(   )7. — Was Eric’s father very strict with him?
      — Yes. He never praised him      he became one of the top students 
in his grade.
       A. since         B. when
   C. until      D. because
(   )8. — Excuse me, could you tell me where I can buy some     ?
      — Sure. There’s a post office at the first crossing.
       A. snacks    B. stamps
   C. umbrellas      D. bananas  
(   )9. — Will you be      a supermarket on your way home?
   — Yes, Walmart is just beside my home.
       A. looking for   B. setting up 
   C. fixing up  D. passing by
(   )10. — Does my question sound      enough?
       — I don’t think so. You can ask more      by using “could” instead 
of “can”. 
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        A. politely; politely     B. politely; polite   
        C. polite; politely      D. polite; polite
 (   )11. — It’s not enough        an English club. You should also read 
 English newspapers and magazines often.
    — Thanks for your advice.
     A. join          B. to join
    C. joining    D. to joining
 (   )12. — You really went to the park last weekend?       
    — Yes, I      go there. Look! This is a photo of me in the park.
    A. will          B. would
    C. do         D. did
 (   )13. — Are you going to Beijing for the summer holiday next week?
    — Yes. But I haven’t got the air tickets and don’t know      we will set 
    A. how        B. where
    C. when           D. what
 (   )14. — I don’t know      next. 
    — Let’s ask our teacher for help.
    A. what to do        B. what should I do  
    C. how to do      D. how I should do
 (   )15. — The game is too hard for me. I will certainly lose.
    —      You never say no before you try.
    A. Forget it!     B. I’m sorry.  
    C. Come on!          D. Pardon me?
 三、词语运用(10       小题,每小题       1 分,共   10 分) 
    polite,   exercise,   rush,   fail,   reason,   
 happy,   difference,   direct,   hate,   correct,   
 My family moved to America last year from a small town in north China. 
 I had a part-time job as a   46    in a Chinese restaurant. One day, when I was 
 serving food to a middle-aged couple, the wife asked me how I could bring their 
 food so    47   . I told her I always respected the elderly. I found her    48    
 when she heard that. My manager heard my words. He took me aside and told 
 me that Americans were sensitive (敏感的) and
    49     the description (描述) of “old”. I then walked back to the table and    
 50     said sorry to the wife. After they learned about the    51   , they 
 understood that the problem was caused by cultural    52   , so they laughed.  
 In the USA, people think “growing old” is a problem. Here many people try to 
 keep themselves away from growing old by    53   , like jogging or swimming. 
 When I told the couple I respected the elderly, they got angry because this made 
 them feel they    54    to stay young. They didn’t want to hear that. 
 Now I have changed the way I treated the elderly. I still respect them, but now in a 
different, less    55    way.
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 46.               47.                48.       
 49.               50.                51.      
 52.               53.                54.      
 四、书面表达(15       分)
 假设你是    Lucy,国庆节期间你将和父母去某城市旅游。你从网上获得了
 Sunshine Hotel 的部分信息。请你写一封电子邮件给该宾馆的经理,介绍你的
   1. How  far is the hotel from the 
   2. How can you get to the hotel? 
   3. Do they offer free breakfast? 
   4. Is there a discount (折扣) for a 
   long stay?
 1. 覆盖要点,请补充合理的细节;
 2. 80 词左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。
 Dear Sir, 
 My family is planning a holiday to your city. I got some information about your hotel, 
 but I still have some questions to ask. Would you be kind enough to reply to my e-mail?
 五  词性转换(每题       1 分,共   10 分)。
 1. confident(名词)               2. expensive(反义词)            
 3. importance(形容词)        _  4. normal(副词)           ___
 5. difficult(名词)          __    6. design(名词)             
 7. fascinate(adj.)          __    8. convenient(名词)                 
 9. succeed(名词)                10. speak(名词)         ____
 六句型转换(每题        2 分,共   10 分)。
 1. The work is hard. I can’t finish it on time. (用 so…that 连接两个句子)
 2. It rains. I go to the park. (用 if 将两个句子连接成一句合乎逻辑的话)
 3. It has been raining hard since yesterday morning. (改疑问句并做否定回答)
 4. My mother offered me some money to me. (变被动语态)
 5. We will have some information. We will let you know. (用 as soon as 将两句
 七单项选择(每题        1 分,共   15 分)。
 (    ) 1. I meet_________ American.
    A. a        B. an       C. the        D. /
 (    ) 2. My brother was born_______ the evening of March 6th, 1980.
    A. on       B. in       C. at         D. for 
 (    ) 3. _________ bad weather!
    A. How     B. How a    C. What       D. What a
 (    ) 4. It’s about_________ walk from here to the school.
    A. five minutes    B. five minute’s   
 C. five minutes’   D. five minutes’s
 (    ) 5. Is there__________ in today’s newspaper?
    A. anything important    B. something important
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    C. important something   D. important anything
 (    ) 6. Be careful! The traffic light is red. You mustn’t go___ the street now.
    A. a        B. along       C. on        D. across
 (    ) 7. He won’t join in the party. I won’t________.
    A. yet      B. either      C. also     D. too
 (    ) 8. —Whose room is this?
    A. Ann and Mary’s     B. Ann’s and Mary’s
 C. Ann’s and Mary     D. Ann and Mary
 (    ) 9. —Could you tell me________ last night?
         —Er, I was watching Super Boy at home.
        A. what you were doing     B. what were you doing
        C. what you are doing       D. what are you doing
 (    ) 10. —I failed in my English test last week.
    A. What a pity!      B. Excuse me.
    C. You’re welcome.   D. You’re wrong.
 (    ) 11. ________ is fun to take photos here.
    A. this     B. It    C. That    D. What
 (    ) 12. There are lots of restaurants in our town. And most of________ are 
clean and cheap.
    A. it      B. they     C. us     D. them
 (    ) 13. —Who has a dictionary, children?
      —I have________.
    A. them     B. it      C. they      D. one
 (    ) 14. He didn’t feel very well yesterday, so his mother told him________ a 
    A. having      B. has     C. had       D. to have
 (    ) 15. If you watch TV now, you________ the homework tonight.
    A. don’t finish    B. won’t finish   C. didn’t finish    D. aren’t finish.
 八完型填空(每题       1 分,共   10 分)。
 Why do People Drink?
   Why do people drink? Often because they _1_, but this can’t be the _2_ reason, 
 there _3_ be other reasons, too. In many countries, when friends see _4_ they 
 often drink while they sit and talk. Many English people don’t need anyone else, 
 they often _5_ a drink several times _6_ a day even if they are alone. In most 
 countries people say _7_ when they drink together. The English _8_ “Cheers”. In 
 every country there are many places where drinks can be _9_. Since there are so 
 _10_ these places it seems that many people drink more often than they really 
 need to.
 (    )1. A. have thirsty  B. have thirst  C. are thirsty   D. are thirst
 (    )2. A. lonely     B. single       C. only       D. alone
 (    )3. A. shall      B. must      C. should     D. ought
 (    )4. A. each other  B. themselves     C. them      D. another
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 (    )5. A. drink          B. eat       C. taste       D. have
 (    )6. A. during         B. a         C. to         D. by
 (    )7. A. something specially             B. something special
        C. specially something             D. special something
  (    ) 8. A. often say   B. often says  C. say often    D. says often
 (    )9. A. bought     B. given        C. sell      D. sent
 (    )10. A. much      B. plenty of   C. many      D. many of 
 九、阅读理解(每题        2 分,共   10 分)。
                       The Four Largest Cities
   New York has a larger population than any other American city. In 1970, its 
population was about 8 000 000.
   Chicago has the second largest population. More than 3 000 000 people lived in 
Chicago in 1970.
   The third largest city is Los Angeles with a population of 2 810000. 
Philadelphia is the fourth largest city. More than 2 000 000 people live in 
 Philadelphia, a first capital city of the United States.
   New  York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia are all larger than the 
 nation’s capital city, Washington,D.C.. The population of Washington is more 
 than 700 000, but several cities have a larger population than that. Washington is 
one of the most beautiful American cities, but it is only the ninth city in size.
 1. New York has ____ population in the United States.
   A. the second largest                   B. a larger
   C. the largest                         D. more
 2. Los Angeles is the third largest American city in ____.
   A. size       B. population       C. buildings       D. shops
 3. ____ is the capital of the United States.
   A. New York    B. Philadelphia    C. Chicago       D. Washington D. C.
 4. Washington is more beautiful than ____ American cities.
   A, most of the   B. all            C. some of the     D. only a few
 5. There were about ____ people living in New York in 1970.
   A. eighty thousand                      B. eighty million
   C. eight million                         D. eighty hundred
                   Eating Habits and Health
   Our eating habits are very important for good health and a strong body. There 
 are times when most of us would rather eat sweets and ice-cream than meat and 
 rice. Sweets and ice-cream are not bad for the stomach if we eat them at the end 
 of the meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take away our appetite. It is 
 important for us to eat our meal at the same time each day. When we feel angry 
 or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some judges 
 used to decide whether a man was telling truth by giving him some dry bread. If 
 the man could not swallow the bread, it was sign that he wasn’t telling the truth. 
 He was telling lies. Although this seems very strange and foolish, it is indeed an 
 excellent way of finding out the truth. A man who is worrying about something 
 had difficulty in swallowing anything dry. Because when he is worrying, he loses 
               中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

his appetite and does not want to eat.
1. Why do you want to develop good eating habits? Because we want to ____.
  A. be healthy    B. be happy    C. eat more    D. save time
2. It is good to eat sweets and ice-cream ____.
  A. after the meal          B. before the meal
  C. when we want to        D. when we are hungry
3. We had better have our meals ____.
  A. at any time each day     B. at regular time each day
  C. when our work is over    D. when the meal is ready
4. According to judges in old England, if a man tells lies he can _____.
  A. drink milk or wine       B. eat a lot of dry bread
  C. hardly eat dry bread      D. swallow dry bread easily
5. A man who is angry has ____.
  A. a better appetite         B. a liking for ice-cream
  C. a poor appetite          D. to drink some cold water