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2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修7 Unit5知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修7 Unit1知能演练轻松闯关
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2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修8 Unit5知能演练轻松闯关
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2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修7 Unit3知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修7 Unit2知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修8 Unit4知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修8 Unit1知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习选修7 Unit4知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修5 Unit4知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修3 Unit5知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修3 Unit1知能演练轻松闯关
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2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修5 Unit3知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修3 Unit4知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修3 Unit3知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修4 Unit2知能演练轻松闯关
2019届浙江高考一轮复习练习必修5 Unit5知能演练轻松闯关
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              重庆市中山外国语学校高 2019 届模拟训练英语之

                           (考试时间:40 分钟         试卷满分:120 分)


    1. 答卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在答题卡上。

    2. 回答选择题时,选出每小题答案后,用铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用橡 


    3. 考试结束后,将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。

    After a long journey, we arrived in Jiuzhaigou late at night. The tour guide (小题 1) (tell) us its name was 

from the nine Tibetan villages distributed along the valleys, (小题 2) had the reputation of “fairyland on earth”. 

The guide collected us at 8 am (小题 3) next morning. Then we set off.

Jiuzhaigou was famous ( 小 题 4 ) the 118 beautiful lakes and the many astonishing waterfalls ( 瀑布). Clear 

streams in the valleys collected in beautiful blue lakes, while in some places they collected into waterfalls. The 

lakes were pure enough (小题 5) (see) to the bottom, and they provided fantastic reflections of the facing trees 

and mountains. This (小题 6) (real) was a place to lose a day in.

    After the (小题 7) (amaze) visit to the valley, we were treated to a well made singing and dancing show 

about Tibetan life. The (小题 8) (performer) had beautiful traditional clothes, provided by (小题 9) (they) 


    When the sun set, I found that time slipped away, and the tour was over. Although I hadn’t explored all the 

sights, I felt able to enjoy the heavenly (小题 10) (beautiful). It’s absolutely different from UK. Oh, beautiful 

Jiuzhaigou, goodbye!

  Around three in five people in the UK will find 2. necessary to care for all elderly or a disabled loved one at 

some point.This can be made much 3. (easy)by bearing in mind a few simple principles and pieces of advice.  

4. (care)for an elderly loved one most likely a parent,is never easy.It can cause great pain emotionally and 

5. (physical)and the financial challenges can sometimes seem difficult to deal with,too.

Often one of the hardest things is striking a balance between your parent’s desire 6.  (feel) independent and the
                         中国现代教育网 www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

need to ensure that they are safe and their health needs are being attended to.Sometimes this can create tensions 

and 7.(argue),only adding to the stress of an already difficult situation.It is important here to make them feel that 

they are being listened to and 8. you only have their best interests at heart.

The same applies 9 . financial issues . In order to cover the costs of their parent’s care—including bills and 

medicine—many people will investigate options such as selling the family home.The most important thing here is 

communication—it is vital to make sure that everyone involved,including other brothers and sisters,10.(be)aware 

of what’s being proposed and cooperates to find a solution 11.satisfies everybody

  Zhangjiajie is already home to the world's longest and tallest glass bridge, but now architects have gone much 

12. (far).

Two world­famous architects, who won a design 13 . (compete), have designed a transparent footbridge. It 

14. (expect) that it will cost over £4 million 15. (build).

The bridge will be made up of two layers, so there are some options for nervous visitors. The upper level that 

connects the two rock faces is in 16. shape of a disk and doesn't have a see­through floor. A winding black stone 

path leads fearless explorers from one peak to the other. Surrounding the path 17 . (be) a layer of water two 

centimetres thick, which is sprayed onto the path every seven minutes 18. special equipment creating a temporary 

cloud and mist.

However, the lower level is where things start to get really 19 . (frighten). The floor is 100 per cent glass, 

20. (allow) brave visitors to look at the valley below. As well as walking across the hair­raising bridge you can 

also sleep in one of three pavilions(楼阁), all of 21. offer incredible views.

 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

Forty­seven years ago, 18 countries signed ( 签 署 ) the Convention on Wetlands in Ramsar, Iran on February 2, 

which 22 . (set) as World Wetlands Day in 1997. Wetlands refer to the lands covered by shallow water, 

23. wetland animals and plants live. Combining both the dry and wet environments, wetlands play 24. vital role 

in the world ecology. They can maintain water balance by 25 . ( absorb) water during the rainy season and 

releasing water during the dry season. They can also help reduce global warming and clean water. Scientists of 

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)  have  estimated  ( 估 计 )  that at  least 64  percent of  all wetlands  in  the  world 

26 . (disappear) since 1900, due to industrial expansion and human exploitation. However, the majority of the 

people fail 27. (realize) the importance of urban wetlands. In some fast developing cities, wetlands have become

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                         中国现代教育网 www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

dumping grounds, or they are being exploited for commercial 28. (purpose). China has taken some measures to 

protect the wetlands. For example, the Wetlands Protection Regulation issued by Jiangsu Province, which 

strengthens protection, came 29 . effect on January 1. It allows general wetlands to be promoted to national 

wetlands park and 30 . ( strict) forbids the activities damaging wetlands. Hope these measures will protect our 

wetlands, and the day will come back when   31. hear aquatic birds singing near our cities.

  KBG84 is a one­of­a­kind girl band in Japan consisting of 33 singing and dancing grannies, with an average age 

of 84. The oldest member, Ham Yamashiro, is 97 years old! The new band, 32 . (base) in the remote island of 

Kohama in Okinawa, is 33. huge hit in the country. Many people are rather shocked by their 34. (succeed).

Their lyrics are about the island and nature. These elderly women are extremely attractive and 35.(energy) when 

they perform. Their energy and enthusiasm is amazing,36. (consider) their age. In fact, no one under the age of 80 

37. (allow) into the band.

Okinawan islanders have one of the 38 . (high) life expectancies ( 平 均 寿 命 ) in the world. Their diet chiefly 

consists of vegetables and local sweet potatoes, with no practically added sugar. But Menaka says she isn’t 

particular 39. her diet. She keeps fit by doing housework.

KBG84 is the invention of Japanese musician Kikuo Tsuchida,40. has lived in Kohama for 20 years. The band 

recently signed a record deal, and performs 41. (wonder), — a full house for every performance. The seniors are 

constantly followed around by camera crews, but they prefer to sit around chatting about life.

 Friendship is important in our life.42.is very difficult to find a better definition of friendship. A true friend is the 

person  43. can share all our sadness and double all our44. (happy). And he or she is always at our side to give 

us his or her help and comfort.

45. (know) how valuable friendship is, we should be ve ry 46. (care) with our choice of a friend. We should 

choose those people with a good character as our 47. (friend), but we must try to avoid making friends 48. a 

bad man. Besides, we should forgive their mistakes and try to help them as much   49. possible.

A true friend can always 50. (trust), loved and respected. If you tell a friend your secrets, he or she  51. (will) 

tell others. Friends share their joys and sorrows. They help each other when they are in trouble, and cheer each 

other up when they are sad. In conclusion, if you have a good friend, don’t  forgive him or her.

 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1       个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

The novel behind the popular television drama In the Name of People has sold out in book stores, both online and

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hard copies. Written by Zhou Meisen and 52.(publish) in January, the 54­chapter novel 53.(focus) on Chinese 

politics and officialdom in the ongoing campaign against corruption(腐败). Audiences to the television version

(版)54. consists of 55 episodes(集), have been drawn 55.(watch) the series by the tension, drama and struggle 

of characters featured. Since the TV adaption has been a slow release, many 56.(view) have bought a copy of the 

original book to get ahead. Yet those who haven't got the book may find it difficult to buy the paper copy 

57. present. And popularity of the book is beyond many sellers’ expectation. “We never thought 58. book would

be so popular and didn’t store enough 59.(copy),” said a book shop assistant. Followers can't wait to turn to the 

digital version. On yuedu.163.com, an online reading platform, the book 60.(read) by more than 170 million people 

and had 2,000 reviews. “I couldn’t wait to read the book when I finished episode 5 of the TV version,” a netizen 2S 

said, “It is 61.(certain) an excellent book.”

  The trial run of a bullet train from Chengdu to Xi’an took about four hours on Wednesday morning, 62. (cut) 

travel time between the cities by about six hours. The 643­km line, China’s first trial route to run through the 

Qinling Mountains, will 63. (formal) open on Nov 30. It will run on a daily basis, with a 64. (design) speed of 

250 km per hour.

Li Lin, a travel agency manager in Chengdu, said the opening of the railway is expected 65 . (promote) the 

development of tourism industry in the areas. Long 66. the trial run of the railway, quite a few people in Sichuan 

had told me they wanted to visit Xi’an, the capital of 13 feudal(封建的)67. (dynasty), to see the Terracotta 

Warriors(兵马俑)and other sites of historical importance.

According to Li, some people are also desiring to visit Guangyuan, 68. has the Shu Path. The path is one of the 

world’s oldest land transport systems, with 69 . most dangerous roads and most abundant historical ruins. The 

70. (construct) of the path linking Sichuan and Shaanxi started around 316 BC. It 71. (build) on mountains so

high and steep that famous poet Li Bai (701—762), once wrote: “Traveling on the Shu Path is as difficult as going 

up to heaven.”

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