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              必修四  Unit 5《Theme parks》单元测试                    1


I. 单项选择
1. The natural reserve is ______ large that you have to take shuttles to visit 
different sections in it. 
A. such          B. very          C. too              D. so 
2. The theme park is one of the places ______ people can amuse themselves _____ 
various amusements without spending too much money. 
A. that; with      B. where; by       C. which; through       D. where; with 
3. For theme parks, ______ is the key to _____ visitors, which contributes to 
the success of running them. 
A. the variety; attracting            B. A variety; attract  
C. Variety; attracting;              D. Variety; to attract 
4. T he early settlers in the jungle didn't have such advanced equipment _____ 
we have  today to fight against natural disasters and many  a time they _____ 
despair(绝望) but they survived somehow. 
A. that; got close to                  B. as; got near to   
C. that; were close to                 D. as; got close to 
5. Theme park  owners _____ their profit ____ charging admission fees, ______ 
new brand athletic equipment and selling souvenirs. 
A. have; from; advertising for          B. make; by; advertising  
C. gain; with; advertising              D. benefit; through; advertising for 
6. People full of fantasies are said to be _____________. 
A. imaginative        B. imaginary        C. creative       D. original 
7. The dull wetland ___________ the moment the first ray of sunlight shines on 
it. Thousands and thousands of creatures living in it wake up and begin their 
life of a new day. 
A. stays alive                        B. begins to live   
C. makes a living                     D. comes to life 
8.  The shrill and  excitement brought about  by riding  roller coasters were 
______ imagination. 
A. above          B. over              C. beyond           D. across 
9. Personalities ______ from one person to another, ______everybody has his or 
her own personalities. 
A. change; which is to say               B. change; as is to say  
C. vary; that is to say                   D. vary; what is to say 
10. The  combination of the two companies  had to be suspended(暂停),   because 
neither would _____ to _____ in terms of leadership. 
A. give in; the other                  B. give up; the other  
C. give up; another                   D. give in; another 
11.  Journalists should base what  they report____ facts,  not just_____ they 
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imagine to _____. 
A. on; something; be                 B. with; everything; have  
C. on; anything; be                D. by; something; do  
12. People who  ______ athletic sports are generally believed to _____ strong 
bodies, firm muscles but dull heads, which of course is not the case. 
A. take part in; be                 B. like; be 
C. join ;  have                   D. go in for; have 
13. The island country is _______ its clean waters and clear skies, which are 
free _____ pollution of any kind. 
A. well known to; of               B. famous for; for    
C. well-known for; of              D.  famous as; from 
14.  The  wedding ceremony  is unique  __________ the  minority  tribe, which 
attracts many tourists when the time comes. 
A. to             B. for              C. in              D. of 
15. Tourism is  the ______ for the country's economy, so its government tries 
its best to ______ both the natural scenery and the places of interest. 
A. center; protect               B. heart; reserve   
C. focus; keep                  D. engine; preserve 
16. —John is said to have learned Italian in Italy for five years. 
     —________ he speaks it like a native speaker. 
A. No doubt           B. No wonder     C. No problem    D. No curiosity 
17.   _______ attractions you are  planning to visit in  that island country, 
you'd better book your hotel  _____ because the hotels are always full in the 
tourist seasons. 
A. Whatever; in the advance                 B. Wherever; before hand  
C. Whichever; in advance                   D. Whosever; before hand 
18.   No  sooner had their  latest product been  put into  market ________ it 
________ by other similar companies.
A. when; was modeled after                 B. then; was modeled   
C. than; was modeled after                  D. when; was modeled  
19.  Many countries in  the Far East are trying hard to gain _______ into the 
European Union, in which they believe they can _____ the benefits it offers. 
A.  permission; appreciate     B. admission; enjoy   C.  entry; admire     D. 
acception; share 
20.  A  sharp sword was found buried together with the royal carpenter, which 
was believed _____himself  against grave robbers.
A. used to defend           B. being used to defend  
C. to be used to defending       D. to be used to defend 
21.  The invention of  the chip  greatly _______ the  development of computer 
science;  ______  the  computer  science  stepped on  the  freeway  of  rapid 
A. improved; after that           B. advanced; after that   
C. quickened; after which         D. advanced; after which 
22. While enjoying himself in the amusement theme park, he heard a loud cry of 
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pain; he _____ himself around and ______ to see a girl had fallen off the swing 
and was crying for help. 
A. turned; terrified              B. swung; was terrifying   
C. turned; was terrifying          D. swung; was terrified 
23. Believing that good will  be _______with good and evil with evil, she did 
good deeds _____ she went. But to her disappointment, the result was quite the 
other way around. 
A. awarded; wherever          B. rewarded; wherever  
C. awarded; where             D. rewarded; whenever 
24.  In the  small brochure, you  can see  the latest  models of  sneakers of 
different famous brands, _______from 600 to 2,000 dollars. 
A. whose price ranges           B. their prices range  
C. with prices ranging            D. their prices to range 
25. A  high official from the central government will come and explain ______ 
what the country has done  to ensure to make the Football World Cup the best-
ever game. 
A. in length    B. at length   C. by length   D. to length 

II 完形填空  
Is the world really going mad?  26   day I was sitting in a restaurant  27  a 
quick and  a talk with  a few friends  when it suddenly   28   me that almost 
everyone in the restaurant was smoking. It wasn't long  29  the whole room was  
30  with smoke. I asked with an apology for  31 to open a window to stop myself  
32  !
Nowadays air pollution is something that is hardly questioned any more. However, 
I still can't walk down the street in any of the big cities without  33  that 
people are  34  the air pollution. It is time for the government departments of 
the world  to introduce emission(废气排放)     controls on all cars and   35  the 
public transport system(公共交通体系) to encourage people to  36  their cars at 
home. A friend of mine takes flying lesson each morning and it really makes him  
37  when he climbs above the smog layer(烟雾) and looks down  38  it and thinks: 
“I'm  breathing that!”  this  kind of 39  results  from the bad management of 
resources. Waste things can   40  should be treated properly. House building, 
road  41  , and industrial development are all earthmoving( or earth-reducing) 
operations and can change the balances of  42  created over millions of years. 
I would like to  43  serious studies done on all these main works before they 
are built. Also, there  should be  44 national parks set  up to keep the most 
beautiful parts of our countries in their natural  45  
26. A. The other          B. Another         C. Every              D. Each
27. A. asking for        B. drinking        C. having              D. buying
28. A. seemed          B. struck          C. sank                D. showed
29. A. ago             B. after           C. before               D. now
30. A. full             B. filled           C. crowed             D. parked
31. A. promise      B. help            C. suggestion           D. permission
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32. A. standing         B. sitting          C. talking              D. dying
33. A. thinking        B. persuading       C. deciding            D. learning
34. A. suffering       B. dying           C. walking             D. standing
35. A. increase        B. reduce          C. improve             D. raise
36. A. wash           B. repair           C. drive               D. leave
37. A. sick            B. tired            C. foolish           D. excite d
38. A. on             B. at              C. from                D. for
39. A. discussion       B. question      C. pollution          D. operation
40. A. but             B. yet             C. still                D. and
41. A. work           B. construction      C. building             D. setting
42. A. life            B. mind          C. human being        D. plants
43. A. see            B. start             C. enjoy              D. pay
44. A. few            B. any             C. more              D. no
45. A. situation        B. states            C. soils            D. places.

III 阅读理解 
Like fine food, good writing is something we approach with pleasure and enjoy 
from the first  taste to the last. And good  writers, like good cooks, do not 
suddenly appear full-blown. Quite the opposite, just as the cook has to undergo 
a particular training, mastering the skills of his trade, the writer must sit 
at his desk and devote long hours to achieving a style in his writing, whatever 
its purpose is—schoolwork, matters of business, or purely social communication. 

You may be  sure that the more painstaking the effort, the more effective the 
writing, and the more reward ing. 
There are still some faraway places in the world where you might find a public 
scribe to do your  business or social writing for you, for money. There are a 
few managers  who are lucky enough to  have the service of that  rare kind of 
secretary who can take care of all sorts of letter writing with no more than a 
quick note to work from. But for most of us, if there is any writing to be done, 
we have to do it ourselves. 
We  have to  write  school papers,  business papers  or home  papers.  We are 
constantly called on to put words to papers. It would be difficult to count the 
number  of such  words,  messages, letters,  and  reports put  into mails  or 
delivered by hand, but the daily figures must be extremely large. What is mor e, 
everyone who writes expects, or at least hopes whatever he writes will be read,    
from first word to last, not just thrown into some “letters-to-be-read” files 
or into  a wastepaper basket. This  is the reason we  bend our efforts toward 
learning and practicing the skills of interesting, effective writing. 
46. In this passage, good writing is compared to fine food because _______. 
A. both are enjoyable      B. both are hard to learn
C. both are necessary to life  D. both take a long time to prepare
47. according to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
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A. Writing skills are less important than experience. 
B. A good writer should have his own way of writing. 
C. A good writer should learn to write all kinds of articles. 
D. The more efforts one makes, the more money one can earn. 
48. The author thinks that the most important reason for us to practice writing 
skills is _______. 
A. to earn our living          B. to attract others to read
C. to do daily reports easily  D. to become good secretaries
49. The purpose of the author in writing this passage is to _______. 
A. comment and blame      B. introduce and describe
C. explain and persuade    D. interest and inform

“All  work  and no play  makes Jack a dull  boy”  is a popular  saying in the 
United States. Other countries have similar sayings. It is true that all of us 
need recreation.  We cannot work all  the time if  we are going  to keep good 
health and enjoy life.
Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Perhaps the most popular way is to take 
part  in sports.  th ere are team sports,  such as  baseball, basketball, and 
football. There  are individual sports, also,  such as golf  and swimming. In 
addition hiking, fishing, skiing, and mountain climbing have a great attraction 
for pe ople who like to be outdoors.
Not everyone who enjoys sports events likes to take part in them. Many people 
prefer to  be onlookers, either watching them on  television, or listening to 
them on the radio. When there is an important baseball game or boxing match it 
is almost impossible to get tickets; everyone wants to attend.
Chess, card-playing, and dancing are forms of indoor recreation enjoyed by many 
people.  It  doesn't  matter  whether we  play  a  fast  game  of  ping-pong , 
concentrate over the bridge table, or go walking through the woods on a brisk 
autumn afternoon. It is important for every one to relax from time to time and 
enjoy some form of recreation.
50. The underlined word “recreation”(paragraph 1)here means_______.
A. walking and climbing  B. form of play or amusement  
C. creating something  D. joy and happiness
51. according to the passage, perhaps the followings are our ordinary ways of 
relaxation for common people except______.
A. listening to music              B. playing card 
C. going out for fishing           D. boxing match 
52. Which of the following statements is TRUE to the passage?
A. The popular  British saying mentioned in the passage has familiar doing in 
other countries.
B. All of us need recreation in our lives if we cannot work all the time.
C. Sometimes those who enjoy sports events like to take part in them, too.
D.  It is  almost impossible  for everyone  who wants  to watch  an important 
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baseball to get a ticket.

Taking good notes is a time-saving skill that will help you to become a better 
student in several ways.   53    Second, your notes are excellent materials to 
refer to when you are studying for a test. Third, note-taking offers variety to 
your study time and helps you to hold your interest.
    You will want to take notes during classroom discussions and while reading 
a textbook or doing research for a report.   54   whenever or however you take 
notes, keep in mind that note-taking is a selective process.   55  
    The following methods may work best for you.
    · Read the text quickly to find the main facts and ideas in it.
    ·  Carefully read the text and  watch for words that can show main points 
and supporting facts.
    · Write your notes in your own words.
    ·   56  
· Note any questions or ideas you may have about what was said or written.
As you take notes, you may want to use your own shorthand(速记). When you do, 
be sure that you  understand your symbols and that you use them all the time.   
A. Use words, not complete sentences.
B. There are three practical note-taking methods.
C. You must write your notes on separate paper.
D. Otherwise, y ou may not be able to read your notes later.
E. You will also want to develop your own method for taking notes.
F. That  means you  must first decide what is important  enough to include in 
your notes.
G. First, the simple act of writing something down makes it easier for you to 
understand and remember it.

IV 书面表达
21st Century Teens Edition 正征集有关     2008 北京奥运会志愿者(volunteer)的资料,
请根据下面提示发一封          E-mail 介绍自己的情况。  
1. 名叫李华,现年       17 岁,就读于江苏一所重点中学高一。  
2.   喜欢英语,利用业余时间观看英语节目,练习英语口语,并取得了很大进步。                                现在已
能流利地和  学校的外籍教师交谈。  
3. 爱好体育,正学习有关体育运动的俗语(terms)。  
4. 希望成为一名志愿者,为北京奥运会作出贡献(contribution)。                       注意:     文章应包
括以上要点,但不要逐字对译,要组成一片通顺连贯的短文。 字数 约 100。 
mail 的格式已给出。 
 TO: Jackliu@21stcentury.com.cn 
Subject: self-introduction 
Dear sir, 
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I. 单项选择
1—5 DDCDB 6—10 ADCCA 11—15 ADCAD 16—20 BCCBD 21—25 BDBCB 
II. 完形填空
26-30ACBCB   31-35DDAAC    36-40DABCD    41-45BAACB
III 阅读理解
46—49 ABBC   50—52 BDC  53—56 GEFAD

Dear sir,  
The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Our capital, Beijing, which is a great 
honor  for all  the  Chinese. I  hope  sincerely to  be a  volunteer  to make 
contributions to this great event. Below is a brief introduction about myself.  
I am 17 years old and now studying in a key middle school in Jiangsu Province. 
I  like English very  much and hence  I'm quite good  at it.  I watch English 
programmes in my  spare time and often practise my  spoken English. Now I can 
talk fluently with  our foreign teachers. Besides English, I am  also fond of 
sports. To be fit for the job, I'm studying some special terms about different 
sports. I hope I can meet the requirements of being a volunteer. Yours, Li Hua