2018-2019学年人教版英语 必修一 Unit 4 学案(教师版)

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1.burst vi.爆裂;爆发;n.突然破裂;爆发
2.event n.事件;大事

3.ruin n.废墟;毁灭;vt.毁灭;使破产
4.injure vt.损害;伤害→injury n.损害;伤害→injured adj.受伤的
5.destroy vt.破坏;毁坏;消灭
6.shock n.休克;打击;震惊;vt.&        vi.(使)震惊;震动→shocking     adj.令人震惊的→shocked 

7.trap vt.使陷入困境;n.陷阱;困境
8.bury vt.埋葬;掩埋;隐藏
9.congratulation n.祝贺;(pl.)贺词→congratulate vt.祝贺
10.judge n.裁判员;法官;vt.断定;判断;判决→judgement            n.判断;评价;审判;看法;见

11.nation n.民族;国家;国民→national adj.国家的;民族的

12.suffering n.苦难;痛苦→suffer v.受苦;患病
13.rescue vt.& n.援救;营救
14.electricity n.电;电流;电学
15.disaster n.灾难;灾祸

16.shelter n.掩蔽;掩蔽处;避身处;v.躲避;为……提供庇护处
17.damage n.& vt.损失;损害
18.frighten vt.使惊吓;吓唬→frightened adj.受惊的;受恐吓的→frightening adj.令人恐惧的
19.sincerely adv.真诚地;真挚地
20.express vt.表示;表达;n.快车;速递→expression n.表达;表情;词句;符号
语境活用     [用所给词的正确形式填空]
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1.Graphs can seem frightening(frighten),but reading a graph is a lot like reading a story.(2015·浙江)

2.Natalie’s school was so damaged(damage) that she had to temporarily attend a school in 
3.We all came up to the lucky boy to offer our congratulations(congratulate) to him.
4.We’ve received a lot of expressions(express) of support for our campaign.
5.We are still waiting for the court to pass judgement(judge) on the case.
6.Fat and salt are very important parts of a diet.They are required to process the food that we eat,
to recover from injury(injure) and for several other bodily functions.(2017·全国Ⅰ)

7.It’s shocking(shock) that hospitals can deny help to older people.
8.She seemed to take pleasure in our suffering(suffer).

1.right away 立刻;马上
2.think little of 不重视;认为不好,不喜欢
3.as if/though 仿佛;好像
4.at an end 结束;终结
5.in ruins 严重受损;破败不堪
6.dig out 掘出;发现
7.a (great) number of 许多;大量的
8.judge...from/by 根据……判断……
语境活用     [用上述黑体短语的正确形式填空]
1.Judging from his accent,he must be from Australia.
2.Last month saw his dreams shattered and his business in ruins.
3.I must warn you that my patience is almost at an end.
4.Would you think little  of me if I didn’t go to your wedding ceremony?
5.In order to impress at a job interview,you need to bond with the interviewer right away.

(1)dozen 十二;一打
(2)score 二十
(3)hundred 百
(4)thousand 千
(5)million 百万
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(6)billion 十亿
(1)damages 损害;赔偿金
(2)goods 货物
(3)arms 武器
(4)contents 内容;目录
(5)manners 礼貌
(6)customs 海关

(1)right away
(2)right now
(3)at once
(4)in no time
(5)without delay
(1)judging from/by 根据……判断
(2)talking of 谈到
(3)coming to 论及
(4)taking all things into consideration 全盘考虑
(5)allowing for 考虑到

In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat.

2.It seems/seemed as if...看样子好像……
It seemed as if the world was at an end! 

All hope was not lost.

The reason why I can’t go to the bookstore with you is that I’m  too weak to walk out of my 
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It seems as if he knew everything,but in reality,he is stupid.

While online shopping has changed our life,not all of its effects have been positive.

burst v.爆裂;爆发

burst in/into 突然闯进;破门而入
burst out 突然迸发;爆发;突然激动地喊叫
burst out doing...=burst into+n.突然做某事

(1)The police burst in and arrested the thief.

(2)Much to my surprise,she burst into tears the instant she read the letter.

→Much to my surprise,she burst out crying the instant she read the letter.

ruin n.毁坏;破产;(pl.)废墟

(1)in ruins 严重受损;破败不堪;崩溃,垮掉
come/fall into ruin(因缺乏照料而)衰落,败落
bring...to ruin 使……失败;使……毁坏
(2)ruin oneself 毁掉自己

(1)When they returned to Rockaway the next day,they found their neighborhood in ruins.
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第二天当他们返回        Rockaway 时,发现整个社区都成了一片废墟。(2016·北京)

(2)It rained for two weeks,which completely ruined our holiday.(用现在分词短语作状语改写)
It rained for two weeks,completely ruining our holiday.

   injure v.损害;伤害;损坏 名誉 ;伤害 感情 
拓展词:injury n.伤;伤害 injured adj.受伤的
1do sb.an injury/do an injury to sb.伤害某人
2the injured 伤员

(1)I was wearing a seatbelt.If I hadn’t been wearing one,I would have been injured(injure).
(2)These chemicals come from the injured(injure) parts of the plant and seem to be an alarm.

(3)Don’t lift that tool box—you’ll do yourself an injury/do an injury to yourself!(injury)

shock v.(使)震惊;震动

拓展词:shocked adj.感到震惊的
shocking adj.令人震惊的
(1)be shocked by/at...对……感到震惊
be shocked to do...因做……而震惊
(2)in shock 震惊地;休克

(1)At first,no one moved.The girls were in shock.Then the softball coach shouted out,“Does 
anyone know CPR?”

(2)After the shocking news spread throughout the whole city,everyone felt shocked.(shock)

(3)It shocked me to see how my neighbors treated their children.(用 shock n.改写)
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→It was a shock to me to see how my neighbors treated their children.

   bury v.埋葬;埋藏;使陷入;沉浸;覆盖;隐藏
bury sth.in...把某物埋在……
bury oneself in 埋头于,专心于
be buried in 专心于

(1)She sat there,buried in thought.
(2)He walked slowly,his hand buried(bury) in his pocket.

(3)Because she buried herself in the film,she didn’t know it was snowing outside.

①Burying herself in the film,she didn’t know it was snowing outside.(用现在分词短语作状语

②Buried in the film,she didn’t know it was snowing outside.(用过去分词短语作状语改写)

   congratulation n.祝贺; 复数 贺词
拓展词:congratulate v.祝贺
(1)congratulations (to sb.) on sth.就……(向某人)祝贺
(2)congratulate sb.on sth.为某事向某人祝贺

(1)Congratulations on your happy marriage!
(2)You can congratulate yourself on having done a good job.

(1)congratulation 用作祝贺语时,通常用复数形式;作为“祝贺”这一抽象意义时,通常用
(2)congratulate 的宾语是 sb.而不是  sth.,且该动词后不接带不定式的复合结构或                that 从句。

   at an end结束;终结
(1)bring...to an end 结束……
put/bring an end to 结束……;终结……
come to an end 结束
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(2)at the end of 在……尽头;在……末端
by the end of 到……结束时;到……时候为止
in the end 最后;终于
(3)end up with 以……结束
end up doing 最终在做……
(4)make (both) ends meet 使收支相抵;量入为出
on end 连续地;竖立着

(1)The meeting was at an end./The meeting came to an end.会议结束了。
(2)By the end of next week,I will have finished(finish) most of the work.
(3)Driverless cars may end up being a form of public transport rather than vehicles you own.
(4)We studied for final exams for hours on end.

   a  great  number of 许多;大量的





(1)Large quantities of land in the area have been reserved(reserve) for national parks these years,
which are(be) now home to bears,wolves,and other wild animals.
(2)Among mammals alone,the number of nocturnal species is(be) astonishing.
(3)More than one doctor was involved(involve) in the rescue that took place after the earthquake.
(4)One survey shows that large amounts of water are wasted(waste) every year in China,and that 
one third is available to be saved.
large quantities of 后跟名词(可数或不可数)作主语,谓语动词一律用复数。large                 amounts of 
后跟不可数名词作主语,谓语动词也用复数形式。the                      number   of 后跟名词作主语,表示
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In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat.

(2)too...to...与 not 或 never 连用时,意为“无论……也不过分,越……越好”。cannot                   be 
(3)only/just/but too...to...非常……去做……(too 前的 only,just,but 不仅没有否定意义,反而
加重了   too 的肯定语气)
(4)too ready/easy/eager/willing/anxious/happy/...to...表示肯定,作“过于、太会……”解
(5)too...not to...表示肯定,含义是“非常……必定能;太……不会不……”

(1)The girl is too young to dress herself.

(2)Mary is too wise not to know it.

(3)I’ll be only too pleased to be able to do the job for you.

You cannot be too careful in examinations.

It seemed as if the world was at an end!

句型:It seems/seemed as if...
It seems/seemed as if...看样子好像……
seem 的其他相关句型:
(1)seem (to be)+adj./现在分词/过去分词/介词短语
(2)seem to do/be doing/have done 好像要做/在做/已经做了……
(3)It+seems/seemed(+to sb.)+that...(对某人来说)好像……;似乎……
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(4)There seems to be...好像有……

(1)It seems as if you have something on your mind.
(2)There seems to be something wrong with the engine.
(3)They were talking in a whisper,so it seemed that they were saying something secret.(将画线部
They were talking in a whisper,so they seemed to be saying something secret.
(4)He seems to have come to terms with losing his sight.(改为复合句)
It seems that he has come to terms with losing his sight.

All hope was not lost.

all...not=not all...部分否定,也称半否定。
具有总括意义的代词each,everybody,everything,all,both        等、形容词complete,
whole 等和副词completely,always,wholly,altogether 等与否定词    not 连用,构成部分否
定,表示“不都;并非都”。而             no,none,never,nobody,neither,nothing,no    more,no 
longer 等表示否定意义的词与谓语一起使用构成了全部否定。

(1)I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with everything/all.
(2)But my life was not always so great.I had a learning disability from an early age.
(3)Not everything she did pleased him.
Nothing she did pleased him.
(4)Both of them are not my brothers.
Neither of them is my brother.

1.Drunk driving not only ruined himself(he) but also killed several passers­by.
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2.A terrible accident happened at the crossing and an ambulance rushed the injured(injure) to the 
3.Hearing the bad news that their only son died in the earthquake,the couple burst into tears.
4.Buried(bury) in his study,he wasn’t aware that all the others had left.
5.Now a great number of college graduates are seeking to get a high­paid job.But the number of 
posts available for them is often not enough.(be)
6.This frightened(frighten) boy whose mother was lost in the disaster is looking for her now.
7.There seems to be no better way to solve this problem.
8.A large number of soldiers were sent there to rescue(rescue) those trapped in the building.
9.When deeply absorbed in work,which/as he often was,he would forget all about eating or 
10.The headmaster wrote a letter to congratulate her on her good performance and the exciting 
congratulations(congratulate) encouraged her greatly.
Ⅱ.单句改错(每小题仅有         1 处错误)
1.The girl was sitting on the bench in the park,burying her head in the novel.
2.With more and more forests cut down,large quantities of soil are being washed away.
3.The young man’s employers thought highly of his abilities.
4.The whole city lay in ruins after the earthquake,which made us homeless.
5.The meeting came to  end and he set down many key points.
6.The storyteller was telling us a story in a vivid way as if he had experienced it himself.
    Several days before July 28,1976,many strange things happened in Tangshan.The water in 
the village wells rose 1.and fell.In the city,the water pipes in some buildings cracked and 

burst.They were 2.signs(sign) for the earthquake.But people in the city didn’t think much 3.of 
these events.At 3:42 am that day,the earth began to shake,4.which destroyed the city.Many 
people,5.including(include) rescue workers and doctors,came to rescue those 6.trapped(trap) 
under the ruins.7.Later(late) that afternoon,another big quake struck Tangshan.More people 
8.were killed(kill) or injured and 9.more(many) buildings fell down.Soldiers were called in to help 
the rescue workers.Teams were organized to dig out 10.the trapped and to bury the dead.
Dear student,
                  中国现代教育网     www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

    Congratulations!We are pleased to telling you that you have won a high school speaking 
competition about new Tangshan.Your speech was heard by a group of five judges,all of who 
agreed that it was the best one in this year.Your family should proud of you! Our office would like 
to have you say in the new park,which will honor those that died in the terrible disaster.What you 
know,this is the day the quake happened forty­two years before.We invite you to bring your 
family and friends in that special day.
                                                                     Zhang Sha

Dear student,
                                 telling                  a
    Congratulations!We are pleased to tell  you that you have won the high school speaking 
competition about new Tangshan.Your speech was heard by a group of five judges,all of whom 
agreed that it was the best one in this year.Your family should  proud of you! Our office would 
              say                                   that
like to have you speak in the new park,which will honor those who died in the terrible disaster.
What                                                  before
 As  you know,this is the day the quake happened forty­two years ago .We invite you to bring 
your family and friends on that special day.
                                                                     Zhang Sha
写作素材    (关于地震)
提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用                    as if 引导的表语从句。
连句成篇    (将以上句子连成一篇         50 词左右的英语短文)
    An earthquake happened in the city.Suddenly,it seemed as if the world was at an end.The 
city was destroyed in seconds.Pipes burst and electricity went out.A great number of buildings 
lay in ruins and people were injured or buried.
                  中国现代教育网     www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台


    After the earthquake had stopped,when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s 
house,they saw her dead body through the cracks.But her pose was somehow strange that she 
knelt on her knees like a person was worshipping(做礼拜);her body was leaning forward,and 
her two hands were supported by an object.The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.
    With so many difficulties,the leader of the rescue team put his hand through a narrow gap on 

the wall to reach the woman’s  body.He was hoping that this woman could be still 
alive.However,the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.
    He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed 
building.For some reasons,the team leader was driven by compelling force to go back to the 
ruined house of the dead woman.Again,he knelt down and put his hand through the narrow cracks 
to search the little space under the dead body.Suddenly,he screamed with excitement,“A 
child!There is a child!”
    The whole team worked together;carefully they removed the piles of ruined objects around 
the dead woman.There was a 3­month­old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his 
mother’s dead body.Obviously,the woman had made a sacrifice for saving her son.When her 
house was falling,she used her body to make a cover to protect her son.The little boy was still 
sleeping peacefully when the team leader picked him up.
    The medical doctor came quickly to exam the little boy.After he opened the blanket,he saw a 
cell phone.There was a text message on the screen.It said,“If you can survive,you must 

remember that I love you.”This cell phone was  passed around from one  hand to 

another.Everybody that read the message wept.“If you can survive,you must remember that I 

love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!
语篇解读 本文为记叙文。作者讲述了一个感人的真实故事。在地震中一位普通而又伟大的

1.Why did the leader of the rescue team decide to leave the house?
A.He didn’t notice the woman.
B.He knew the woman was dead.
C.He left to ask for help.
D.The gap was too narrow for his hand to get through.
                  中国现代教育网     www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

答案 B
解析 细节理解题。根据文章第二段最后一句“However,the                     cold and stiff body told him 

that she had passed away for sure.”及第三段第一句“He and the rest of the team left this house 

and were going to search the next collapsed building.”可知答案为 B 项。
2.The reason why the woman died in such a strange pose was that         .
A.she tried to protect her baby with her own body
B.the earthquake happened when she was worshipping
C.her knees were severely injured
D.her hands were supported by an object
答案 A
解析 细节理解题。根据文章第四段第三、四句“Obviously,the                      woman   had  made   a 
sacrifice for saving her son.When her house was falling,she used her body to make a cover to 

protect her son.”可知答案为  A 项。
3.What can be the best title for the passage?
A.A Strange Pose in the Ruins
B.A Mother’s Love in the Ruins

C.A Rescue Team’s Struggle
D.A Heart­Breaking Scene
答案 B
解析 标题归纳题。本文讲述了地震中的一位母亲用自己的生命保护了自己的孩子,由此可
见本文的最佳题目为:废墟里的母爱。故答案为                    B 项。

    Do you ever feel like you are studying a mad rush of one subject after another? When things 
happen at such a   4   pace,it is easy to lose sight of what you are learning.It is important to   

5   every now and then to think about what you’ve been learning.
    Self­reflection means stopping the mad rush and   6   yourself so your brain can evaluate 
what it has already   7  .Some people prefer to do their self­reflections   8  ,while others 
keep a journal.Either method can work,depending on what your own personal   9   is.
    School textbooks are often divided into units.This can make it   10   for someone to begin 
the process of self­reflection.Watch for the times when you complete a unit of study.Sometimes 
you are reminded that the unit is   11   because there is some kind of test or quiz.Use these 
natural   12   as opportunities to stop and reflect.
    You should find a   13   place—anywhere without noise is OK.This can even be sitting at 
your desk at school when you finish something   14   and the other students are still working.If 
                  中国现代教育网     www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台

you are going to take notes,take out your journal.Write down some notes on things that you   15   
learned in this unit.Let your mind think about the notes you have written and make some   16  .
    Sometimes just pausing to think deeply allows your brain to make connections,  17   new 
information can quickly appear when you   18   it again.Next,think about things that you still 
wonder about.  19  ,maybe you learned about a certain body system,but you don’t   20   
how it works with the other body systems.Maybe you learned a new way to solve a math 
problem,but you’re not sure when to use it.Writing down your   21   will help you remember 
to continue seeking answers the next time you   22   the same topic.
    Self­reflection is an essential skill for a   23   student.If you have never taken the time to 
reflect,try it now.
语篇解读 本文为说明文,主要介绍了自我反思的定义以及它是如何帮助学生学习的。
4.A.steady                        B.fast
C.relaxing                        D.unique
答案 B
解析 根据前文的“a mad rush of one subject after another”可知,此处是指比较快的(fast)节
奏。故选    B。
5.A.change                        B.check
C.stop                            D.exercise
答案 C
解析 时不时地停下来(stop)回想一下你一直在学的东西是非常重要的。故选                            C。
6.A.calming                       B.enjoying
C.behaving                        D.helping
答案 A
解析 根据上文提到快节奏的学习可知,此处应是指让自己平静下来。故选                               A。
calm 使……平静。
7.A.dealt                         B.forgotten
C.found                           D.received
答案 D
解析 平静下来,让你的大脑能评估它接收到的东西。receive                     接收,收到,符合题意,故
选 D。
8.A.personally                    B.mentally
C.slowly                          D.directly
答案 B
解析 与下文的“keep       a journal”相对应,此处应指在心理上反思,故选                B。personally 个人
地;mentally 心理上地;slowly    慢慢地;directly   直接地。
9.A.pace                          B.grade
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C.skill                           D.style
答案 D
解析 这两种方法都会奏效,这取决于你自己的风格。故选                        D。pace  步伐;grade  年级; 
skill 技能; style 风格。
10.A.quick                        B.necessary
C.easy                            D.hard
答案 C
解析 make   it easy for sb.to do sth.使某人容易做某事。根据前文的“教科书被分成几部分”
,知选   C。
11.A.finished                     B.divided
C.interrupted                     D.covered
答案 A
解析 与下文的“test or quiz”相对应,应是这部分完成了。故选                   A。
12.A.breaks                       B.tests
C.units                           D.periods
答案 A
解析 根据空后的“as opportunities to stop and reflect”,可知此处指利用这种停顿去反思。
故选  A。break 停顿;unit   单位;test  测试;   period 时期。
13.A.safe                         B.familiar
C.quiet                           D.comfortable
答案 C
解析 根据下文的“without noise”可知应选一个安静的(quiet)地方,故选                  C。safe  安全的;
familiar 熟悉的;comfortable 舒适的。
14.A.correctly                    B.finally
C.early                           D.independently
答案 C
解析 与空后的“the       other students are still working”形成对比,可知  early 及早地,符合题
意。故选    C。correctly 正确地;finally 终于,最后地;independently     独立地。
15.A.actively                     B.newly
C.rapidly                         D.carefully
答案 B
解析 记下你本单元新学到的东西。newly               最新,最近,符合题意。
16.A.choices                      B.decisions
C.connections                     D.improvements
答案 C
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解析 这里是指让新旧知识相连,也可参考下一段中的“allows                         your  brain  to  make 

connections”。故选  C。choice 选择;decision  决定;connection  连接;improvement  改进,
17.A.in case                      B.so that
C.even if                         D.as though
答案 B
解析 空后是前一分句的结果,故选               B。in  case 万一;    so that 以至于;even   if 即使;as 
though 好像。
18.A.seek                         B.share
C.show                            D.need
答案 D
解析 因此当你需要的时候,新的信息会浮现在你的脑海中。故选                           D。seek 追求;share   分
享;show  展示;need   需要。
19.A.In general                   B.Of course
C.For example                     D.As usual
答案 C
解析 下文是前文观点的例子,故选               C。in general 一般来讲;of course  当然;for example  例
如;as usual 像平常一样。
20.A.know                         B.doubt
C.believe                         D.remember
答案 A
解析 但是你不知道(know)它是如何工作的。故选                 A。
21.A.opinions                     B.methods
C.worries                         D.questions
答案 D
解析 根据下文中的        answers 可知,此处是指写下你的问题。故选               D。opinion 意见; 
method 方法;worry  担忧;    question 问题。
22.A.come across                  B.get through
C.think of                        D.take away
答案 A
解析 此处是指当下一次遇到相同的题目时。故选                     A。come  across 遇到;get through 通过;
think of 想起;take away 带走。
23.A.talented                     B.successful
C.serious                         D.young
答案 B
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解析 句意为:自我反思是一个成功学生的基本技能。故选                        B。talented 有天赋的; 
successful 成功的;  serious 严肃的,认真的;      young 年轻的。


    Blessed by the pleasant weather,the island Province of Hainan is fast becoming known as 

“China’s  Florida”,24.drawing(draw) masses of retirees escaping the biting cold of their 
    “At  home in Harbin,it can be -30℃,it   is unbearable! But here the climate is 
25.suitable(suit),” said a 71­year­old woman from the 26.extremely(extreme) cold Province of 
Heilongjiang.She 27.has moved/has been moving(move) each winter to Sanya over the past eight 
    “Here the 28.warmth(warm) is better for our health.We find so many people from our 
province 29.that we are sure we will not get bored,” said Qi Ningxia,30.a 60­year­old man from 
    About 700,000 elderly people come to Sanya every winter,almost doubling 31.its(it) 

population.Nearly half of these “migratory birds”,32.as/which they are called,come from the 
northern provinces in China.
    The trend began in 2000 as people began buying Sanya apartments,opening business and 
persuading friends and family 33.to join(join) them,creating a snowball effect.


    The other day,I was on my way back home from school while I found a little boy crying on 
the road.I stopped and asked him what is the matter,and he told me he couldn’t find his 
mom.Luckily,he remembered his mother’s telephone number.So I called him immediately.Ten 
minute later,the boy saw his mom and became exciting.His mom was so much thankful that she 
wanted to buy me a small gift,and I refused.At that time,I felt quite happily because I did 
something really good.
    To my opinion,the world needs love and we should be willing to help others without 
expecting any repayment.If we want repayment,as matter of fact,a “thank­you” is enough.
    The other day,I was on my way back home from school when I found a little boy crying on 
the road.I stopped and asked him what was the matter,and he told me he couldn’t find his 
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mom.Luckily,he remembered his mother’s telephone number.So I called her  immediately.Ten 
minute                                 exciting
minutes later,the boy saw his mom and became excited .His mom was so much thankful that she 
                           and                              happily
wanted to buy me a small gift,but I refused.At that time,I felt quite happy  because I did 
something really good.
    In  my opinion,the world needs love and we should be willing to help others without 
expecting any repayment.If we want repayment,as matter of fact,a “thank­you” is