高一英语同步速效提能演练:Module 1 SectionⅡ 外研版必修3 Word版含答案

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1.a____________ from one side to the other side of sth./on the other side of sth.
2.l____________  object(s) or building(s) is (are)  easily seen and recognized from a distance
3.g____________   room or building for showing works of art
4.a____________  a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction
5.p____________   a plan or proposal;a scheme
6.s____________  the art of making beautiful shapes out of stone or wood,etc.
7.b____________   the place where someone was born
8.a____________  very old or belonging to times long ago 
答案:1.across 2.landmark 3.gallery 4.architect 5.project 6.sculpture 7.birthplac e 8.ancient
1.________the coast    在(离开海岸的)海面上
2.________the coast  在海岸上
3.be covered________  被……覆盖
4.be situated________  坐落于……
5.be located________  坐落于……
6.be famous________  因……而著名
7.work________   从事;忙于
8.make________ of sth.  由……制成
9.________all time  有史以来

10.ever________  自从……以来[来源:Zxxk.Com]
答案:1.off 2.on 3.by/with 4.in/on 5.in/on 6.for 7.on 8.out 9.of 10.since
1.France is Europe’s ____________ country and faces the United Kingdom across the English Channel.
答案:third largest
2.Italy is______________Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
答案:in the south of
3.________ France ________Spain is another mountain range-the Pyrenees.
4.Paris is the capital and largest city of France,__________the River Seine.
答案:situated on
5.About __________of France’s artists and writer s ________in Paris.
6.Gaudi worked on the project from 1882 ________ his death in 1926.
高迪从   1882 年到  1926 年去世,一直在从事这项工程。

1.The famous singer put on performances to collect money for the Hope ____________ (工程)to cure the cancer.
2.There are many famous ____________(画廊)in Europe.
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3.The Big Ben is a ____________(标志性建筑)of London.
4.The country has a____________(大陆的)climate.
5.The Chinese____________(文明)is one of the oldest in the world.

答案:civilisation[来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K]
6.He used to study____________(古代的)histo ry.
because of,work on,located,range,face,off the coast
1.The accident happened three miles ________________.
答案:off the coast 
2.He walked slowly ________________ his bad leg.
答案:because of
3.We are ________________ with a serious problem.
4.He has spent the last two years ________________  a book about childcare.
答案:working on
5.There’s a wide ________________ of abilities in the class.
6.The information office is ________________ in the city centre.
1.The Great Wall winds its way from west to east,________________(走过沙漠,越过高山,穿过山谷),
till at last it reaches the sea.
答案:across deserts,over mountains,through valleys
2.He feels relaxed and even begins to whistle because________________(五分之三的路程已经)covered.
答案:three­fifths of the distance has been
Qingdao lies________________ the southeast of Shangdong Province which lies________________the east of 
Hebei Province.
As we know,Beethoven is the greatest musician of ________________.
答案:all time
5.—Can you shoot the bird at the top of the tree?
—No,it’s ________________(射程之外).
答案:out of range
The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is a(n) ________________of courage and power.
7.—Do you need any help,Lucy?
—Yes.The job is ________________(我自己干不了).

答案:more than I can do myself[来源:学.科.网 Z.X.X.K]
8.Ideally ________________(locate)for Broadway and Fifth Avenue,the New York Park hotel is a favouri te 
with many guests.
9.He has been working on the homework,but some problems are really hard to ________________(解出).
答案:worked out
10.She left school three years ago and has worked as a nurse ________________(自从那时起).
答案:ever since
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London is great.Rome and Paris were fine places,but I knew as soon as we landed in London that this was the 
finest of the three.
There are only two small things which I don’t like about London.First of all,everyone speaks English here.I had 
so much fun in Rome and Paris.There I could speak in foreign languages.In words,I made a lot of friends in that 
way,but  here everybody can understand me.I don’t have any reason to start up a conversation with a 
stranger.And speaking of restaurants-that is the other problem with London.The food here is no good at all!I 
haven’t had one good meal in the three days we’ve been here.
Since you asked me to write to you about eve rything I learned on this trip,here is what I’ve learned about 
London’s population of eleven million makes it the second largest city in the world.It is bigger than New York but 
not as big as Tokyo.London is twice the size of New York.It has an area of 620 square miles!
The Thames River runs right through the center of the city.Someone once called the Thames“liquid history”.It is 
a very good name.Dozens of armies have crossed it over the past few thousand years.One of the first was the army 
of Julius Caesar two thousand years ago.And most recently-Mr.and Mrs.Gill.
So far I have only had time to visit one neighborhood.It is called Bloomsbury.In fact there is a group of writers 
known as the Blooms bury Group.It got its name because so many of them lived there.Virginia Woolf was one of 
them.I know how much you like her novels.
Baker Street is also part of Bloomsbury.Do you remember who once lived on Baker Street?When I asked Bob 
this question,he answered,“a man who baked bread,right?”Sherlock Holmes,of course,I won’t have 
time to find his address.Maybe you will when you come.
【解题导语】 本文是作者应朋友的要求,根据自己的所见所闻,描述了伦敦的概况。
1.We can learn from the first two paragraphs that________.
A.it is more difficult to start up a conversation in English in London than in any other languages
B.the writer had made a trip in Italy and France before she came to England
C.of all the meals the writer has had in London,only one she thinks is good enough
D.the writer hates to talk to strangers who can speak English
解析:选    B。推理判断题。第一段中的“Rome and Paris were fine places”(罗马和巴黎都是好地方)表明作者
2.It seems that the writer________.
A.can speak English as a foreign language
B.does not like her mother language
C.does not speak French at all
D.can speak French as a foreign language
解析:选    D。推理判断题。第二段中的“There I could speak in foreign language(在那里我可以用外语讲话)
3.Who do you think Mr.and Mrs.Gill are?
A.A famous general and h is wife.
B.A famous American wri ter and his wife.
C.Two friends of the writer’s.
D.The writer and her husband.
解析:选    D。推理判断题。作者戏称自己一家人为                 army (军队),是一种调侃的方式。
4.Who once lived on Baker Street?
A.A man  who baked bread.
B.Sherlock Holmes.
C.The former US Secretary of State.

D.A friend of the writer’s.[来源:Z&xx&k.Com]
解析:选    B。事实细节题。从最后一段中的“Sherlock Holmes,of course”可看出。
5.Where is the passage most probably taken from?
A.A letter.                        B.A diary.
C.A guidebook.                     D.A business report.
解析:选    A。推理判断题。从第三段中的“Since you asked me to write to you about everything I learned on 
this trip,here is what I’ve learned about London.(既然你叫我写信告诉你所有我在这次旅行中所学的东西,
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A.Photography Club-We  are looking for artistically inclined students to join our new club.We plan to meet 
every Tuesday and Thursday evening after school from 6 p.m.to 8 p.m..Each member must have their own 

B.Hiking Society-Members meet every Saturday to discuss their hiking trips and twice a month, we arrange 
trips to different parts of the province for members to go on breathtaking scenic mountain walks.Get to understand 
our local geography, keep fit and have fun.

C.Film Club-The club is perfect for students who love artistic movies.Every Tuesday and Friday evening we 
hold a seminar in which a great new movie or a classic film is discussed and reviewed.

D.Dancing  Club-We  are the largest club in the university with over 400 members.Members are invited to 
dancing practice every Monday evening from 7 p.m.to 10 p.m.and we hold dance parties with students from 
other universities once a month.Perfect way to keep fit and meet new friends.

E.English Society-A new group organized by the English Department gives all students on campus a chance to 
practice and improve their English.We plan to have regular foreign guests come to our wee kly meetings every 
Wednesday evening at 7∶30 and we show English language movies that can help you both practice your English 
and be entertained as well.

F.Book  Club-Members  meet each week to discuss and recommend books to each other.Meetings are lunch 
times on Fridays.Membership is free.All members qualify for a 20% discount on all books purchased from the 
Xinhua Book Store.
1.Cherry wants to join a club that will keep her fit and active, but because she has a part­time job every workday 
evening, she is only available to take part on the weekends.
解析:选    B。Cherry 的要求是:她参加的社团要能够锻炼身体,而且必须是在周末开展活动,因为她周
一至周五晚上要做兼职工作。B             项中的社团正是在周末举行活动,而且登山能够锻炼身体,符合
Cherry 的要求。
2.David is a new student at the university, whose major is English literature.He is a little shy so is hoping to join 
a club that can help him get to know new people and build his confidence.
解析:选    D。根据有关      David 的描述可知,他是一名大学新生,希望参加的社团能让他多交朋友,培养
自信心;D     项描述的社团正符合他         的要求:在该社团中,有很多成员,大家在一起练习舞蹈,每月有一
3.Bonnie is majoring in drama and wants to be a scriptwriter when she graduates.She is interested in discovering 
new stories that she may one day be able to turn into movies.As her home is far from the university she is only 
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free during the day to take part.
解析:选    F。Bonnie 想要读一些新书,为将来写电影剧本积累素材。F                     项介绍的读书俱乐部正好满足她的
4.Betty is studying film making and one day hopes to become a director.But she thinks her ability to create 
beautiful visual images is not strong enough so she has recently purc hased a camera to help her practice.
解析:选    A。有关    Betty 的描述告诉我们,她为了将来能成为导演,自己最近买了一架相机,练习照相。
由此可知,A      项的摄影俱乐部(Photography Club)刚好符合她的要求。
5.Jack is a first year geography student who would like to learn more about the geography of the local area.He is 
also worried about passing the English test that all students must take at the end of their first year of study.He has 
to return to his home to help his parents every weekend so is only free during weekdays.
解析:选    E。Jack 是地理系一年级学生,想提高英语水平,但是只能在周一至周五参加一些学习活动。而
E 项告诉我们,在       English Society 这个社团中,学生可以提高他们的英语水平,每周三晚上还邀请外宾参
                   加聚会。并且放映一些英文电影。这些都符合                   Jack 的要求。