2019届高考英语(浙江专版)一轮复习练习:必修3 1 Unit1

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    Ⅰ 阅读理解
    Back home from the Navy,I started school at Greenville College in my hometown of 
Illinois. I’d been out of high school for four years,but my high school headmaster,
Mr.Gardner,invited me to a Valentine’s Day dance party at school. The thought of seeing my 
former teachers was exciting. So I agreed.
    When Friday came, I cleaned up,dressed up and drove to the high school gym. I chatted 
with my teachers and approached Mr. Gardner to thank him before leaving. Just then, the band 
started playing and a young girl stood up to sing. One look at her and I was crazy—I had never 
seen such a beautiful girl!
    I asked Mr. Gardner who she was,and he answered,“That’s  Marilyn Riley,Cut 
Riley’s daughter.”I was shocked to say the least. They lived just around the corner from me. I 
walked across the gym floor to introduce myself,“Hi,I’m Jack Joseph.”
    “I know who you are,”was her not­too­friendly response.
    “Would you like to dance?” I asked. “No!I’m working,” she shot back.
    “Can I call you next week for a movie date?” I asked. “No” was her response.
    For the next month I phoned,trying to set up a date. She always had the same answer:No. 
Then one rainy afternoon in March as I was driving home after basketball practice,I saw Marilyn, 
walking with no umbrella,no raincoat and no hat. I pulled alongside her and asked if she needed 
a ride,half expecting her to say no. Instead,she stepped over the roadside and sat down on the 
seat next to me. It was only a few blocks to her house,but after pulling into her driveway we 
talked for 45 minutes. It was magic from then on.

    【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文。讲述了作者海军退伍之后受母校校长邀请参加情


    1.Why did Jack decide to attend the party?
    A.The party was held to welcome him back home.
    B.Marilyn would be introduced to him at the party.
    C.He could meet some of his former teachers there.
    D.They gathered there to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    C 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段的最后两句可以看出,由于在情人节舞会上可以
见到原来的老师,所以作者决定参加舞会。所以选                     C 项。
    2.What was the author’s attitude towards the party?
    A.Casual.                              B.Formal.
    C.Passive.                             D.Worried.
    B 解析:推理判断题。根据第二段首句的描述可以看出,作者对这次舞会的态度是
很正式的(formal)。所以选       B 项。
    3.We can infer from the text that________.
    A.Jack once served in the army after high school
    B.it took Jack 45 minutes to drive Marilyn home
    C.Jack and Marilyn were familiar with each other
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    D.it was Marilyn’s cold attitude that interested Jack
    A 解析:推理判断题。根据第一段的“Back home from the Navy...I’d been out of high 
school for four years”可以推断,作者在高中毕业后去海军服役了               4 年,退役后就读于家乡
的大学。所以选       A 项。
    (2018·宁波高三质检)May       Day, the first day of May, is celebrated as 
a spring festival in many countries. It marks the approach of summer.
    The English developed their May Day festival from the Roman festival 
called Floralia. In the festival of Floralia, the Romans gathered flowers to 
honor the goddess of spring, Flora. In the Middle Ages, May Day became 
the favorite holiday of many English villages. People gathered flowers to 
decorate their homes and churches, sang spring songs and chose a king and a 
queen of May. Villagers danced around a tall pole fixed upright in the 
ground, called a maypole, each holding the end of a ribbon attached to the 
top of the pole. They tied the ribbons around the pole until it was covered with bright colors. They 
collected dew(露水)on May Day morning and washed their faces with it because they believed 
that the dew on the day had the magic power to regain youth.
    Nowadays in Britain people no longer attach great importance to the day, but in some towns 
and villages people still celebrate it by choosing the May Queen and dancing around the maypole. 
May Queen is a girl selected as the most beautiful girl on May Day. She is usually crowned with 
flowers and often driven in procession through the street. In the United States, the day has never 
been celebrated with the same enthusiasm as in Britain. But in many American towns and cities, 
children celebrate the day with dancing and singing. They often gather flowers in handmade paper 
baskets and hang them on the doorknobs of the homes of their friends’ and neighbors’ on May 
Day morning. At May Day parties, children select May Queen, dance around the maypole, and 
sing May Day songs.

    【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文。主要介绍了欧洲国家的传统节日“五朔节”。

    4.What do we know about the May Day in Britain in the Middle Ages?
    A.People dressed in bright colors.
    B.People celebrated it with enthusiasm.
    C.People presented flowers to the goddess of spring.
    D.People stayed at home instead of going to churches.
    B 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段内容特别是第三、四句可知,在中世纪,英国人
通过举行各种活动,热情地庆祝五朔节,故                   B 项正确。
    5.Why did people wash their faces with dew on May Day?
    A.To bring good luck.                  B.To become prettier.
    C.To get magic power.                  D.To get young again.
    D 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句可知,人们在五朔节用露水洗脸,是因
为他们相信露水在当天有恢复青春的魔力,故                    D 项正确。
    6.Paragraph 3 is mainly developed________.
    A.by comparison                        B.by space
    C.by process                           D.by classification
    A 解析:写作方法题。根据第三段可知,该段是通过比较美国和英国如何庆祝该节
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日展开的,故      A 项正确。
    7.Nowadays,  many  American children celebrate May Day with lots of activities 
    A.hanging flowers on the doorknobs of their friends’ homes
    B.selecting May Queen and dancing around the maypole
    C.gathering flowers in handmade paper baskets and singing May Day songs
    D.collecting dew on May Day morning and washing faces
    D 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段倒数第一、二句可知,如今在美国,孩子们通过
朔节的歌曲来庆祝这一节日,故排除                A、B、C   项;根据第二段最后一句可知,用露水洗
脸是中世纪英国人的做法,而不是现在美国儿童的做法,故选                          D 项。
    Ⅱ 完形填空
    I’m sitting at the airport watching people in the last minutes before their loved ones arrive 
or depart.
    A woman is running in circles trying to gather family members together for a __1__. When 
the final moment comes before __2__, she wraps her arms around her son, giving him a __3__ 
hug that  should protect him until he __4__.
    I sit with a book in my  hands, waiting my turn to leave __5__because the ones I love have a 
different __6__from mine.
    I think of other departures and arrivals. I __7__seeing my daughter. I wrapped myself around 
her as if she’d been __8__. That year she was in her first year at university, coming home for the 
first time.
    Today my flight is two hours late. When my flight is __9__called, I gather my book and 
luggage. __10__there is no one to see me off, I do not __11__to see where I have come from. 
__12__,  I think of my husband at work __13__ if I have left yet.
    As I head towards the plane, I find myself __14__yet another arrival and departure. That year, 
my 91­year­old grandfather died. After returning from his funeral, I arrived at the airport __15__. 
My husband of only a year was waiting at the gate to take me in his arms. Because of my tears, 
__16__was looking at us, but I didn’t __17__.
    Life needs the important __18__all the time. I wish that all the people who went on a 
__19__could come back to find someone __20__them. I also wish they could leave with someone 
to see them off.

    【解题导语】 作者在机场看到迎接与送行的场景,回忆起与女儿和丈夫的温馨往事,


    1.A.lecture                            B.goodbye
    C.dinner                               D.party
    B 解析:结合上文出现的“arrive or depart”和下文中的“the final moment”可知,空处应
该是一个告别(goodbye)的场景,故选           B。
    2.A.gathering                          B.boarding
    C.announcing                           D.landing
    B 解析:根据语境可知,此处表示登机(boarding)前最后的时刻,故选                        B。
    3.A.powerful                           B.gentle
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    C.warm                                 D.common
    A 解析:结合下文中的“protect             him”可知,母亲在儿子登机前给他一个强有力的
(powerful)拥抱,故选    A。gentle“温柔的”;warm“温暖的”;common“共同的,普遍的”
    4.A.leaves                             B.survives
    C.returns                              D.recovers
    C 解析:根据语境可知,快要登机的时候,母亲给了儿子一个强有力的拥抱,自然
是盼望儿子能一路平安并平安归来,故选                  C。leave“离开”;survive“幸存,艰难渡过”
    5.A.frightened                         B.anxious
    C.relaxed                              D.alone
    D 解析:根据空后的“because the ones I love have a different ______from mine”和下文
中的“there is no one to see me off”可知,作者是一个人(alone),没有人来为她送行,所以选
    6.A.schedule                           B.attitude
    C.position                             D.target
    A 解析:根据语境可知,作者一个人离开是因为所爱之人都有不同的日程安排。
schedule“日程安排,计划表”符合语境,故选                A。
    7.A.imagine                            B.enjoy
    C.recall                               D.consider
    C 解析:结合语境可知,作者回忆起(recall)女儿上大学第一次回家的往事,所以选
C 项。
    8.A.stolen                             B.cheated
    C.lost                                 D.punished
    C 解析:根据语境可知,作者一把抱住女儿,好像她走失了很久。lost“丢失的,遗
失的”符合语境,故选          C。
    9.A.punctually                         B.finally
    C.abruptly                             D.repeatedly
    B 解析:结合语境可知,作者等待很久之后,所乘的航班终于(finally)通知登机了,
故选   B。punctually“准时地”;abruptly“突然地”;repeatedly“反复地”。
    10.A.Although                          B.While
    C.Till                                 D.Since
    D 解析:根据语境可知,“______there           is no one to see me off”和“I do not ______to 
see where I have come from”是因果关系,所以空处用       Since“因为,既然”。
    11.A.slow down                         B.get off
    C.look back                            D.run away
    C 解析:既然没有人来送行,作者不需要回头张望(look                     back)。  slow down“放慢,
减速”;get off“下车,离开”;run away“突然离开,逃离”。
    12.A.However                           B.Besides
    C.Instead                              D.Therefore
    C 解析:结合语境可知,作者没有回头张望,相反地,作者想的是,还在上班的丈
夫不知道作者是否已经离开。故选               C 项。
    13.A.doubting                          B.asking
    C.predicting                           D.wondering
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    D 解析:参见上题解析。wonder if...“不知道是否……”符合语境,故选                       D。
    14.A.remembering                       B.forgetting
    C.planning                             D.rejecting
    A 解析:结合语境可知,作者发现自己记得(remembering)另一次以前的迎接与送行,
故选   A。
    15.A.shouting                          B.crying
    C.laughing                             D.whispering
    B 解析:结合下文中的“Because          of my  tears”可知,此处应用     crying。shout“大喊,
    16.A.someone                           B.everyone
    C.none                                 D.anyone
    B 解析:此处指的是,因为作者哭泣,每个人(everyone)都在看着作者和她的丈夫。
故选   B。
    17.A.care                              B.respond
    C.scold                                D.flee
    A 解析:虽然大家都在看,但是作者并不在意(care),故选                     A。respond“回复,作出
    18.A.arrival                           B.chance
    C.departure                            D.moment
    D 解析:根据语境可知,人生中一直需要这样重要的时刻(moment),故选                           D。
    19.A.journey                           B.diet
    C.picnic                               D.holiday
    A 解析:根据语境可知,作者希望所有出行(journey)的人回来时都能看到有人在等待
(waiting for)他们。故选  A。
    20.A.worrying about  B.smiling at
    C.talking of  D.waiting for
    D 解析:参见上题解析。