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                            Unit 5 Theme parks

1. 单元教学目标
                          技能目标     Skill Goals
Talk about different types of theme parks in different cultures
Show people around a place and give directions
Study word formation
Write an introduction to a place with detailed explanations

II. 目标语言
   Expressions used to show people around a place
   We are happy to show you ...

[来源:学#科 Over there is the ...

#网] Down the path you can see ...
功  The main idea/ theme in the park is ...
能  You will enjoy doing/ seeing ...
句  Expressions used to ask the way and give directions
式  Can/ Could you show me where ... is?
   Can/ Could you tell me the way to...?
   How can we get to...?
   How far is/ are the...?
   You can reach ... by bus/ subway/ ...
   Go along/ down ... and turn left/ right at the ... crossing.
   It is just behind/ next to/ opposite the ..., you can’t miss it.
   It is about ... minutes’ walk/ bus ride.
   It is about ... meters away.

   theme, amusement, various, variety, rides, equipment, experiment, advance, advanced, 
   technique, test, cloth, Brazil, jungle, creature, up-to-date, excitement, volunteer, 
   jungle, sneaker, admission, outing, shuttle, brand, advanced
词  2.认读词汇
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   roller coaster, fantasyland, imaginary, imagination, vary, Futuroscope, mysterious, T-
汇  Rex combination
       No wonder, in advance, get close to, come to life, 
结  Word Formation

III. 教材分析和教材重组
    1. 教材分析
本单元以     Theme  parks 为话题,旨在通过本单元的教学,使学生了解分散于世界各地

1.1 Warming up 通过向学生呈现四个风格各异的世界著名主题公园,激发学生学习本单

元的兴趣。[来源:学,科,网 Z,X,X,K]

1.2 Pre-reading 通过学生对主题公园里活动的想象,交流了解主题公园的有关知识。
1.3 Reading 通过介绍世界各地形式各异的主题公园概况,使学生了解风格迥异的各国

1.4 Comprehending 让学生从文章的标题及各段大意来整体理解课文。
1.5 Learning about Language 分词汇和语法两部分。
Discovering useful words and expressions 中的练习 1 是以给出意思写出相对应词汇的形
式考查对文章中重要词汇及短语的理解。练习                     2 是以短文填词完型的形式考查对练习
1 中词汇的运用。练习         4 则以完成句子的形式考查学生对              get/ be closer to 这一短语不同

Discovering useful structures 是通过填表格的练习方式向学生呈现英语词汇不同的构词

1.6 Using Language 分为四个部分练习听、说、读、写。
1) Listening 练习听力可配合     Listening on P69 in Workbook 及 Listening Task on P73 进行。

2)   Reading and speaking 这是一篇泛读文章,介绍更新奇的主题公园(观察未来)。
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3)Writing 要求介绍某一主题公园的概况,包括种类,方位,各活动项目及门票收费。

4)Speaking 根据所准备的公园概况介绍写一段对话,作为导游回答一位正在游览公园

2. 教材重组
   2.1 将  Warming  up、Pre-reading、Reading 和  Comprehending 四部分整合在一起上

   2.2 Reading 中的 language points 上一节语言点讲解课。
   2.3 将 Leaning about language 中的 Discovering useful words and expressions 上一节练

   2.4 将 Leaning about language 中的 Discovering useful structure 上一节语法课。
   2.5  将  Using  language 中的   Listening 和 reading 总合为一节听读训练课。其中
       Listening 部分是介绍了在提高听力的同时,为下文的                  Reading 部分作了铺垫。
       Reading 部分向读者解释       gravity。
    2.6 写作练习是把      Using language 中的 Writing 单独做一堂写作课。
3. 课型设计与设时分配(经教材分析,根据学情,本单元可以用六个课时教完。)
    1st period    Intensive Reading
    2nd period    Language Study
    3rd period    Listening
    4th period    Extensive Reading
    5th period    Speaking
    6th period    Writing
IV. 分课时教案
                       The first period Intensive Reading

Teaching goals   教学目标[来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K]
1 Ability goals 能力目标
Enable the students to know something about the various theme parks all over the world, to 
understand the difference between a theme park and a traditional park and try to finish the 
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comprehending exercises.
3. Learning ability goals 学能目标
Learn how to generalize and compare the similarities and differences.
Teaching important points  教学重点
To solve the questions in Comprehending, and let the students find out the main idea of each 
paragraph, give a summary of the text.
Teaching difficult points   教学难点
How to give a general instruction/ description of a place.
Teaching methods  教学方法
Teaching aids  教具准备
A recorder and a computer.
Teaching procedures && ways  教学过程与方式
Step I Revision
T: Good morning/ afternoon, boys and girls! First let’s have a dictation about the words and 
phrases in Unit 4. Take out a piece of paper, please.
major, local, represent, Columbia, introduce, approach, touch, strange, express, be likely to, 
general, avoid spoken, misunderstand, punish, at ease
T: Now, hand in your paper please; I’ll check your work after class.
Step II Warming up
T: Let’s look at the pictures on P33. Try to match the names of the parks with the pictures. 
Can you guess which are parks and which are theme parks?
T: Which one of these parks would you lik e to visit most if you have the chance?
Sa: Of course I would go to Disneyland. I have watched so much about it on TV and I’ve 
been dreaming about shaking hands with those lovely cartoon characters and taking pictures 
with them.
Sb: I would like to go to Waterpark, because I like swimming and I like to take part in the 
activities in water in this park.
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Step III Reading
T: It’s interesting to listen to your ideas. Today we are going to study a passage about theme 
parks. The title is THEME PARKS—FUN  AND  MORE  THAN  FUN.  I would like you to 
read the passage quickly for the first time to get a general idea of the passage. At the same 
time, please find out the topic sentence of each paragraph.
(3 minutes later)
T: Have you got the main idea of the passage? Who can tell me the topic sentences of six 
Topic sentences
Paragraph 1. Different kinds of theme parks.
Paragraph 2. Disneyland.
Paragraph 3. Dollywood 
Paragraph 4. England’s Camelot Park
T: After the first reading, we have all got a general idea of the passage. So I would like you to 
read it carefully again and decide if the following statements are true or false
Teacher shows the statements on the screen.
1. Disneyland can be found everywhere. 
  Disneyland can be found in several parts of the world.
2. You can meet any cartoon character you like at Disney land. 
   You can meet fairy tale or Disney cartoon characters at Disneyland.
3. Tourism develops where a Disneyland is built. 
4. Dollywood is in the mountains in the southeastern USA. 
5. Country music singers perform in Dollywood throughout the whole year. 
6. Dollywood has the only electric train still working in the USA. 
  Dolly wood has the only steam-engine train still working in the southeastern USA.
7. Visitors to Camelot Park can taste candy like the candy made in ancient England.  
  Visitors to Dollywood can taste candy like the candy made in the American South 150 
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  years ago.
8. Camelot Park has the oldest roller coaster in the world. 
 Camelot Park does not have the oldest roller coaster in the world.
9. Camelot Park has an ancient English farm. 
10. Camelot Park has places for visitors to watch and maybe take part in sword fighting. 
Detailed reading
T: Read the passage carefully again and fill in the blanks with the information from the 
Name: __________ Disneyland
Location: In several parts of the world
Theme: Fairy tale stories

◆ Travelling through space 

◆ Visiting a pirate ship 

◆ Meeting fairy tale or Disney cartoon _________  characters

◆ Riding in a swinging ship

◆ Going on a free-fall drop

Name: Dollywood
In the Smoky Mountains in ____________________ the southeastern USA
Theme:   _______________________  _____________________  America’s  traditional 
southeastern culture

◆ Listening to country music 

◆ Watching _________ making objects craftsmen

◆ Trying traditional candies 

◆ Riding on the only ________________ steam-engine train
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◆ Watching bald eagles

◆ Riding on Thunderhead


Name: Camelot Park
In ________ England
Ancient English history and stories

◆ Watching magic shows 

◆ Visiting the jousting area

◆ Visiting the _____ area and learning about farms in ancient England farm

Step V Discussion
T: If y ou have enough time and money, would you like to go traveling to see the natural 
beauty of the country or go the theme parks to enjoy the exciting experiences? Give reasons 
for your choice.
a) Teacher divides the class into groups of four. Each group tries to reach an agreement and to 
collect as many reasons as possible from the group members.
b) After the discussion, the teacher asks a student from each of the groups to report the 
decision of their group and to give their reasons for the decision.
Step VI Homework
1. Read the passage carefully and underline some words, phrases or sentences which you 
   don’t understand.
2. Preview– learning about language.
                       The second period Language points
Target language 目标语言
a. 重点词汇和短语
theme park, provide ... with ... , amuse oneself, various, a variety of, shuttle, charge ... for, 
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

admission, make a profit, souvenir, base on, involve ... in, athletic, brand, equipment, sneakers, 
come  to life, minority, fantasy, get close to, settlers, take an active part in, experiment, 
advanced, technique
b. 重点句子
As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey 
Mouse in a parade or on the street.
With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland.
Teaching content 教学内容
1. Theme parks-Fun and more than fun
more than 在本句意为“不仅仅是……;不只是……”
e.g. This book is more than a grammar.  这不只是本语法书。
另外, more than happy/glad/willing, etc (to do sth)表示“非常乐意(做某事)”。
e.g. We are more than happy to show you around Beijing.   

2. There are various kinds of theme parks, …
  various adj. 不同的,各种各样的
e.g. There are various ways of getting to the stations from here.
variety  n.  变化,多样性,种类
e.g. At school we learn a variety of things. 在学校里我们学习各种东西。
   She made the children glad _________________ (用各种方法). 
   in a variety of ways
3. Some parks are famous for having the biggest or longest roller coasters…
仔细阅读下列句子,并试着总结               be 
famous for 的含义及用法。
1) The woman was internationally famous for her novels and poetry. 
be famous for 意为“以……而闻名”,主语是人时,表某人以某种知识、技能、或特点等

be famous / known as 意为“作为……而出名,被称为,被叫作”,主语是人时,表某人
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Joan is well-known as a writer.
Virginia (弗吉尼亚州) is famous as the birthplace of several US presidents.
This phenomenon is known as surface tension.

杭州因为西湖而著名。           Hangzhou is famous for the West Lake.
弟弟被称作“小天才”。My little brother is known as “Little Genius”.
4. As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey 
  Mouse in a parade or on the street.  

  1) wander v.漫步;徘徊

  e.g. We wandered around the shopping area for two hours. [来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K]
      She doesn’t like wandering the streets aimlessly. 
2) amusement n. 消遣,娱乐(活动)
e.g. China’s Cultural Theme Park offers its visitors all kinds of amusement.
   To her great amusement the actor’s wig (假发) fell off.
amuse oneself   消遣,自我娱乐        
e.g. The children amused themselves by playing hide-and-seek games (捉迷藏).
      She amused herself by reading detective stories.
5. With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland.   

attraction n. 有吸引力的事物,吸引;其动词为            attract。
【考例】Thousands of foreigners were _____ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened.                      
A. attended       B. attained   C. attracted   D. attached  
【点拨】选      C。句意:上海世博会在开园的第一天就吸引了成千上万的外国人。
attend 参加;attain 获得;attach  附属于。
no wonder  难怪;不足为奇(特别用于口语中)这是一个省略句型,补充完整为:It                             is / 
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

was no wonder that ...。句型中的 no 也可换成    little / small 等。
e.g. No wonder people say that computers are playing an important part in the world. 
   You worked late into night. It is no wonder you look so tired.

wonder 句型:
1. Is it any wonder (that)...? ……有什么奇怪的吗?如:
  With such gifted players, is it any wonder that they won? 
2. It’s a wonder (that) ... ……真是个奇迹。如:
  You write so carelessly. It’s a wonder that your teacher can read it. 

1. There is no doubt that ... 毫无疑问……。如:
Li Hua is the best student in our school. There is no doubt that he can win first prize. 
2. There is no need for sb. to do sth. 某人没必要做某事。如:
There is no need for us to worry about him. 
wherever conj. & adv. 无论哪里;无论什么情况下
e.g. She is followed by that person wherever she goes.
   无论她去哪里,       那个人都跟着她。
   You can sit wherever you want. 你想坐哪里就坐哪里。
类似用法的还有        whichever, whatever, whenever, whomever 等。
e.g. It has the same result whichever way you do it.            
   不管你怎么做,       结果都一样。
Take whichever you want. 你想拿哪个就拿哪个。
Whatever I have also belongs to you. 我所有的一切也属于你的。
Whatever happens, I’ll always be on your side. 
不管发生什么事,        我总会站在你一边的。
6. You can even see beautiful bald eagles in the world’s largest eagle preserve. 
阅读下列句子,注意          preserve 的意思和用法。
1) We should preserve our eyesight.
2) As a family, we want to preserve the traditions of our own culture and religion.
3) Early settle rs preserved meat by drying and salting it.
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

4) No hunting is allowed in the preserve.
[自我归纳] preserve  作______词,意为“______”(句        1)、“___________”(句    2)、“保
藏、防止……腐败、(用腌制等方法)加工”(句                      3);作______词,意为
“_______”(句   4)。动词,保护,保存、保留,名,保护区
1. We should take steps to preserve the old temple. 

2. He canned the fruits to preserve them.

3. We should try our best to preserve the peace of the world.
辨析   preserve, protect, defend, guard 
preserve 重点在保持原样;
protect 以掩护物或其他障碍物来避开危险;
defend 重点在保护国家或领土;
guard 强调人的守卫来避免危险或伤害。

1. We should try our best to __________ the temple, which dates back to more than 1,000 
years ago. preserve 
2. We are always ready to ________ our country against invaders. defend
3. You can __________ meat or fish in salt. preserve
                       The third period Language practice
Teaching goals 教学目标
1. Ability goals 能力目标
a. Enable Ss to revise the important words and phrases of reading part
Teaching methods 教学方法
Doing exercise
Teaching content 教学内容
1. Exercise 1 on page 36
2. Exercise 2 on page 36
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

3. Exercise 3 on page 36
                          The fourth period Grammar
Teaching goals 教学目标
1. Ability goals 能力目标
Ss can get to know more words after learning about “Word formation”.
2. Lear ning ability goals 学能目标
Enable Ss to use different kinds of “word formation” to make new words.
Teaching important points 教学重点
Teaching difficult points 教学难点

Teaching step 教学步骤
Step I Compound 
Compound  words are made from two words: two separate words (roller coaster) one word 
(craftsmen) or words joined by a hyphen (old-fashioned). Find the compound nouns in the 
reading passage.
roller coaster, whichever, whatever, free-fall, wherever, southeastern, indoor, outdoor, 
craftsmen, old-fashioned, steam-engine, world-famous, horseback
Compound  合成
1. 合成名词
 (1) n.+ n.
     air conditioner   空调   
     blood pressure   血压
     income tax     所得税      
     credit card     信用卡
   (2) adj. + n. 
      central bank  中央银行   
      fast food         快餐
      solar system   太阳系  
      remote control   遥控
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   (3) v-ing +另一词
      washing machine   洗衣机
      driving license    驾驶执照
   (4) 其他方式 
       by-product    副产品
       editor-in-chief   主编
2. 合成形容词
   (1) 过去分词或带      ed 词尾的词构成。
       absent-minded   心不在焉的
       grey-haired   头发灰白的
   (2) 动词的   ing 或另一词构成
      long-suffering   长期受苦的
      far-reaching   深远的(影响)
3. 合成动词及合成副词
    water-ski  滑冰       
    overeat 吃得太多
    baby-sit 看孩子    
    empty-handed 一无所获的
Step II Derivation 
New words can also be formed by using prefixes and suffixes. Try to find and underline the 
prefixes or suffixes in the words below. Then write out the original words.
unchangeable  adj. _______  change 
dislike  v. __________      like
impossibility n. _________   possible
unfriendly adj. __________  friend
overwork v. ______________ work
misunderstanding n. ____________ understand
athletic adj. ______________   athlete
misread v. ________          read
translator n. _____________ translate
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Derivation: add letters to the beginning or the end of a word.

1) 前缀   (prefix): 
   (1) dis-: disagree, dislike, disappear 
   (2) in- (il-, im-, ir-): incorrect, impossible, irregular, 
   (3) un-: unhappy, unable, unfit,  
   (4) non-: nonstop, nonverbal (非语言的) 
   (5) re-: rewrite, review
2) 后缀(suffix): 
   (1) 构成名词:-er, -ese, -ist, -ian, -ment, -tion, -ness, -th.
       buyer, Chinese, socialist, musician, agreement, collection, illness, truth
   (2) 构成形容词: -al, -an, -ful, -ing, -y, -less
      national, American, careful, exciting, cloudy, useless
   (3) 构成动词: -fy, -is (z)e: 
       beautify, realize
   (4) 构成副词: -ly: 
   (5) 构成数词: -teen, -ty, -th
      thirteen, sixty, twelfth
Step III Conversion
Conversion: change the part of speech of a word.

   (1) v.—n.: charge (v.)—charge (n.)
   (2) n.—v.: hand (n.)—hand (v.)
   (3) adj.—v.: clean (adj.)—clean (v.)
   (4) adv.—v.: down (adv.)—down (v.)
Step IV Practice
I. 根据词形和词性,猜测下列合成词的意思。
1. crosswalk n. ________            人行横道
2. forget-me-not n. ________   勿忘我
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

3. Y-shaped adj. ________           Y 形的
4. mother-to-be n. ________    准妈妈
II. 用划线词的名词形式改写句子。
1. She microwaved her lunch. 


She heated her lunch in the microwave.
2. My grandmother bottled the juice and 
    canned the pickles (泡菜). 


My grandmother put the juice in a bottle and the pickles in a can.
III. 用斜体部分的名词形式填空。
1. I decided this. It was my _______. decision
2. We all want to be happy. We seek __________. happiness
3. We all agree. We’re all in ____________. agreement
4. Who discovered this? Who made this __________? discovery
5. We’ll all arrive. We’ll be met on _______. arrival
6. Can you explain it? Is there a(n) __________? explanation 
7. Don’t be so curious. Control your _______. curiosity
8. I warned you. I gave you enough _______. warning
IV. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。
1. Working with small children is a very _______ (stress) job. stressful
2. It was very _______ (polite) of you to call him a liar. impolite
3. I didn’t intend to hurt you. I did it ___________ (accident). accidentally
4. My  new  shoes are very nice, but unfortunately they are extremely ____________ 
  (comfortable). uncomfortable
5. Be _______ (care). The weather is awful today. careful 
6. When the first _______ (settle) moved into the area, they faced great hardships. settlers
7. The man was tall, with a(n) _______ (athlete) build. athletic
8. Speaking through a(n) _________ (translate), she described her life in Guatemala. 
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V. 给下列单词加上前缀          dis-, un-, in-或 im-, 构成意思相反的词。
1. agree _______2. complete _________
3. healthy ________ 4. important ________
5. able _______ 6. cover _________    
7. known _______  8. practical _________
9. tidy _______ 10. perfect _________
11. visible _______  12. fit _________
disagree, incomplete, unhealthy, unimportant, unable, discover, unknown, impractical,
untidy, imperfect, invisible, unfit
Step V. 高考链接
1. Do you think shopping online will _____ take the place of shopping in stores? 
    A. especially  B. frequently   C. merely     D. finally
2. The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, 
  so he has a very good _____.             
  A. expectation   B. reputation   C. contribution     D. civilization
3. It took us quite a long time to get to the amusement park. It was _____ journey.
 A. three hour    B. a three-hours  C. a three-hour   D. three hours 
Step VI. Homework
Finish Exercises 1-3 on Page 71.
                         The fifth period Language use
Teaching goals 教学目标
1. Ability goals 能力目标
Practice Ss’s abilty of listening and reading
2. Learning ability goals 学能目标
Get Ss to know two more theme parks
Teaching aids 教具准备
A recorder, a computer and a projector.
Teaching procedures & ways 教学过程与方式
Step I Lead in
                   中国现代教育网    www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

Ask Ss to look at the names of the minority groups below and ask them “What do you know 
about their cultures? What are they famous for? Let them discuss the two questions with their 

    Naxi                Miao                  Dai

          Bai                             Uyghur
 Step II Listening
 Ask Ss to listen to the conversation for the first time and fill in the table.

Naxi                   food

Uyghur                  dances

Dai                     singing

Miao                   cloth

Bai                     woodwork

Ask Ss to listen to the tape again and answer these questions.
1. Why did Ricky and Lucy come to China?
  Ricky and Lucy came to China as tourists. 
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2. What is the purpose of the Folk Culture Village?     
  The purpose of the Folk Culture Villages is to show the homes, temples and dress of 
  China’s Minority groups.
3. What two things is Ricky interested in doing?
  Ricky is interested in eating and in seeing the homes of the Bai people. 
4. What is Lucy most interested in doing? 
  Lucy is most interested in shopping.
5. What things does the guide think are the most important to see?
  The guide thinks it is most important to see the Uygur cultural dances and the Dai singing 
  (and possibly the different style of houses).
Step III Reading
1. Skimming
Ask Ss to read the passage for the first time and finish the following tasks.
Task 1: What are three times and three places you can visit at Futuroscope?
                     Past                              Earth

    Time            Present            Place             Under sea

                     Future                            Space 

Task 2: Main topic of each paragraph.
Para 1. What I did at Futuroscope.
Para 2. A general description of the park.
Para 3. General information about how to visit the park.
2. Careful reading
Read the passage carefully again and finish the tasks.
Task 1: Tick the writer’s experiences at Futuroscope (Para1).
(    ) A. taking a journey deep into space, to the end of the solar system, and 
         being pulled into a Black Hole.
(    ) B. taking a trip to Brazil and experiencing surviving an airplane crash in the jungle.
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(   ) C. going with divers to the bottom of the ocean and seeing mysterious, blind creatures 
        that have never seen the sunlight.
(   ) D. car racing and skiing down some of the most difficult mountains in the 
(   ) E. meeting face to face with a dinosaur.
(   ) F. living on the other planets.  
Task 2: A general description of the park (Para2)
Q1. What is Futuroscope?   
a theme park in France.
A. a theme park that uses the most advanced technology to take people out of the earth and 
   the present time.
B. a science and technology-based theme park that provides people with extraordinary 
 experience without leaving the earth and the present time.
C. a theme park that provides only fun and excitement.
Key: B
Q2: What is the major reason that has made Futuroscope such a success?
   A. admission free
   B. enough money
   C. beautiful sceneries
   D. advanced technology
Key: D
General information about how to visit the Futuroscope (Para 3).
(    ) 1. People could also get tickets on line.
(    ) 2. Futuroscope is a theme park that provides only fun and excitement for people. 
(    ) 4. Futurescope has a convenient location.
(    ) 5. People could take a shuttle in the Futuroscope.
(    ) 6. People could find very excellent hotels in the Furoscope. 
3. Post reading
Fill in the blanks according to the text.
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Description of      ● opened in France in 1987 
                    ● one of the largest _________ parks in the world

                    ● a science and technology-based theme park 

                    ● equipped with the most advanced technology such 

                    as 3D cinemas and giant movie screens

What    I    did   at ● paid a visit to the end of the _____________
                    ● took a trip to Brazil and experienced surviving a(n)  

                    ______________ in the jungle

                    ● went to the bottom of the ocean to see strange blind 

                    creatures that have never seen sunlight

                    ●  joined in some _________ and then skied down 

                    some of the most difficult mountains in the world

                    ● met with a(n) ________, the terrible T-Rex, face to 


What  visitors can do ● go to the bottom of the ocean
                    ● fly through the ________

                    ● visit the edges of the solar system

                    ● do their own scientific experiments 

                    ●  learn more about space travel and the undersea 

                    world and much more
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About tickets       ● can be got at the entrance of the park or _____.

                    ●  group _________ rate can be got for classes or 

                    other ____________ if they book in advance

How to get there    ● through a(n) _______ service

                    ● by driving

Keys: space-age, solar system, airplane crash, car racing, dinosaur, jungle, online, admission, 
large groups, shuttle
Step IV. Language points
1. Its 3-D cinemas and giant movie screens provide brand new experiences of the earth and 
[考点]  beyond 在句中意为“更远处”。beyond         常用作介词,意为“在……之外,在……那
2. [考例  1] Sorry, madam. You’d better come tomorrow because it’s ______ the visiting 
A. during         B. at     C. beyond        D. before   
[点拨]        during 在……期间;before     在……之前;at      在某一时间点。beyond       超过; 
比……晚。       句意:对不起,夫人。你最好明天再来,因为探视时间已经过了。故                              C 正

2. ... makes the world come to life in a completely new way for visitors. 
come to life 活跃起来,  苏醒过来 
come to a conclusion 得出结论;
come to a stop 停下来,停顿;
come to an end 结束,终止;
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come to light 被发现,被大家知道;
come to oneself 恢复知觉,恢复正常;
come to sb.’s attention / notice 受到某人注意;
come to one’s senses 头脑清楚起来,苏醒过来;
come to the / sb.’s rescue / assistance 来援救/帮助;
come to the point 谈正题,谈主要问题
3. If driving, Futuroscope is within easy reach of the freeway. 
[考点] within reach of sb. 或 within one’s reach 意为“在某人能够着的范围之内”。其反义
短语为:out of reach of sb.或 out of one’s reach, 意为“在某人够不着的范围之内”。
Step V Homework
Go over the words and expressions in this unit. 
                           The sixth period Writing
Teaching goals 教学目标
Ability goals 能力目标
Help Ss to write a short introduction for a brochure about Futuroscope

Teaching ways 教学方式

本单元要求为       Futuroscope 主题公园的宣传册写一段文字介绍公园概况,属于说明文。

题公园的主旨、结构、特点等,旨在以简明的语言使读者对                           Futuroscope 有一个较为全

1. 确定文体:属于说明文。
2. 主体时态:此类文章以一般现在时为主。
3. 内容要点:
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求条理分明、重点突出。根据题目要求,首先应说明                        Futuroscope 是一个什么类型的公

Where is the…?

How far is/ are …?

How can we get to…?

Can/ Could you show me where…?

Over there is the…

Down the path you can see…

It is about 10 minutes’ walk.

Go down this path and turn left/ right at the first crossing.
It is about 200 meters away. 

You can reach…by…

It is just behind the …

Finish your passage.