2019新人新版必修4 高考英语词汇考查+题型练Unit5Themeparks含解析

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                           Unit 5 Theme parks
必修四 Unit 5
    1. You ______ be Carol.You haven't changed a bit after all these years. 
    答案:must 空后为动词原形,故此处只能填助动词或情态动词;根据下文内容可知
为非常肯定的猜测,故填           must,意为“一定”。
    2.(2014·湖南,25     改编)—I've prepared all kinds of food for the picnic. 

    —Do you mean we______ bring anything with us?
    答案:needn't 句意为:——我已经为野餐准备了各种食物。——你的意思是我们不
必带任何东西了吗?根据句意可知填                needn't,意为“不必要”。
    3.(2015·四川,2     改编)You________be careful with the camera.It costs! 
    答案:must 根据空后的动词原形             be 可知此处填情态动词,根据句意和后面的感叹号
可知这是说话人提出的要求,且语气非常强烈,因此只能填                         must。句意为:你必须要小心
使用相机。它很贵重!根据下文的               It costs!可知,此处是说话人对使用相机的人提出的
要求,must   意为“必须”,表示说话人主观上的要求,语气强烈。
    4.(2015·北京东城模拟改编)—The fire in the supermarket last night was 

    —They ________ have taken some measures to prevent it occurring.
    答案:should 考查“情态动词+have done”结构。句意为:——超市昨晚的火灾很
未做”,所以用       should have done 结构,故答案为      should。
    5.(2015·北京,29     改编)—Can't you stay a little longer? 

    —It's getting late.I really________go now. My daughter is home alone.
    答案:must 句意为:——你不能再呆一会儿吗?——天色晚了。我真的必须得走了。
走了。must   意为“必须”。

248.theme n. __________
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249.△Camelot Park__________
250.central adj. __________
251.△Central Park __________
252.△Dollywood n. __________
253.various adj. __________
254.cartoon n. __________
255.be famous for__________
256.△roller coaster n. __________
257.whichever  pron. __________
258.△pirate n. __________
259.△fairy tale __________
260.fantasy n. __________
261.amusement n. __________
262.swing n. vt. & vi. (swung, swung) __________
263.attraction n. __________
264.no wonder __________
265.tourism n. __________
266.wherever pron. __________
267.unique adj. __________
268.carpenter n. __________
269.△craftsman n. __________
270.engine n. __________
271.△bald adj. __________
272.preserve  vt.  n. __________
273.length n. __________
274.deed n. __________
275.△knight n. __________
276.be modeled after__________
277.△Merlin the Wizard __________
278.sword n. __________
279.△joust vi. __________
280.tournament n. __________
281.settler n. __________
282.athletic adj. __________
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 283.translator n. __________
 284.minority n. __________
 285.cloth n. __________
 286.△Futuroscope n. __________
 287.jungle n. __________
 288.△diver n. __________
 289.creature n. __________
 290..sunlight n. __________
 291.△T-Rex n. (=Tyrannosaurus Rex) __________
 292.advance vt. & vi. __________ 
 293.in advance __________
 294.advanced adj. __________
 295.brand n. __________
 296.get close to __________
 297.come to life __________
 298.outing n. __________
 299.admission n. __________
 300.shuttle n. __________
 301.freeway n. __________
 302.souvenir n. __________
 303.sneaker n. __________
 304.brochure n. __________
    In 1959, when Jean Harper was in the third grade, her teacher gave the class 

an assignment to write a report on what they wanted to be when they grew up.

    Jean’s father was a crop dusting pilot in the little farming community in 

Northern California where she was raised, and Jean was very interested in 

airplanes and flying. She poured her heart into her report and included all of 

her dreams. She wanted to be a crop dusting pilot, make parachute jumps(跳伞), 

and be an airline pilot. Her paper came back with an "F" on it. The teacher told 

her it was a "fairy tale" and that none of the occupations she listed were 

women’s jobs. Jean was devastated and humiliated.
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    One day in her senior year of high school, her English teacher Mrs Dorothy 

Slaton gave the class an assignment. "If you had unlimited money, unlimited 

access to the finest schools, and unlimited talents and abilities, what would you 

do?" Jean felt a rush of her old enthusiasm, and with excitement she wrote down 

all her old dreams. The teacher leaned forward over her desk and said, "You do 

have unlimited abilities and talents. When you leave school, if you don’t go for 

your dreams, no one will do it for you. You can have what you want if you want it 


    The hurt and fear of years of discouragement went away because of what Mrs 

Slaton had said. Jean felt excited and a little scared. She stayed after class 

and went up to the teacher’s desk. Jean thanked Mrs Slaton and told her about 

her dream of becoming a pilot. Mrs Slaton half rose and slapped the desk top. 

"Then do it!" she said.

    So Jean did. It didn’t happen overnight. It took her 10 years of hard work. 

It wasn’t in Jean’s nature to stand up for herself when someone refused or 

humiliated her. Instead, she would quietly try to find another way.

    She became a private pilot and then flew planes as a co-pilot (副驾驶员). In 

1978, she became one of the first three female pilot trainees ever accepted by 

United Airlines and one of the only 50 women airline pilots in the nation at that 

time. Some years later, Jean Harper became a Boeing 737 captain for United 


1.When Jean Harper was in the third grade, _________.

  A.it was common for women to be airline pilots

  B. her father advised her to be a pilot like him in the future

  C. she was unsure about what she wanted to be when she grew up

  D. she was deeply hurt by her teacher’s comment on her dreams

2.What was Mrs Slaton’s reaction when she learned about Jean Harper’s dream?

  A. Encouraging Jean to do what she wanted to.

  B. Offering Jean as much help as she could.

  C. Persuading Jean to give up her dream.
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  D. Making Jean aware of all the possible difficulties.

3.What is the last paragraph mainly about?

  A. How Jean Harper achieved her flying dream.

  B. Jean Harper’s great achievements in flying.

  C. The hardships Jean Harper experienced when trying to be a pilot.

  D. Jean Harper’s determination to pursue her dream.

4.What gave Jean Harper enough strength and faith to pursue her dream?

  A. Her father’s influence on her.

  B. Mrs Slaton’s support.

  C. Her decision to stand up for herself.

  D.A teacher’s humiliation when she was in the third grade.

    【文章大意】本文是一篇人物传记,介绍了                   Jean Harper 如何在英语老师的鼓励下,实


1.D 【解析】细节理解题。由第二段中的"Jean was devastated and humiliated"和第四段

    中的"The hurt and fear of years of discouragement"可知答案为      D。

3.B 【解析】段落大意题。最后一段主要讲述了                   Jean Harper 在飞行方面的成就,所以答案

    为  B。

4.B 【解析】推理判断题。文中提到的               Jean Harper 的两位老师,一位打击她的梦想,让她


    答案为   B。

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    Should we allow modern buildings to be built next to older buildings in a 

historic area of a city? In order to answer this question, we must first 

examine whether people really want to preserve the historic feel of an area.Not 

all historical buildings are attractive.  However, there may be other reasons—

for example, economic reasons—why they should be preserved.So, let us assume 

that historical buildings are both attractive and important to the majority of 

people. What should we do then if a new building is needed?

    In my view, new architectural styles can exist perfectly well alongside an 

older style. Indeed, there are many examples in my own hometown of Tours where 

modern designs have been placed very successfully next to old buildings. As 

long as the building in question is pleasing and does not dominate(影响) its 

surroundings too much, it often improves the attractiveness of the area.

    It is true that there are examples of new buildings which have spoilt(破坏) 

the area they are in, but the same can be said of some old buildings too. Yet 

people still speak against new buildings in historic areas. I think this is 

simply because people are naturally conservative(保守的) and do not like change.

    Although we have to respect people’s feelings as fellow users of the 

buildings, I believe that it is the duty of the architect and planner to move 

things forward. If we always reproduced what was there before, we would all 

still be living in caves.  Thus,  I would argue against copying previous 

architectural styles and choose something fresh and different, even though that 

might be the more risky choice.

    【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文,讨论了现代建筑是否应该和古老的历史建筑建在


    1.What does the author say about historical buildings in the first 


    A.Most of them are too expensive to preserve.

    B.They are more pleasing than modern buildings.

    C.They have nothing to do with the historic feel of an area.

    D.Some of them are not attractive.
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    D 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段的第三句“Not all historical buildings are 


力,故   D 项正确。

    2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the author?

    A.Some old buildings have spoilt the area they are in.

    B.We should reproduce the same old buildings.

    C.Buildings should not dominate their surroundings.

    D.No one understands why people speak against new buildings.

    A 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段的第一句“It is true that there are examples 

of new buildings which have spoilt(破坏) the area they are in,but the same can 

be said of some old buildings too.”可知,作者认为一些历史建筑破坏了它们所在地

区的环境,所以选        A 项。

    3.By using the words “move things forward” in the last paragraph, the 

author probably means “    ”.

    A.destroy old buildings

    B.put things in a different place

    C.choose new architectural styles

    D.respect people’s feelings for historical buildings

    C 解析:词义猜测题。根据文章第四段的第二句“If we always reproduced what 

was there before,we would all still be living in caves.”可知,如果我们不改变

建筑风格,我们现在还住在山洞里面;据此可以判断,“move things forward”的意思是

“选择新的建筑风格”,所以选              C。

    4.What is the main purpose of the passage?

    A.To explain why people dislike change.

    B.To argue that modern buildings can be built in historic areas.

    C.To warn that we could end up living in caves.

    D.To admit how new buildings have ruined their surroundings.

    B 解析:写作意图题。通读文章可知,第一段的第一句“Should we allow modern  

buildings to be  built  next to older buildings  in  a historic area of a 

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方,所以选     B。


Optimism always leads to happiness, health and success while pessimism, by 

contrast, results in hopelessness, sickness and failure. That’s because 

optimists and pessimists deal with the same challenges and disappointments in 

very different ways.






5、词数为    120 左右。



【参考范文】短文写作(满分             30 分)

One possible version

Optimism is important in all aspects of our life. If you can change your mind 

from pessimism, you can change your life.

Up to the beginning of Senior Grade Two, I did poorly in my English but I 

didn’t give in because I was always encouraged by both the people around me 

and myself. I kept practicing speaking, listening, reading and writing. When I 

was fed up with reading or writing, I usually entertained myself by reading 

some interesting English stories, jokes and humors or seeing English films. 

When I had some trouble in reciting or memorizing, I tried to amuse myself by 

playing word games or singing English songs. By this means, I always made 

myself cheerful and optimistic, full of splendid and colorful dreams of future. 

I kept practicing. Gradually, I made progress in my English. . 
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Thanks to the optimism, I have become one of the top students in my class by