新疆巴州且末县中学 人教版 必修1 unit1 探究学案

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              Book 1        Unit 1    Friendship   探究案
I. 课文回顾:Fill in the blanks accoding to the text.
    During World War II, Anne’s only true friend was her diary. She and her family hid 
away for nearly 25 months 1. __________ they were discovered.Now read how she felt 
after being in the hiding place since July 1942.
Dear kitty,
     I wonder if it’s 2.________ I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that 
I’ve grown crazy about everything to do 3._____ nature. I can well remember that 
there was 4. __ time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers 
could never have kept me 5.__________ (spellbind). That 6. ______________ (change) 
since I was here.
    For example, one evening 7._____ it was so warm, I stayed awake 8.____ purpose 
until half past eleven in order to have a good look at the moon by myself. 9.____ as the 
moon gave far too much light, I didn’t dare open a window. 10._______ time five 
months ago, I happened to be upstairs 11.____ dusk when the window was open. 
    I didn’t go downstairs 12. _____ the window had to be shut. The dark, 13.______ 
(rain) evening, the wind, the thundering clouds held me entirely in 14. _____ power; it 
was the first time in a year and a half that I 15.________ (see) the night face to face…
    …Sadly… I am only able to look at nature through dirty curtains 16.___________ 
(hang) before very dusty windows. It’s no pleasure 17.__________ (look) through these 
any longer because nature is one thing 18.________ really must be experienced.
II. 重点词汇突破:
1、upset adj.心烦意乱的;不安的;不适的;vt.使不安;使心烦;弄翻;打翻;打

乱;扰乱(计划等)       教材原句    P1:Your friend comes to school _______________.  你
 (2014·山东卷写作)Once I was not very good at English. I didn’t know enough words 
and my grammar was also poor,__________________________________________.(这
2、concern  vt.(使)担忧;涉及;关系到;n.担心;关注;(利害)关系
(2014·福建卷书面表达)It is love and concern that have brought about the great changes.
(2013·四川卷)Nowadays people ___________________________ the environment where 
they live.
(2014·四川卷满分作文)________________________________,only by studying hard 
at ordinary time can you succeed eventually. 就我个人而言,只有你平时努力学习,你
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If you ___________________________ the accident,you’d better have a talk with our 
(2)Because she was concerned about the safety of her son,John’s mother looked 
→______________ _______________the safety of her son,John’s mother looked upset.
(3)He asked several questions___________________the future of the company.
3、add vt.& vi.增加;添加;补充说
(1)add sth.up   把……加起来              add sth.to sth.  把……加到/进……里
add up to  加起来共计/达(不用于被动语态)                  add to  增加;增添
add that...  补充说……
(2)in addition  另外                  in addition to  除……之外
①The money he spent within a month was added up to more than 1,000 dollars.
②The official expressed great concern over the food safety,added that the government 
would take more measures to prevent such ease happening again.
4、suffer v.遭受;忍受;经历

教材原句    P4:She suffered from loneliness,but she had to learn to like it there.
(1)suffer pain/defeat/loss/hunger/hardship  遭受痛苦/失败/损失/饥饿/苦难
suffer from...  受……折磨,受……之苦;患病
(2)suffering n.  (指肉体或精神上遭受的)痛苦,疼痛,困难
①(2013·江苏书面表达)There is no denying that our earth is 
②In the past several weeks,many cities in Northern China 
________________________________ heavy fogs,causing great inconvenience to 
______________________(遭受一次次失败),he began to lose faith in himself.
5、go through 经历,经受;仔细检查;完成;用完

教材原句    P2:Or are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you,or would not 
understand what you are going through? 或者害怕你的朋友嘲笑你,或者不理解你正
的苦难) did he realize the love we have for our families is important.
6、in order to 为了
(2013·江西书面表达)_________________________________(为了鼓励) the students to 
take outdoor exercise,our school organized a mountain­climbing on April 10.
I got up early ____________________ catch the first bus.
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=I got up early _________________________ I could catch the first bus.

1.____________(suffer) such a heavy loss,the boss didn't have the courage to go on with his 
2.The  Chinese government has begun a campaign________________(calm) the crazy housing 
3.When he travels with his friends,his mother is always_______________(concern) about his safety.
4.I________________(like) people who talk loudly in public places.I think it's very impolite.
5.It's____________________(exact) the kind of work I've been looking for.
6.What  a beautiful sight!Wild flowers of different  colors spread all over the hills and around the 
lake,_____________________(add) to the beauty of the valley.
7.When first_______________(settle) down in Chengdu,Maria found herself unable to get used to 
the spicy food.
8.At  first I__________________(agree) with his suggestion,but later I changed my mind and 
9.I found a(n)_____________(dust) bag under the bed when I was cleaning up my room  last night.
10.After he came into_______________,he didn't feel he was______________.He even felt he 
was________________when he couldn't protect his wife.(power)
1.Not  until he__________________(经历了真正的困难)did     he realize the love we have for our 

families is important.[来源:学科网]
2.Ye Shiwen__________________(仍耿耿于怀)failing to win a medal in the 2013 World Swimming 
3.Although Rosemary_______________(身患重病)for   years,she lost none of her enthusiasm for 
4.It is the first time that he__________________(对……表示关注)the Diaoyu Islands Issue.
5.It took several minutes__________________(兴奋的足球迷才平静下来).

6.It was the first time that a female__________________(被选为总统)in that country.[来源:Zxxk.Com]
7.The   problem,__________________(如果不妥善处理的话),may          lead to misunderstanding 
between the two sides.
8.__________________(多久之后才)the professor makes another visit to China?
9. He does not speak __________ (像)the other people do.
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10.Is it tomorrow ____________ you are going to see Lin Tao?
I. 话题词汇:1.有信心的__________________ 2.坚决的;有决心的___________________
3. 慷慨的_________________ 4.幽默的________________ 5. 开朗的______________________
6. 对……热心___________________________ 7. 对……好奇__________________________
8.努力做某事____________________________ 9.拓宽视野______________________________
10. 从……毕业____________________ 11.获得一等奖___________________________________
12.面对_______________________ 13. 有……的天赋___________________________________
II. 句型
1. 她个子高挑,身材苗条,有一双大面明亮的眼睛和一头黑发。
2. 她与我同甘共苦。_____________________________________________________________
3. 我是王珊,一名十六岁的女孩子,现就读于北京红星中学。

                    Book 1        Unit 1 Friendship
1.心烦意乱的;不安的;不适的/upset;使不安;使心烦                       2.ignore   3.outdoors
4.calm    5.担忧;涉及;关系到/关心;关注;利害关系/concerned/concerning
6.power; powerful  7.thunder    8. entire; entirely; completely   9.German; 
Germans; Germany 10. dusty; dust   11. suffer; suffering 12. recover; recovery
13.teenager 14. swap    15. exactly   16.grateful 17. disagree; disagreement; 
agreement  18.提示;  技巧;尖;尖端;小费/           倾斜;翻倒       19. settle; settlement
1. add up     2. calm down     3.be concerned about 4. go through
5. set down   6. a series of 7. on purpose   8. in order to 9. at dust
10. face to face 11. no longer/ not …. any longer 12. suffer from
13. be/ get tired of 14. pack (sth. ) up  15. get along with 16. fall in love 
17. join in 18. have brouble/ difficulty (in) doing sth.
1.While walking the dog/ 主从句的主语一致;从句中含有            be 动词;从句的主语和
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be 动词。while parking my motorcycle; seen / treated
2. before; it would take some time before
3. was; This is the first time that he has been praised by the English teacher.
4. It is no pleasure watching TV; It is no use crying over spilt milk.
1.if      2. everything     3. when   4.spellbound  5. has changed
6. on     7. as      8. be shut    9.entirely    10. had seen
1.very upset; which really made me upset
2.are more concerned about;As far as I’m concerned;are concerned in; Concerned 
about; concerning
3.去掉  was; added→adding
4.suffering severe damage; have been suffering from; Having suffered defeat after 
5.Not until he went through real hardship
6.In order to encourage
I.1.Having  suffered 2.to  calm 3.concerned 4.dislike  5.exactly 6.adding 
7.settling 8.disagreed 9.dusty 10.power;powerful;powerless
II.1.went through real hardship 2.is still very upset about  3.had suffered from a 
serious illness 4.has shown concern about 5.before the excited football fans calmed 
down 6.had been elected president 7.unless handled properly 8.How long will it be 
before   9.as    10.that
I. 1.confident 2.determined 3.generous 4.humorous   5. outgoing
6.be enthusiastic about 7.be curious about   8.make efforts to do…
9. broaden one’s horizons 10. graduate from 11.win the first prize in
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12. be faced with 13. have a gift for 
II. 句型:  1.She is tall and slim with big bright eyes and black hair.
2. She shares my troubles as well as my joys.
3. I’m Wang Shan, a girl of sixteen, presently attending Beijing Hong Xing Middle School.