新人教版选修8英语 Unit5 Meeting your ancestors单元测试1

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       选修八  Unit 5《Meeting your ancestors》单元测试                       1

I. 单项选择
21. One photo, of a small boy, _______ his attention..
A. fixed        B .paid            C. arrested          D. put
22. It is difficult to ________ one's self respect I that job.
A. preserve   B. prefer     C. precede          D. produce
23.  Planning  official are  now  looking  __________  to  the needs  of  the  
population in the year 2007.
    A. back       B. ahead         C. up            D. down
24. —Excuse me. I don't want to interrupt you.
A. No, no. It's quite all right.       B. Well, never mind
    C. It won't bother me               D. Of course not.
25. It is known to all that Tom's _______ for his teacher is obvious.
A. admission                    B. alternative 
C. analysis                      D. affection
26. The room was so hot that she felt _______.
A. dizzy           B. interested         C. confused           D. patient
27. It won't be easy, but we'll get across the river _______ .
A. somewhat             B. somewhere      
C. somehow              D. sometimes
28.  You should have  been more  patient _____  that customer; I'm  sure that 
selling him the watch was possible
A. at             B. to             C. in             D. with
29. Regardless ______ what I said to him, he refused to follow my advice.
A. to            B. at          C. of             D. in
30. The little girl is skillful _______ inventing stories.
    A. of             B. at            C. for              D. with
31. I _______ that the present situation is going is going is going to continue.
    A. take B. wish        C. assume           D. What; what
32. —I ‘ll ask our physics teacher to explain Newton's Second Law of Motion 
she taught us yesterday.
   —That's just _______ most of the students have doubt.
A. what          B. why           C. how          D. where
  33. I remember _______ this used to be a very small village.
A. when B.how   C. where   D. what
  34. Since she left home, I have been worried about her and _____ well at all.
    A. was sleeping                           B. wasn't sleeping
    C. haven't been sleeping                    D. have been sleeping
  35. Quite a lot of people _______ the tradition of making pancakes on Shrove 
    A. catch up B. date back   C. blow up         D. keep up
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II 完形填空
A father's job is unique, incomparable.
If parents had  job descriptions, mine would  36 : organize bills, playmates, 
laundry, meals, snacks, outings and   37 .
The only thing on my husband's description would be the word “38 ” written in 
big red letters along the top. Although he is a selfless caregiver and  39  , 
our children think of him more as a mixture of a jungle gym and bozo (a stupid 
person) and comedian.
Our   40   styles compliment (互补)each     other. His  style is a  nonstop  41  
where no  one has to  worry about washing their  hands, eating vegetables, or 
getting holes in teeth. My style is  42  Mussolini. I'm too busy worrying to be 
fun.  43 , every time I try, I am constantly outdone by my husband.
I bought my children bubble gum and flavoured toothpaste and I taught them how 
to  44  their teeth in tiny circles. They thought it was  45 until my husband 
taught them how  to rinse(漱口)by      46   water between their two front teeth 
like a   47 .
I try to tell myself I am a good parent  48   my husband does things I can't do. 
I can make sure my children are safe, warm and dry. I'll  49  in line for five 
hours so the children can see Santa in the busy street or be first in line to 
see the latest Disney movie. But I can't wire the VCR so my children can   50  
their favourite video.
I can  51 my children in my arms when they are tired, round them up in bed, and  
52  them goodnight. But I can't turn them upside down so they can walk on the 
ceiling. I can take them to doctor  53 , or field trips, but I'll never go into 
the  54  , catch a fish, and cook it over an open flame.
 55  a mother I can do a lot of things for my children, but no matter how hard 
I try, I can never be their father.     
36. A. say          B. see         C. write            D. read
37. A. shopping     B. swimming    C. shouting     D. sight-seeing
38. A. cool         B. smart           C. fun          D. joy
39. A. producer     B. judge           C. provider     D. killer
40. A. parenting       B. managing     C. running      D. nursing
41. A. journey         B. adventure        C. trip         D. flight
42. A. next to         B. opposite to  C. similar to       D. the same as
43. A. However      B. Besides     C. Therefore        D. As a result
44. A. wash         B. clear           C. keep         D. brush
45. A. strange         B. familiar     C. neat         D. natural
46. A. pulling out     B. spitting out     C. pouring out     D. knocking out
47. A. fountain         B. fall           C. well          D. pipe
48. A. as if           B. just as             C. in case      D. even if
49. A. stand           B. sit                C. jump          D. cross
50. A. make         B. record             C. watch         D. repair
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51. A. catch           B. take               C. carry         D. put
52. A. send         B. kiss              C. tell           D. see
53. A. clinics      B. examinations       C. insurances    D. appointments
54. A. pond         B. campus            C. distance       D. wilderness
55. A. Following       B. Born               C. Like          D. As

阅读下面短文,从题后所给的             A、B、C、D   四个答案中选出最佳选项。
My father and I were very close. I loved pleasing him, and he was always proud 
of my success. If I  won a spelling contest(竞赛)   at school, he was on top of 
the world. Later in life whenever I got a promotion(提升), I'd call my father 
right away and he'd rush out to tell all his friends. In 1970,when I was named 
president of the Ford Motor Company, I don't know which of us was more excited.
Like many native Italians, my  parents were very open with their feelings and 
their loves  not only at home, but  also in public. Most  of my friends would 
never  hug(拥抱)   their  fathers. But  I  hugged and  kissed my  dad  at every 
opportunity nothing could have felt more natural.
He was a curious man who was always trying new things. He was the first person 
in Allentown to buy a motorcycle. Unfortunately, my father and his motorcycle 
didn't get along too well. He fell off it so often that he got rid of it just a 
month after buying  it. As a result, he  never again trusted any vehicle with 
less than four wheels.
Because of  that motorcycle, I  wasn't allowed to have  a bicycle when  I was 
growing   up. Whenever I wanted  to ride a bike,  I had to borrow  one from a 
friend. On the other  hand, my father let me drive a car  as soon as I turned 
56. I hugged and kissed my father at every opportunity,______.
A. even though I hated to do so      
B. because I was told to do so by my mother
C. as I was named president of the Ford Motor company
D. for I felt it quite natural to do so
57. My father trusted no vehicle with less than for wheels because _____.
A. he did not like the way I always borrowed bicycles from friends
B. he thought that cars were faster than motorcycles
C. he liked every new model made by the Ford Motor company
D. he had trouble in riding his motorcycle
58. Which of the following statements shows that my father was a curious man?
A. I wasn't allowed to have a car when I was growing up.
B. He was the first person in town to buy a motorcycle.
C. He was always proud of my success.
D. He was very open with his feelings and his love.
59. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A.  My father  loved his  motorcycle. He  rode through  the dirty  streets of 
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Allentown every day.
B.I was not  allowed to have a bicycle when I was  growing up, but when I was 
just 16 I was allowed to drive a car.
C. My father was always proud of what I did. He was very pleased when I won a 
spelling contest at school.
D. My father bought a motorcycle, but got rid of it because he fell off it so 

Happy birthday
    The China  National Opera(CNO) will give a concert  to celebrate its 50th 
    Different generations of CNO vocalists, like Li  Guangxi, Yao Hong and Ma 
Mei, will present the concert which will feature both songs from famous Chinese 
operas like  "The White-haired Girl" and  "The Hundredth Bride", as  well as, 
arias of such Western opera classics as "Madame Butterfly", "La Traviata" and 
"Rigoletto ".
    Time/date: 7: 30 pm, September 7,8
    Location: Tianqiao Theatre
    Tel:6551 - 4787, 8315 - 6170
    Tickets: 60 - 500 yuan (US $7.2 - 60.2)
Folk music
    A  concert will  be held  to feature  some recently  composed traditional 
Chinese music works.
    The concert,  given by the Folk  Orchestra of the China  Opera and Ballet 
Theatre, will include such pieces as "Memory of Childhood", "Memorial Ceremony 
for God" and "Wine Song".
    Time/date: 7: 30 pm, September 13
    Location: Concert hall at the National Library of China
    Tel: 6848 - 5462, 6841 - 9220
    Tickets:30 - 200 yuan(US $3.6 - 24.1 )
Moon music
    A concert of traditional Chinese music will be given on the eve of the Moon 
Festival which falls on September 21st this year.
    The concert will feature a number of famous pieces centred on the theme of 
the moon, such as  "Moonlight ", "Spring Night on a Moonlit River" and "Lofty 
Mountain and Flowing River."
    A number  of established traditional Chinese music  performers, like Zhou 
Yaokun and Fan Weiqing, will  play solos as well as collaborate with the folk 
music orchestra.
    Time/date: 7:30 pm, September 21st
    Location: Grand Theatre of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities
    Tel: 6606 - 8888, 6606 - 9999
60. If you want to buy tickets for listening to the music "Memory of Childhood", 
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you will dial ______.A. 6551 - 4787  B. 6848 - 5462  C. 8315 - 6170   D. 6606 - 
61. Which statement is right according to the passage?
A.  Li Guangxi, Yao  Hong and  Ma Mei  stand for  the same generation  of CNO 
B. "Rigoletto" is a famous piece on the theme of the moon.
C. "Lofty Mountain and Flowing River" is a traditional Chinese music.
D. Zhou Yaokun  will play solos and Fan Weiqing will collaborate(合作)     with 
the folk music orchestra.
62. "Madame Butterfly" is __________.
A. a Chinese opera   B. a Western opera   C. a piece of music   D. a song
63. In which column of a newspaper will the article be published?
A. Entertainment.    B. People.     C. Culture.   D. Sports.

You're out to dinner. The food is delicious and the service is fine. You decide 
to leave a big tip. Why? The answer may not be as simple as you think.
Tipping,  psychologists( 心理学家     )  have found, is  not just  about service. 
Instead,  studies have shown  that tipping  can be  affected by psychological 
reactions to a series of different factors ( 因素 ) ranging from the waiter's 
choice of words to how they carry themselves while taking orders to the bill's 
total. Even how much waiters remind customers of themselves can determine how 
much change they pocket by the end of the night.
“   Studies before  have shown  that mimicry  ( 模仿    ) brings  into positive 
feelings  for  the mimicker,”   said  Rick van  Baaren,  a  social psychology 
professor. “These studies show that people who are being mimicked become more 
generous ( 大方的 ) toward the person who mimics them.”
So Rick van Baaren divided 59 waiters into two groups. He requested that half 
respond to diner's meal orders with a phrase such as, “Coming up!” Those in 
the other half were instructed to repeat the orders and preferences back to the 
customers. Rick van Baaren then compared their take-home pay. The results were 
clear ──   it  pays to mimic your customer. The copycat waiters earned almost 
double the amount of tips than the other group.
Leonard Green and Joel Myerson , psychologists at Washington University in St. 
Louis, found the  generosity of a tipper might be  limited by his bill. After 
research on the 1,000  tips left for waiters, taxi drivers and hair stylists, 
they found tip percentages in three areas dropped as customers' bills went up. 
In fact, tip percentages appear to plateau ( 稳定 ) when bills topped $100 and 
a bill for $200 made the worker gain no bigger percentage tip than a bill for 
“That's  also a point of  tipping,” said  Green. “  You have to give a little 
extra to the taxi driver for  being there to pick you up and something to the 
waiter for being there to serve you. If they weren't there you'd never get any 
service. So part of the idea of a tip is for just being there.”
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64. According to the  passage, a passenger gives the taxi driver an extra tip 
for ___
driver's politeness  B. driver's mimicry  C. driver's attitudes D. being there
65. According to the passage, which of the following will be likely to show the 
right change of the tip percentages ?

        A                B              C                 D
66. According to the passage, we know the writer seems to ______________.
oppose Mr. Green's idea about tipping
think part of  Mr. Green's explanation is reasonable
give his generous tip to the waiters very often
support the opinions of Mr. Green and Rick van Baaren about tipping

Doodles are signs which you  draw unconsciously when you are holding a pen in 
your hand and just happen to start writing aimlessly. However, there is more to 
these” diagrams( 图形) of the unconscious” than what you see. Free from the 
restriction(limitation) of the conscious mind, they  can be useful in finding 
your character and personality, and many of your secret hopes, ambitions, fears, 
and dreams.
    Faces are a sign of sociability or lack of it. If you doodle happy, smiling 
faces,  you have a  friendly, out  -going disposition(character) which people 
respond to, and you enjoy  an active social life. If your faces are bad, this 
may mean  hating others. Faces looking to  the right are a  sign of out-going 
personality and confident expectation about the future, to the left, a sign of 
shyness and self-control.
    Bare  or  narrow  trees show  a  lack  of  warmth.  You've probably  been 
disappointed in life or could even be suffering from a minor illness that needs 
    If you build a house in layers( 层) , each layer separate, you could be too 
proud,  too eager  to make  your loved  ones follow  your  order and  jump to 
attention. A little untidiness in  a house makes the people feel comfortable, 
safe and happy.
    If your doodle looks like a web, you are making a cry for help in solving a 
problem, you feel trapped, and are seeking a way out; perhaps you even want to 
travel, try out new ideas and realize your ambitions. But you lack confidence 
to step out into the world on your own because of the web you've created around 
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67.One can  probably have the  wish to  be_____if he doodles  a building with 
unconnected storeys.
A.a leader   B.a self-controlled person  C.a shy person   D.an attentive person
68.If you doodle a face, you may do any of the following EXCEPT_______.
A.lead an active life                  B.lead an inactive life
C.want to get on well with others       D.be in charge of others
69.What does the underlined word “doodle” mean in Paragraph 2?
A.to draw without realizing what one is drawing
B.to draw carefully and attentively what one likes drawing
C.to write different things without certain limits
D.to write at home, mainly on the wall
70.What is the possible best title of the passage?
A.Don't doodle,or you'll not be able to keep secret.
B.Recognize yourself with the help of doodles.
C.Doodling, an unpopular habit.     D.Doodling may cause untidiness.

    When you feel tired, how do you relax?Drink coffee, take a bath ,do some 
exercise ,or play some music and dance?
    For  dance music  fans  and nightclub  lovers, the  world  famous English 
DJ(disco jockey)Sasha will bring them the world's finest dance music. He is 
coming to  Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai on  November 18-20 as  part of his 
world tour in support of his new CD.
    One of the  main roles of music has always been  to go with dancing. But, 
today's dance music is very different from the past. The history of dance music 
goes back to the 16th century. In the Renaissance(文艺复兴)and Baroque(巴洛
克)periods in Europe, rich people were expected to be able to dance at social 
events. Each type of dance gave rise to its own form so music. 
    During the 18th and 19th centuries the most popular dances were the Waltz 
and the  Polka(波尔卡舞).In       this period, dances were often  written for the 
concert hall. For example, symphonies(交响乐)would have a waltz movement, and 
piano pieces were sometimes in waltz or polka.
    In the 1970s, dance  music moved into new places called discos. The music 
was faster  ,had more bass  and started to become  more electric. Disco music 
began to develop  in the US and around Europe .By  the 1980s the music became 
much faster and even more electronic.
    In the1990s clubs took  over discos. DJs mixed other people's music .Club 
dance rhythms(韵律)became a major part of popular music .Club dance music has 
different forms, including drum and bass(低音乐器),hip-hop ,R&B.It makes use 
of technology and DJs play a bigger part in spreading the music.   
 71.Which of the following does not show the difference between today's dance 
music and that of the past?
    A.Greater variety of forms.    B.More technology is made use of.
    C.The music is faster.     D.Today's music is more professional.
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72.Which  of  the following is  correct according to  the order of  each type 
becoming popular?         a.Waltz  b.Disco music   c.R&B
    A.a-b-c     B.b-a-c    C.a-c-b     D.b-c-a
73.From the third paragraph ,we can see that          .
    A.dancing cannot be separated from music
    B.in the 16th century, people still did not have much social life 
    C.people's social needs resulted in the birth of different types of dance 
    D.the  time  of its birth  can tell the  difference between today's dance 
music and that of the past.
74.Which of the following is not true about dance music? 
    A.Dance music dates back to the 16th century.
    B.Types of dance decide the changes in dance music.
    C.Dance music has gone through different stages.
    D.In different periods, dance music is written for different places.
75.According to the story ,a DJ's job is mainly to         .
    A.develop disco music           B.create music for the club
    C.put   different music  forms together  D.choose  and  play  music using 

Last night I was getting ready for the coming examination                76.          
    when the noise from my neighbor interrupts me. The noise             77.          

went on and on. It was too loudly that I could hardly pay                78.          
    attention to my study any longer. So I went to my neighbor's houses    79.          
    and said to him:“Excuse me, would you please turn up the         80.           
    TV?I'm preparing for tomorrow's examination.”Hear these          81.          
    words, his face turned red. But he said , “OK,I will.                82.          
    I'm very sorry have made so much noise. Just now, the football       83.          
    game was very wonderful. I was too exciting to control           84.           
    myself. I won't do that again. Good luck in the your coming      85.           
    examination.” After that, I got down to my study.

V 书面表达
假定你是李华,你的英国笔友             John 将随在北京工作的父母来中国学习两年,他托你介绍一
           中 文 培 训 班 招 生
           学校位置          方便,可直接坐       16 路公共汽车上下课
           教学情况          实行小班制教学,每周          24 个课时
           课外活动          体育活动及其他各种活动可与同学分享
           生    活        与中国家庭生活在一起,可练习汉语并可多多了解中国家庭
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           学    费        每月   200 元
   注意:1、词数:100       左右;    2、参考词汇:活动——activity;
Dear John,
Very pleased to know that you are coming to study in Beijing and it is really a 
good idea to improve your Chinese before the new term begins next September.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
                                                                         Li Hua
21---25 CABBD   26---30 ACDCB  31---35 CABCD    36—40 DACCA
41—45 BCBDC       46—50 BADAC  51--55 CBDDD      56---60DDBAB
61---65CBADD   66---70DADAB   71—75 DACBD

76.√  77.interrupts→interrupted    78.too→so
79.houses→house  或  houses 80.up→down      81.Hear→Hearing
82.But→And      83.sorry∧have to   84.Exciting→excited
85.the 或  your
Dear John,
   Very pleased  to know that you  are coming to  study in Beijing and  it is 
really a  good idea to improve  your Chinese before the new  term begins next 
   Here is  an introduction to a  school of Chinese. Compared  with the other 
schools, I think it  is a suitable one that you can go  to. First, it is very 
convenient for you to get there by No. 16 bus. Next, the classes are very small. 
There are  24 teaching hours  a week. After  class, you can  enjoy sports and 
activities with other students. Staying with a Chinese family will provide you 
with a chance to practise your Chinese and know more about the Chinese family 
life. The time will suit you and only 200 yuan is paid per month. I'll get in 
touch with them if you are interested in this school.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
                                                                         Li Hua