2017届高考英语一轮复习学案:必修2 module 2《No Drugs》(外研版)

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必修二   M2 教案:

1. addict n.对(药物等)上瘾的人;vt.使成瘾;使沉溺于……

  1)addict oneself to 沉溺于……;醉心于……

    be/become/get addicted to...沉迷于…;热爱…;迷上…

  2)addictive  adj.使人上瘾的;(药物等)上瘾的;上了……的瘾

   addictive 可作定语、表语和补足语,作定语时,被修饰语通常是事


   be/become addictive to...沉迷于……,对……上瘾

   addicted 不能作定语,可作表语和补足语,其逻辑主语是有行为
    The problem with video games is that they’re addictive.  


    Smoking can be addictive. 吸烟容易上瘾。

    Once one is _____ to cocaine cigarette,it’s not easy for him to kick it off.

    A.attracted  B.absorbed  C.devoted  D.addicted


  3)addiction n.瘾;入迷;嗜好 

   Nowadays,many children are addicted to computer games.

   Don’t be addicted to net chatting.It wastes too much time.


   He is now fighting his addiction to smoking.他现在正努力戒烟。

   和  addicted/addiction 连用的 to 是介词,其后要跟名词、代词、动名词作宾

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2. danger  n. / endangered adj. / dangerous  adj.
   be in danger (of)      /   be out of danger
   =be endangered 
   be dangerous
   The tiger is in danger now.
   The tiger is endangered now.
   The tiger is dangerous.
   The bridge is in danger of collapse.
    He is out of danger now.

3.reduce vt.减少,缩小;降低;使…陷入某种更坏的状态

  辨析:reduce; decrease;decline

 1) reduce 指人为地使某物在数量或重量方面的减少或降低                     make 
    I bought this shirt because it was reduced (from$10 to $6).

    Ziyuanku.comHe reduced the amount of money they could spend.他缩减了他们的开销。

    reduce  from...  to 等表示“从…降低到…;

     reduce to 减少到

    reduce by  降低了…

    反 increase to 增加到

    increase by 增加了

     We bought a television that was reduced(from £500 to £350)in the sales.

     我们在大减价时,以(从          500 英镑减至    350 英镑)很便宜的价格买了台电


 2)decrease 指数量上的减少;力量或者强度的减弱                become less in sizs, number, 

   strength or quality  反 increase
   Our sales are decreasing.
   The company decreased the number of workers. 

   The population decreased a lot last year.去年人口数量急剧下降。

 3)decline a)衰落;跌落;降低(         from better to a worse position; or from 
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  higher to lower(如:经济形势、股息的)下降,萧条(指倾向,趋势)
   The old man declined rapidly and soon died.

  b)辨析:decline   客气的拒绝(尤其对提议或邀请)

    Ziyuanku.com I am afraid I must decline you invitation./ to answer that question. 
     We asked them to come to our party but they declined( the invitation).

   refuse 没那么客气,较为坚决
    The prisoner refused to give his name.

   turn down 与  refuse 相似

   reject 根本不考虑提议或建议;不接受(某人)
     The workers have rejected the company’s pay offer.
    He felt rejected by society.
4. treatment n,

  treat sb. with sth.治疗(过程)

  cure sb. of sth 治愈

  heal sb. of sth 治愈(外伤)

5.likely adj.可能的

   辨析:possible/ probable/ likely
 1)  possible 只有可能性小
    probable 多指有较大的可能性

$来&源:ziyuanku.coma.  It is possible (for sb.) to do
     It is possible that   (should) do
    It is possible (for us) to study English well.
    It is possible that we study English well.
  b. It is probable that…
    It is probable that it will rain today.
    不能说: It is possible for him to come.
   It’s possible that it will rain, but with such a blue sky it doesn’t seem probable.有
  c. sb./ sth. be likely to do
    It is likely that 
    He is likely to come.
    It is likely that he will come.
    It is likely that it will rain.
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    资*源%库 It is likely to rain.
 2) a) perhaps & maybe 都当“也许”,“可能”解。但              maybe 一般用于非正
     as soon as maybe=as soon as possible
     不能说   as soon as perhaps
    b)   perhaps 一般用于句首,不与形式主语连用,后面不接从句,通常只接                      sb. 
    或  sth. 
     Perhaps they will help us after all.
     Perhaps the letter will come today. 
     maybe 可放句首,    或后接从句
     Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow.
     I think maybe they don’t want him, he’s so cross.
    c) perhaps 表示  “或许”,   “可能”    是一种推测,相当于        maybe,  固不能与
     may 连用,以避免语义重复
     Perhaps they will help us.
  3)  probably 不能用在   not 后
     possibly  和 can, could 连用,起强调作用
    ---Could you ___ take care of my dog while I’m away?  ---Sure. Leave it to 
    me, please.  A. perhaps   B. possibly  C. maybe  D. probably  (B) (could, 
    can, may, might 连用)
  例句:It’s quite likely that we’ll be in Spain this time next year.


     She’s very likely to ring me tonight.她很有可能今晚打电话给我。

   用 possible,probable,likely 填空
   ⑥It is entirely possible for us to fulfill the task ahead of schedule.

   ⑦It is possible,though not probable,that he will accept these terms.
   ⑧You are likely young people.

6..disagree vi.不同意;不一致;不适宜;不适合

   disagree with sb. about sth.与…意见不一致;与…不相称;与…不相宜

   ①His conduct disagrees with his words.他言行不一。
   ②He disagreed with me about the matter.


   ③The climate here disagrees with me.这儿的气候对我不适合。
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  1)agree with 同意…;(气候,食物等)适合于某人
    I think you’ll agree with me that the situation is improving.

   Your story does not agree with what I have heard.


   I can’t agree more.我再同意不过了。

   2)agree to...赞成……;同意计划、建议或条件等
   I told him my plan and he at once agreed to it.


   He agreed to lend me his bike.他赞同借给我自行车。

   3)agree on 就……取得一致意见和看法

   We couldn’t agree on the price.就价格我们意见不一。

  agreement n.一致;同意;协定;协议

7.ban vt.禁止;n.禁止,禁令

  1)ban on /against 禁止


   ban sb.from doing sth.禁止某人做……

  2)put a ban on...禁止……

   under a ban 被禁止
   ①The President supports a global ban on nuclear testing.

   ②Smoking in a readingroom is placed under a ban.

   ③He was banned from driving because of drinking.

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   ④Canada will ban smoking in all offices later this year.


5.affect vt.影响;感动;(疾病)侵袭

   affect  vt.影响;感动;打动;(疾病)侵袭;假装;喜欢

   1)be affected by 被……侵袭,被……感动

    be affected by heat 中暑

    be affected with high fever 发高烧

   2)affection n.喜爱 
   ①Does the amount of rain affect the growth of crops?

    ②Lei Feng has affected several generations of the youths in China.

    ③His opinion will not affect my decision.

     ④All the people in the room were affected to tears.


    ⑤She is affected with cancer.她患有癌症。
    ⑥The doctors are trying their best to treat the affected patients.

   ziyuanku.com 医生们正在尽力治疗那些感染的病人。

    be affected by 被……侵袭;被……感动

    be affected by heat 中暑

    be affected with high fever 发高烧

    affection n.爱情;感情 


    affect/effect/influence 三个词都有“影响”的意思。
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   1)affect 指“产生的影响之大足以引起反应”,着重“影响”的动作,


   2)effect 作“影响”讲时,通常用作名词,构成

    have an effect on“对…有影响”。

    effect 作动词时,指“使(某事物)产生;使发生;引起”,着重“造成”


    This book effected a change in my opinion.这本书使我的看法起了变化。

   3)influence 指“通过说服、举例等对行动、思想、性格等产生不易觉察

    What you have done will not have ______ your fame.

    A.a good effect on  B.affected  C.a good affect in  D.effected
    What the teacher said affected me greatly.

    What the teacher said had a great effect on me.老师说的话对我影响很大。

    例题:(2009   年上海卷)With     the government’s aid,those _____  by the 
    earthquake have moved to the new settlements.

     A.affect  B.affecting     C.affected  D.were affected

6.recognise/recognize  vt.认出,识别;承认,认可;认识到

 1)recognize sb./sth.认出某人;识别出某物

   recognize...as 承认……是,认出……是

   recognize...to be 承认……是……

   be recognized as 公认是,认可是,赞成

   It is recognized that...人们意识到……

  2)recognition n.认出;认识;识别 
  ①I   recognized her at first sight although I haven’t seen her for almost ten 
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  years.虽然我几乎     10 年没见到她了,但是我第一眼就认出了她。
 ②They have recognized him as their leader.

 ③They all decided to recognize the new government.


 ④After the accident,he recognised that he was not fit for the work.


 辨析:know,recognise   与  realize

 1)know 表示“知道某人”,也可以表示“熟悉”。

   I have known him since I was a child.我从小就认识他。

 2)recognise 用来表示原来已认识,而再次认出之意,即                 know again。

    I knew the boy several years ago,but now I can hardly recognise him.


 3)realize 侧重指认识上的觉醒,常译为“意识到,明白”。

   When he realized what happened,he was sorry.


例题  1.—Oh,it’s you.I ______you.
     —I’ve just had my hair cut and I’m wearing new glasses.

     A.didn’t recognise      B.hadn’t recognised

     C.haven’t recognised    D.don’t recognise

   2.The conference has been told to discuss the effects of tourism ______the 

     wildlife in the area.  A.in  B.on  C.at   D.with

   3.We   always pay attention to the weather because it ______us so directly 

     what we wear,what we do and even how we feel.
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       A.benefits       B.affects   C.concludes     D.attracts

     4.It  is a rule that the students are banned ______computer games in our 

        school.  A.to play  B.from   playing   C.of  playing   D.on 

     5.______to  drugs,he seldom call his parents only when he asks them for 

        money.      A.Being   addicted  B.Addicted       C.Addicting  

        D.Having addicted


1. break into 破门而入,强行闯入;突然……起来

  break into tears 突然哭起来

  break in 打断;闯入

  break out 爆发;突然发生

  break away from 脱离;打破

  break down 打掉;坏掉;失败;垮掉;分解(化学)

  break off 折断;突然停止;脱落;断绝

  break up 打碎;拆散;分裂;分解(物理);驱散
   ①Thieves broke into the store at night.


   ②As the president’s car arrived,the crowd broke into loud applause.


   ③I was still sleeping when the fire broke out,and then it spread quickly.

   ④He has broken down after many years’ hard work.

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   ⑤They quarreled with each other and their friendship broke up.

   ⑥Dad would occasionally break in with a suggestion.


2.give up 放弃;交出,让出;认输

  give up doing sth.放弃,停止干……

  give away 泄露(机密);暴露;分发(奖品等)

  give back 归还,送还

  give in (to sb.)屈服,让步

  give off 发出(蒸汽、味道);发散(光线)

  give out 用完,用尽;分发;公布 

$来&源:ziyuanku.com①He was asked to give up smoking and drinking.


  ②In the bus,the young should give up their seats to the old.


  ③After a month,their food supplies gave out.


  ④He has given in to my views.他顺从了我的意见。
  ⑤These wild flowers give off a nice smell.


 例题  1)He hurried home,only to find his house ______.

   A.had broken into    B.has been broken into

   C.broken into        D.being broken into

  2)(2009  年海南三亚模拟)You’ll       ______sooner or later if you keep working 
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    like that.  A.break off  B.break down  C.break into  D.break out

  3)The captain showed great perseverance and never ______ to disappointment,

     even when the ship sank. A.gave off  B.gave away

     C.gave way      D.gave up

  4)The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit was ______on the 

     radio yesterday.  A.turned out   B.found out  C.given out  

      D.carried out

  5)No matter how hard it is,the strongwilled mother will never ______the hope 

    to find her lost son.A.hold up    B.give up

    C.hold back      D.give back
3.Whatever you’re doing when you want to smoke—do something else!


   Whatever you’re doing 是由 whever 引导的让步状语从句。此时由            whever 引

  导的从句都可以换成          no matter+相应的   wh疑问词     。

   ①  Whatever (No matter what) I suggest,he always disagree with me.


   ②Whatever/No matter what happens,don’t be surprised.


   ③Whatever you do,you mustn’t break the law.


   ④Whatever reasons you have,you should carry out a promise.

   ⑤Whatever decision he made I would support it.
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  whatever/whoever/whomever/whichever 既可以引导名词性从句,即主语从句、

  宾语从句、表语从句、同位语从句,也可以引导让步状语从句,等同于                               no 

  matter what/who/whom/which。
  ⑥You can choose whatever you like in the shop.


  ⑦Whenever (No matter when) I’m unhappy,it is my friend who cheers me up.

  ⑧I will wait for you however late (no matter how late) it is.


 ⑨Whoever   (=No  matter who) asks him for advice,he is always ready to 


例题   1)(2009 年陕西卷)The   howto book can be of help to______wants to do the 

  job.  A.who       B.whomever   C.no matter who   D.whoever

 2)John was ______to win the 200meter race,but he fell to the ground and missed 

  the chance.  A.maybe     B.possible  C.probable  D.likely

 3)(2009 年江西景德镇模拟)If you hurry up,I think it quite ______ that you will 
  catch the flight to Hong Kong.There are 40 minutes left.

  A.probably        B.likely  C.possibly       D.certainly

 4)(2008 年上海卷)______well   prepared you are,you still need a lot of luck in 
  mountain climbing.

   A.However         B.Whatever  C.No matter       D.Although

  5)(2007 年山东卷)Could   I speak to______is in charge of International Sales,

  please?A.anyone   B.someone   C.whoever       D.no matter who
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4. I couldn’t agree more.我完全同意。


ziyuanku.com 最高级的含义)是肯定意思,上句意思相当于“I completely agree.”。

  在这个句型中,more       前加   any,可以用来加强语气。

  His work can’t be worse.他干的活真是糟透了。

  I couldn’t feel happier.我高兴极了。

  They couldn’t have done it any better.他们做得非常好。

例题—Go     for a picnic this weekend,OK? —______.I love getting close to 

 nature.A.I couldn’t agree more  B.I’m afraid not

  C.I believe not  D.I don’t think so


   1.You are saying that everyone should be equal,and this is ______I disagree.

     A.why       B.where    C.what        D.how

   2.—When did you last hear ______Jay?

    —He phoned me this morning,and we agreed ______a time and place to meet. 

    A.of;to    B.about;with   C.from;with     D.from;on

  3.In general,we always shared the same opinion,but this time he________me 

     on that point.  A.disagreed with   B.disagreed to C.agree with  

      D.agree to

   4.The poor young man is ready to accept ______help he can get.

     A.whichever     B.however   C.whatever         D.whenever

    【解析】 只有        whichever 和 whatever 可用做名词    help 的定语,但
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    whichever 表示“(已知范围中的)无论哪一种/个”,而              whatever 表达了“可能


   5.It is generally considered unwise to give a child ______he or she wants.

     A.whichever     B.whatever   C.no matter what  D.no matter which

   6.______team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.

     A.No matter what   B.No matter which

     C.Whatever         D.Whichever

    【解析】 由句式结构可知此空白处应选择连词引导主语从句,且在主语

    从句中作     team 的定语使用,选项中只有           whichever 可同时具备这两种功能。

  7.______David  says sounds right to Helen.That’s why she has made up her 
    mind to leave with him ______happens.

    A.Whatever;no matter what    B.No matter what;whatever

    C.No matter what;no matter what  D.Whatever;however



   1. The news reporters hurried to the airport,only______the film stars had left. 

     A.to tell   B.to be told  C.telling  D.told

   2.Our teacher always speaks slowly and clearly in class______.

     A.so as to be understood  B.to have understood

     C.so as to understand  D.to understand

  3.(2009  年东北三校第一次联考)Go           to bed right away.Forget you need to get 
    up as early as you can ______the early train?

     A.catch     B.catching  C.caught     D.to catch
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    4.I like getting up very early in summer.The morning air is so good ______.

      A.to be breathed   B.to breathe  C.breathing   D.being breathed

   5.(2009  年南昌调研Ⅰ)______,the       student insists that he be separated from 

      his deskmate,who is naughty.  A.To avoid being affected  

      B.   To avoid to be affected  C.Avoiding being affected  

      D.Avoiding to be affected
    6.The Great Wall is ______ tourist attraction that millions of people 

      pour in every year.(2009·上海,28)  A.so  a wellknown  B.a   so well-

      C.such wellknown a     D.such a wellknown
    7.A notice was ______ in order to remind the students of the 

      changed lecture time.A.sent up  B.given up  C.set up  D.put up