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1.behaviour               11.spell  spelling

2.description describe    12.explain explanation
3.impression impress
                          13.fluent  fluency
              correct     14.enjoy   enjoyable
5.encouragement encourage 15.progress progressive
6.enjoyment               16.graduate graduation
7.misunderstanding misunderstand 17.appear disappear
8.disappointment disappoint 18.different difference
9.assistant               19.similar similarity
10.pronunciation pronounce 20.semester term
science subject           be nothing like
academic subject          speak a lot in class
differences between A and B have fun
be similar to…            introduce oneself
the attitude to…          in groups
teaching method           give sb instructions
a city not far from …     work by oneself
write down…               improve one’s spelling
on the computer           in a fun way
on the screen             in other words
information from websites for one’s homework
a woman called….          a description of
                     move to…
look forward to doing…
                     have the biggest smile
be impressed with…
                     the American school systems
A is the same size as B
                     secondary school
the number of
                     cover 7 years
be fluent in Chinese
                     receive the high school diploma
speak Chinese with fluency
                     go to college 
make a lot of progress divide….into..
at the beginning of  September through December
write to sb          take part in
all over the world   be free to do…
the smell of         without the help of sb
paint the wall       become friends
last a long time      take a bus home
There is a popular belief school day
They say that
have similar life experiences
under the same roof
Thanks for doing…
ask sb about…
do experiments
have dinner
stay on at school
1.I would like to do….
2.In other words,there are three times as many girls as boys.
3.I don’t think I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class.
4.I am looking forward to doing the homework.
5.Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers .
6.Oh,really? So have I.
7.We have fun .
确定,确信             make sure           通过陈老师教我
在任何时候            at any time          这是因为
很有条理             be well organised    事实上
据说               It is said that      很有活力
某人……的第一印象        one’s first impressions of 睡觉
如此……以至于……        so….that             长相好看
因此               so that              四处挥手
避免做……            avoid doing….        变得兴奋
让某人做……           make sb do…          讲笑话
取得进步             make progress        开某人的玩笑
敢做……             dare to do…          宁肯做……
说一句话             say a word           宁肯做……不愿…
做科学实验            do scientific experiment 更喜欢做……
结果               as a result          你决定吧
由于……的结果          as a result of….     就这样安排了
a couple of
get good marks
be true of
be relaxed with    avoid ,admit,consider,enjoy, finish,keep
have problems with practise,mind,imagine,suggest……
take exams
revise for a maths test
translate from A to B
get to know
be ready to do…
refuse to do…
be willing to do…
1.match A to (with) B 16.for the first few hundred kilometres
2.travel on roads    17.dark red
3.in the air         18.after that
4.use…to do…         19.a place from another time
5.travel a long distance 20.abandoned farms
6.refer to           21.during the day
7.refer to a dictionary 22.look out of the window
8.refer to sb for information23.listen to Chinese cassettes
9.by train           24.at midnight
10.train sb to do sth 25.watch the night sky
11.in the central part of… 26.a way to do…
12.on the coast      27.try doing…
13.one’s first ride to…. 28.be short for…
14.get on            29.supply sth to sb
15.meals cooked by…. 30.supply sb with sth
31.pass a law                     47.so many….
32.allow sb to do sth             48.next door
33.allow doing sth                49.show sb how to do…
34.shoot …..                      50.be sick
35.shoot at….                     51.in downtown Shanghai
36.Could I see your ticket?       52.at a speed of…
37.Would you mind if  I saw your ticket? 53.on 月,日,年
38.Would you mind showing me your ticket? 54.the opening ceremony
39.I am sorry ,but….              55.happen to sb
40.out of date                    56.on ones’s journey
41.for the first time             57.travel on an elephant
42.one’s first visit to….         58.know…about..
43.all the time                   59.set off from…
44.try to do…                     60.head to…
45.teach sb sth                   61.on the third day
46.at kindergarten                62.be fond of..
1.We were____to hear the news.(amaze)
2.His _____success is known to us all.
3.I was _____at his rapid progress in English.
4.They were______to see us at that place.
5.The flowers in the garden are in____ colours.
6.Mr Smith,_____of the ____speech,started reading a novel.(tire)(bore)
7.If a book is____,it will surely____the readers. (interest)
8.I opened the letter and there was inside_____.
A,important informations  B,some important information
C,many important informations  D,an important information
9.The headmaster made a very good impression ___the parents.
10.I used to___(get) up early ,but now I am used to__(sleep)until 11a.m
11.I prefer___(go)out for a walk to___(watch) TV after supper.
12.She is an expert on this subject.If you have any difficulty,you can turn
to____(ask) her some advice.
13.She wanted the man she is looking forward ___  ____stay with her.
A,for,to  B,to with  C,to ,to    D,with, to
14.I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer,_____?
15.She doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera,____?
16.Are you feeling tired after the game?      A.Not a bit   B.Not a little
______.In fact,I can join in another one.     C.A little bit  D.Quite a bit
17.If you go to attend the meeting,_____.
A.so do I  B.so will I     C.so I do       D.so I shall
18.The house rent is expensive.I’ve got about half the space I had at 
home and I’m paying_____here
A.as three times much   B.as much three times 
 C.much as three times   D.three times as much
                  Module 4
1.sixteen-year-old Zhang Hua
2.in (on to) the south of…
3.in a suburb
4.on the third floor of a five-storey apartment block
5.about fifty miles away from…
6.be made of(from,in,by,out of,up of)
7.on the coast
8.by the seaside
9.pretty hot and wet in summer
10.business district
11.shopping malls
13.for a while
14.a nice little fish restaurant
15.all one’s life
                          30.take part in
16.up to now/so far/till now
                          31.make video
17.exchange ideas
                          32.be proud of..
18.the beauty of nature
19.get away from…         33.fill… with..
20.a great many things    34.the sound of laughter
21.such as                35.in poor health
22.at weekends
                          36.have very little contact with sb
23.on weekdays
                          37.as a result
24.go up
25.can afford to do….
26.make money
27.fight to survive
28.make friends
29.in the same neighbourhood
#.The house is two storeys high
#It’s been six years since we last saw each other.
#.This is the first time I have visited your hometown.
#.This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to.
#.I feel very fortunate living here.
#What’s the climate like?
#.The rent for an apartment there is very high
#.They have put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently.
#.It’s a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture.
#.There are a number of reasons for this.
1.on the Internet              14.allow sb to do sth
2.computer hardware            15.via the Internet
3.the World Wide Wet           16.at the moment
4.the biggest source of information 17.go down
5.be accessible through a computer 18.at University
6.consist of…                  19.come up with the idea
7.millions of pages of data    20.make it +adj for sb to do…
8.develop a way to do sth      21.from that moment on
9.the system of communication  22.rise from A to B
10.the US National Science Foundation 23.thousands of millionaires
11.as well                     24.access the Internet
12.become known as             25.work as…
13.allow doing sth             26.Institute of Technology
27.the percentage of….    41.the biggest mobile phone market
28.concentrate on…        42.be excepted to do…
29.as much time as I can  43.do a class survey
30.the official language  44.communicate with sb
                          45.most frequently
31.agree with
                          46.hesitate to do sth
32.last for+some time
                          47.talking on a mobile phone
33.work independently
                          48.shorten sth
34.in one’s opinion
                          49.a series of..
35.the importance of doing… 50.make communication online easy
36.with the help of..     51.a list of..
37.exchange emails        52.connect A to B
38.point out one’s mistakes 53.log on
39.credit card            54.become common
40.text message           55.compare with
&It became possible for sb to do…
&At the moment,about 80% of  web traffic is in English.
&We need software to use a computer.
& It would be much better if we spent the time working on a computer.