初中英语人教版八年级上册Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake单元练习(无答案)

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初中英语人教版八年级上册Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake单元练习(无答案)
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                          中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
I. 根据句意及首字母及汉语提示完成句子                              _______ ten minutes. 
1. A          is after summer. It’s cool.         7. Do you like onions ______ a sandwich?
2. How many t           have been to Disneyland so 8. Would you like a cup         tea, sir?
  far? There are a lot of interesting things there. 9. I like sandwiches ______butter. 
3. They talked about it for hours. _________(最后), they 10. It’s very hot today. It’s ______38°C. 
decided not to go.                                Ⅳ.用方框中单词的适当形式填空
4. —How much honey do we need?                    four, plate, for, dish, reason, piece, plant, dig, noodle,
  —Two _______(勺子).                                into, how
5. Pour the ______ (酸奶) into the glass.           1.The food on the     smells good. You can eat it. 
6. How many _______(西瓜) do you want to buy?       2.Can you make these    ? 
7. Add some ______(盐) to the noodles.             3.He cut the chicken into thin     and ate the meat. 
8.       (糖)looks like salt.                      4.You must cook it     about forty minutes. 
9. A lot of people like to drink tea with        (蜂蜜). 5.There are lots of     for this special day. 
10. _______(填充) in the blanks with suitable words. 6.Thanksgiving is on the    Thursday in November 
11. Our school ______(覆盖) an area of 100 mu.      in America. 
12. We  invite her to have _________(感恩节) dinner  7. He_______ a hole and planted a tree yesterday. 
with us.                                          8. My sister is making beef _______ for us. 
13. The leaves turn yellow in _________(秋天).      9. _______ much corn do you need?
14. People usually eat ________(传统的) food on the  10. Pour the milk _______ the blender. 
Spring Festival.                                  11. Li Ming and Li Gang are _______ a tree. 
15. His father will be in _________(英格兰) for another Ⅴ. 看图完成句子 
few weeks. 
16.  Put the eggs and  honey  in the bowl,and 
_________(混合) them together. 
1. Let’s _________(plant) some trees and make our city    1       2      3       4      5
more beautiful.                                   A: How do you make a banana milk shake?
2. Do you know how_________(make) fruit salad?    B: OK, let me tell you. 
3. __________( one) , cut up the beef.            1. First, __________ the bananas. 
4. __________(not dig) holes on the wall.         2. Next, __________ the bananas. 
5. How   many_________( tomato) are there in the  3. Next,__________ the bananas into the blender. And 
basket(篮子)?                                       __________ the milk into the blender. 
6. Tom had three chicken salad _________(sandwich) for 4. Then turn_________ the blender. 
lunch yesterday.                                  5. At last, __________ it.       
7. The _______(travel) took out a bottle of water from the Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子 
backpack on his back.                             1. 在多数国家,人们通常是在特别的节假日里吃传统
8. We   went to the church to  _______(celebrate) 的食物。     In most countries, people usually eat _____ 
Christmas Eve.                                    food _____ _____ holidays. 
Ⅲ.用适当的介词或副词填空                                     2. 首先,在一片面包上抹上黄油。
1. Please pour the milk _____the blender. 
                                                     First, put some butter on _____ _____ _____bread. 
2. Can I add some sugar         the porridge?     3. 大多数美国人通过在家里和家人一起吃一顿大餐的
3. I need some help. Can you cut _____ the tomatoes for 方式来庆祝感恩节。
me?                                                  Most Americans _____Thanksgiving by _____a big 
4. When it is ready, please put the turkey pieces _____ a meal at home with their families. 
    large bowl and cover them _____gravy.         4. 最后,把火鸡切成薄片,把它与蔬菜一起吃。
5. First, cut an apple _____ thin pieces and put them in a    Finally, _____the turkey _____ thin pieces and eat the 
large bowl.                                       meat with _____ . 
6. Finally, cook it ______ a very high temperature 5.请打开电视,今天有场篮球赛。
                          中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
  ______  ______ the TV, please. There is a basketball —Let’s _______ the TV and watch it. 
match today.
                                                    A. turn on B. get on C. try on D. put on 
There are some vegetables in the basket. Could    (   )4. —Would you like some ____ ?
you______ them ______?                              —Yes, a little, please. 
7.请你把坑里灌满水。                                         A. apple  B. banana  C. potato   D. milk
  Please ______ the hole ______ water.            (   )5. —How much yogurt do we need?
                                                    —We need ______. 
  My  father bought ______  ______  ______ yogurt 
yesterday.                                          A. two yogurt    B. two spoons of yogurt  
9. 首先,洗一个苹果。然后,把它切成小块。                              C. two yogurts   D. two spoon of yogurt
 ________, wash an apple. Then, ________ ________ (   )6. There _____ some yogurt in the glass. 
into small pieces.                                  A. have  B. has   C. are   D. is
10. 桌子上有两杯茶。There         are ________ ________   (   )7. Pour some milk ____ the bowl. 
________ ________ on the table.                     A. to   B. into    C. at    D. on
11. 你能帮我把书放进这个箱子里吗?Could               you help   (   )8. —What can I do to help you, Mum?
me________ the books ________ this box?             —I need some meat. You can ____ first. 
12. 天气太热了,吃一个西瓜怎么样?                                 A. cut them up     B. cut it up 
  It’s too hot. What ________ ________a_________ ?  C. cut up them     D. cut up it  
13. 谁吃了这片面包?                                      (   )9. —_____ are all the gifts?—$ 20. 
  Who ate this ________ ________ bread?             A. How many          B. How much 
14. 你能把它们再煮       3 分钟吗?                            C. How long           D. How often 
  Can you________ them for ________ three minutes? (   )10. —Could you please ______ the radio, Sam? I 
15. 最后,不要忘记加些盐。                                   am doing my homework now. 
  Finally, don’t forget ________ ________some salt. —Sorry, I’ll do that right now. 
16. 他们一个接一个地向我们告别。                                  A. turn on     B. turn at    
  They said goodbye to us________ ________ ________. C. turn up     D. turn down
                                                  (   )11. —Do you like lettuce ______ a sandwich?
17.这顿餐的主菜几乎总是火鸡。                                    —No, I don’t. 
The         of this meal is almost always turkey.   A. on     B. in      C. at    D. about
18.然后,把带菜的肉放进烤箱里烤半个小时。                            (   )12. Last night, I ate _____ bread and drank a glass 
Then,       the meat      vegetables      a hot   of milk. 
oven and cook it     half an hour.                  A. a few    B. many     C. a piece of   D. one 
19.此时,人们也回忆起从英国来的首批旅行者。                           (   )13. —______CDs have you got? 
At this time, people also                           —There are so many. I can’t remember the number. 
from    .                                         A. Which    B. What    C. How many D. How much 
20.首先,把一些面包片、盐和辣椒混合在一起。                           (   )14. How do you _____ a turkey sandwich? 
First,               some bread   ,    salt and    A. take   B. make      C. cook   D. carry
.                                                 (   )15. Look! Linda is _____ hot water into the blender. 
21.把火鸡放在一个大盘子上,浇上肉汁。                                A. pour    B. pours    C. pouring  D. to pour
Place the turkey     a large      and        it   (       )16.  I’d like some lettuce and onions ____my 
.                                                   sandwich and I’d like cheese and honey ____my pizza. 
Ⅶ.  单项选择                                           A. on; in B. in; on C. on; on   D. in; in 
(   )1. —      do you make orange juice?          (   )16. —The coffee is good. ______?
 —Peel the oranges and put them into the blender.   —Certainly. I am very glad you love it. 
 A. What  B. How  C. Why  D. When                   A. Could I have another cup  
(    )2. You must ____ the apples before you make an B. What about something else 
apple milk shake.                                   C. Why not have a taste   
 A. get up  B. cut up   C. look up  D. cut down     D. Where did you buy it 
(   )3. —It’s time for the news.                  (   )18. —How ____ money do you need? —Thirty dollars. 
                          中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
  A. many   B. /    C. much D. about              A. for B. to C. with D. at
(   )19. Let’s _____ for a walk, shall we?        (    )35.—Would you please pass     the sugar? 
  A. to go   B. going C. go  D. gone              Thank you! —Here you are.
(   )20. My mother cooks it ______ a low temperature A.I B. me C. my D. mine
for a long time.                                  (   )36.—  pepper do you need, Dad? —Two spoons.
  A. in    B. at     C. on    D. over             A. How much B. How many
(   )21. Here _______ three bowls _______ rice. Please C. What D. Which
help yourselves.                                  (   )37.—Let’s make fruit salad.—   . 
 A. is; of    B. is; in    C. are; of   D. are; in A. No, I’m not  B. Thank you
(   )22. —What do you need, Mum?                  C. Yes, we are D. That’s a good idea
 —I need _______ onion and _______ potato.        (   )38.—I think there is no taste in the soup, Mum.
 A. a; a  B. an; an    C. a; an  D. an; a         —I forget to put the   in the soup. 
(    )23. After thirty minutes’ walk, we _______ got to A. orange B. butter C. salt   D. union
the park.                                         (   )39.—   do you make fruit salad?  
 A. hardly  B. too  C. either  D. finally         —First, cut up the apples, bananas and pears. And then...
(     )24. —Could you  please _______ some milk   A. When B. Where C. Why D. How
_______the glass for your sister, Tom?            (   )40.—Could you help me     the beef for dinner, 
 —OK,Mom.                                         Jean? —OK, Mom. I’ll do it right away.
 A. put; off    B. pour; into                     A. take off B. knock off
 C. pour; out   D. put; up                        C. cut down D. cut up
(   )25. You should _______ a banana before you eat it. (   )41.—What kind of noodles would you like?
 A. sell B. send    C. peel  D. cook              —I’d like some   noodles.  
(    )26.Please      the lights and I can’t see the A. carrots   B. beef
words on the blackboard clearly.                  C. potatoes D. vegetables
A.  turn on B. turn off C. open D. close          (   )42. You paid ¥10 for     this morning. 
(   )27. —Tom, can you    some water in my cup?   A.4 bottle milks B.4 bottles of milk
—Of course, Mum.                                  C.4 bottles of milksD.4 milk
A. take B. put  C. pour D. bring                  (   )43. I am hungry. I’d like to have some    . 
(   )28.—Can I help you, sir?                     A. rice B. sandwich C. dumpling D.egg
—Yes, I’d like five     and some apples.          (   )44. I’m a little hungry now. I only drank some ____ 
A. potato B. tomatoes C. meat D. banana           before I came to school. 
(     )29.      he passed the English exam after  A.  bread  B. milk C. banana   D. noodle
studying hard at it.                              Ⅷ. 按要求完成句子
A. First B. Then C. Finally D. Next               1. You can drink some tea. (改为祈使句)  
(   )30.We want three    . Can you help us?        ______some tea, ______. 
A. piece of paper B. pieces of papers             2. Check your answers. (改为否定句) 
C. piece of papers D. pieces of paper              ______ ______ your answers. 
(    )31.These are the    lifestyles for the Spring 3. Can you help me with my English,please? (改为祈使
Festival.                                         句) _______ _______ me with my English. 
A. tradition B. traditions                        4. Play the piano like this. (改为否定句)  
C. traditional D. traditionally                    _______ _______the piano like this. 
(  )32.My father is going to fill the basket____ oranges. 5. Let’s make an apple milk shake. (改为同义句)
A. with B. of   C. in D. at                         ______ _______ making an apple milk shake? 
(   )33.Please     the computer with something, or 6.We need three bananas.(对画线部分提问)
it will get dirty easily.                                 bananas do you need? 
A. play B. wash C. put  D. cover                  7.We need one cup of milk. (对画线部分提问) 
(   )34.The restaurant often serves delicious food         milk do you need? 
    customers.                                    8.You mustn’t touch the hot pan.(改为祈使句)
                          中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
      the hot pan. 
9.Tom likes lettuce in sandwiches.(改为一般疑问句)
   Tom     lettuce in sandwiches? 
10.Please use the knife to cut up the apple.(改为同义句)
Please        the apple with the knife. 
从方框中选词并用其适当形式填空,                使短文完整、通
  need, pour, put, finally, tell, first, drink, minute, think, 
    Do you know how 1 a   cup of tea? You may 2 
it’s simple. In fact, it is not. Now let me 3 you the 
steps. 4 ,warm up your teapot by 5 hot water into 
it. After a while, pour the water out and 6 some tea 
into the teapot. Next, pour fresh hot water over the tea 
and cover the teapot with its cap tightly(紧紧地).Then 
brew(泡)the tea for five 7 . Good tea 8 much time 
to brew. But the tea will be quite bitter(苦的)if you brew 
for too long. 9 , pour the tea into your cup and you 
can 10 it. 
1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    
6.    7.   8.    9.    10.