2018-2019学年度高二英语人教版必修5 课时提升作业 十二 Unit 4 Using Language

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                          Unit 4 Using Language

Ⅰ. 单句语法填空

1. Messi is one of the most _______ (gift) players in the world. 

2. This information _______ (edit) from an article in a women’s magazine.

3. We completed the work five days ahead _______ time. 

4. His pronunciation is not _______ (accuracy). 

5. Mr Smith is senior _______ me by three years.  

6. The maids began ______________ (polish) up the silver dishes.

7. If the scheme _______ (approve),work on the project will start immediately.

8. Can I make an _______ (appoint) to see the manager? 

9. He was very much _______ (delight) with the results. 

10. The material will _______ (process) into plastic pellets.

答案:1. gifted 

2. was edited

3. of 

4. accurate 

5. to 

6. to polish/polishing

7. is approved

8. appointment 

9. delighted 
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10. be processed

Ⅱ.  阅读理解                            

    When Jeanne Calment entered the world in 1875,telephones and automobiles 

still lay in the future.Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso were not yet born.The Eiffel 

Tower was 14 years from being built.As a teenager,she met Vincent Van Gogh,near 

her home in Arles,in the south of France.He was “very 

ugly,ungracious,impolite,sick—I forgive him,they called him loco (精神失常的)

”,she recalled.When she died in 1997 at the age of 122,she was the world’s eldest 

person.(There are others who claimed to the title,but only Calment had the official 

documents to prove her age. )

    Each February 21,her birthday,she would share the secrets of long life.Some 

years it was “a sense of humour”,others it was “keeping busy”.“God must have 

forgotten me, ” she once explained.The truth probably was that her mother reportedly 

lived to be 86 and her father 94. 

    Her life had its sadness:she outlived her husband,her only daughter and her 

grandson.According to a friend,she was imperturbable.“If you can’t do anything 

about it, ” she reportedly said,“don’t worry about it. ”

    In her last years she was nearly blind and deaf,but her health remained good.She 

ate a few bars of chocolate each week and continued smoking until a few years 

ago,when she could no longer light her own cigarettes.She never lost her sense of 

humour.On her 110th birthday,she commented,“I’ve only ever had one wrinkle,and 
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I’m sitting on it.”Her longevity made her famous;  her spirit made her eternal (永恒


【文章大意】本文是一篇记叙文,              主要讲了一位叫       Calment 的老人,   她是世界上

寿命最长的人(122      岁), 本文向我们介绍了她长寿的秘诀,              赞扬了她对待生活的

态度——保持幽默感,         宠辱不惊,     心态平和。

1. Why does the author mention Albert Einstein,Pablo Picasso and the Eiffel Tower?

A. To show that Calment had seen famous people and things. 

B. To emphasize that Calment was born a long time ago. 

C. To indicate that Calment is just as famous. 

D. To admire the knowledge that Calment had. 

【解析】选      B。细节理解题。根据文中第一段最后一句“When she died in 1997 

at the age of 122,she was the world’s eldest person. ”可知, Calment 是世界上寿命最

长的人,    而提到爱因斯坦、毕加索和埃菲尔铁塔,                也是为了说明这一点,         故选


2. The author believed that Calment’s longevity is mainly due to _________.

A. a sense of humour    B. being kept busy

C. belief in God        D. good genes

【解析】选      D。细节理解题。根据文中第二段“The truth probably was that her 

mother reportedly lived to be 86 and her father 94. ”虽然她分享了很多长寿的秘诀, 

但作者认为真正的原因可能是她的妈妈活到了                    86 岁, 她爸爸活到了      94 岁, 故

是基因的原因,       故选  D。

3. What is the meaning of the underlined sentence?
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A. She paid much attention to the wrinkle. 

B. She felt sad for the wrinkle. 

C. She just put the wrinkle aside. 

D. She sat down and someone helped her deal with the wrinkle. 

【解析】选      C。语义理解题。根据最后一段中“She never lost her sense of humour. 

”可知,   她一直都保持着她的幽默感,           所以画线句应该是一句很幽默的话,               其字

面意思是“我只有一条皱纹,           我把它放一边”,      言下之意是用幽默的话语来表明她

对皱纹不在意,      故选   C。

Ⅲ.  短文改错        

    假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,                   请你修改你同桌写的以下

作文。文中共有       10 处语言错误,     每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词


    增加:   在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),          并在其下面写出该加的词。

    删除:   把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。

    修改:   在错的词下划一横线,        并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

    注意: 1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 

    2. 只允许修改     10 处, 多者(从第   11 处起)不计分。

    I am writing to tell you something about the transportation in China.Over the 

past few decade we have developed an amazed network of public 

transportation.Besides,we have been decided to make efforts to make them much 

better.I am sure a network will satisfy your needs for traveling everywhere more 

convenient.People usually chose the means of transportation based on some 
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aspects,such as the cost and the time needing.For example,businessmen are more 

likely travel by plane or high-speed train to save time when office workers tend to 

take buses or drive to work themselves. 


1. 【解析】第二句中的        decade 改为  decades。考查名词复数。over the past few 

decades 在过去的几十年里, decade     为可数名词。故        decade 改为 decades。

2. 【解析】第二句中的        amazed 改为  amazing。考查形容词。以-ing       结尾的形容

词一般用来形容物,        意为:   令人……的,     故应把   amazed 改为  amazing。

3. 【解析】第三句中的        been 去掉。考查语态。we        和 decide 的关系为主动关系, 

故应把    been 去掉。

4. 【解析】第三句中的        them 改成  it。考查代词。此处指代公共交通网络

network of public transportation, 故应把 them 改成 it。

5. 【解析】第四句中的        a 改为  the。考查冠词。前文中已经出现了             network, 此

处应表特指, a    改为   the。 

6. 【解析】第四句中的        convenient 改成 conveniently。考查副词。修饰动词应用

副词,   故应把   convenient 改成 conveniently。

7. 【解析】第五句中的        chose 改成  choose。考查时态。People usually chose the 

means of transportation. . . , 这句话是在陈述一个事实,   所以时态应该为一般现

在时,   故应把   chose 改成 choose。

8. 【解析】第五句中的        needing 改成 needed。考查非谓语动词。cost and 

time 和 need 之间为被动关系,      故应把   needing 改成 needed。
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9. 【解析】第六句中的        likely 后面加  to。考查固定搭配。be likely to do sth.  很

有可能做某事,       故应在   likely 后面加 to。

10. 【解析】第六句中的        when 改成  while。考查连词。上下文为转折关系。

while 表“而, 然而”,   故应把   when 改成  while。

Ⅰ. 完成句子

1. These handicrafts were _________ her granddaughter. 这些手艺由她的孙女继承


2. I need to get my own problems _________.


3. It’s worthwhile __________________ before you go.


4. If all goes according to the plan, we will finish our task _________.

如果一切按计划进行的话,           我们可以提前完成任务。

5. We thought this car _________ be a good bargain.


6. The school _________ her application for studying abroad. 学校批准了她出国学


7. We’re still __________________ moving house.


8. By the end of last month they __________________ here for about ten days. 

到上个月末为止,       他们在这里工作大约有十天了。

答案:1. passed on to 
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2. sorted out

3. making an appointment 

4. ahead of time

5. was supposed to 

6. approved 

7. in the process of 

8. had been working 

Ⅱ. 阅读理解


                       She Walked Through Fire

      On Thanksgiving weekend,the Heffelmire family gathered for a meal at their 

home.After dinner,the family went down to the finished 

basement to relax except Charlotte’s father,Eric,who was in the 

garage to fix his truck. 

      Around 8 p. m. ,Charlotte decided to check on her dad.She walked through 

the kitchen.When she opened the side door to the garage,black smoke rose up into the 

kitchen.She could barely make out her father lying on his back,trapped under the 

truck.He’d removed the front passenger-side tyre and raised the truck on a jack(千斤

顶).The truck had slipped off the jack,and now the whole weight of the wheel was on 

his chest and shoulders. 
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      Charlotte ran to the front of the truck and struggled to lift it.Eric was still 

conscious,and he yelled,“You got it! One more try!” She tried again and was able to 

tip the truck backward just enough for her to pull her dad by the shirt with both hands 

from under the truck. 

      She dragged him across the garage and 20 feet down the driveway.Then she 

ran back to the garage,which had burst into flames.“I was afraid the car was going to 

explode, ” says Charlotte,so she climbed into the truck,which faced forward,turned 

the key,and pressed the gas pedal(油门).The car slowly rolled out,the metal wheel 

scratching loudly against the concrete. 

      Safely on the driveway,Charlotte stopped the truck and ran back to the 

basement.“There’s a fire! Everybody gets out!” she yelled as she picked up her three-

month-old niece and ran out.Outside,she handed the baby to her mom,and then ran 

around to the burning garage.She picked up a garden hose(水管)and sprayed the fire 

while calling 911. 

      A few minutes later,firefighters and an ambulance arrived.Charlotte was 

treated for second-degree burns on both her feet and face.Her dad had injuries on his 

chest and shoulders,as well as minor burns on his face.The garage and the house were 

damaged but the family survived. 

      The Heffelmires are staying in an apartment while their house is 

rebuilt.“Charlotte is a remarkable kid, ” says her dad.Charlotte,however,simply says,“ 

I was saving my family and my house.I wasn’t going to let my dad die. ”
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【文章大意】文章讲述了           Charlotte 发现车库着火后,     冷静地救出     Eric, 并将着

火的车开出车库远离房子以免发生爆炸,                 并迅速喊出家人打电话报警。

1. Eric got trapped because _________. 

A. the truck slipped off the jack 

B. the wheel fell off the truck

C. the front tyre was removed 

D. the kitchen was on fire

【解析】选      A。细节理解题。根据文章第二段“The truck had slipped off the 

jack,and now the whole weight of the wheel was on his chest and shoulders. ” 卡车

从千斤顶上滑了下来,         现在车轮的重量压在他的胸部和肩膀上。根据题意,                      故

选  A。

2. Which of the following is the correct order of the events?

a. Charlotte called the firefighters.

b. Charlotte saved Eric from under the truck. 

c. Charlotte drove the truck out of the garage. 

d. Charlotte warned the family to leave the house. 

A. b,c,a,d        B. a,b,d,c 

C. b,c,d,a        D. a,c,b,d

【解析】选      C。细节理解题。文章第三段讲述了               Charlotte 从卡车下救出了    Eric; 

第四段讲述了       Charlotte 将卡车开出了车库;     第五段讲述了      Charlotte 让家人离开

房子,   以及报了警。故选        C。

3. As a result of the fire, _________.
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A. the house was not fit to live in 

B. the truck exploded

C. the three-month-old baby was injured 

D. Charlotte was burned on her chest and shoulders

【解析】选      A。细节理解题。根据文章最后一段“The Heffelmires are staying in 

an apartment while their house is rebuilt. ”在他们的房子重新修好前他们住在公寓。

可知他们的房子在火灾后不适合居住。故选                   A。

4. It can be inferred from the passage that Charlotte is _________.

A. proud and clear-headed  B. calm and quick-minded

C. modest and easy-going   D. independent and self-centered

【解析】选      B。推理判断题。文章讲述了            Charlotte 发现车库着火后,    冷静地救

出  Eric, 将着火的车开出车库远离房子以免发生爆炸,                 并迅速喊出家人打电话报

警。这反映了       Charlotte 的冷静以及敏捷的头脑。故选          B。