外研版必修1 重点句型汉译英练习

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                                                                  Book  1  Module 1
    1.As far as I know,a reporter was sent to cover the terrible accident. 据我所知,一位记者被派去采访这个恶性事故。
    2.As far as I’m concerned,a lot of  drivers don’t take a serious attitude to safety.就我个人而言,很多司机对安全问题不采取认真的态度。
    3.But with my English teacher’s patient instructions and help,I kept on learning,memorizing,reciting,practising,correcting,and repeating all the things again and 
    4.Can I have a word with you?It won’t take long.我能和你谈一谈吗?用不了多久的。
    5.Dad,I don’t think Oliver is the right sort of person for the job.爸爸,我认为奥利弗不是做这份工作的合适人选。
    6..During the summer camp,the children will be instructed by the teacher to cover 30 miles a day.在夏令营期间,孩子们在老师的引导和帮助下,每天走完     30 英里的路。
    7.He told us the amazing news in an amazed voice.他用惊讶的口气告诉我们这个令人吃惊的消息。
8.Henry is very clever but he doesn’t work hard at his lessons.So it is with Frank.亨利很聪明,但是不努力学习。弗兰克也是。
    9.How can we improve medical care to benefit people?In other words,how can we create a health care system that helps people?我们该怎样才能改善医疗服务来造福人民
    10.How many pages have you covered today? 你今天读完了多少页了?
    11. I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer,will they?我认为不会有人当志愿者,是不是?
    12.I find this village is twice as large as that one after studying the map carefully. 仔细研究地图后,我发现这个村庄是那个村庄的两倍大。
    13.I have the honour to make a speech to welcome the respected guests.Thank you very much for taking part in our English activities.我有幸发表演说欢迎尊贵的客人,非
    14.I take part in all kinds of afterschool activities.我参加各种各样的课外活动。
    15.I don’t think you can finish the task within three days. 我认为你不能在三天之内完成这项工作。
    16.If it carries on snowing,the ground will be covered by morning.如果明天继续下雪的话,到明天早上地面将被大雪覆盖。
    17.If you go to school early tomorrow,so shall I.如果明天你早点去学校,我也早去。
    18.In a word,a friend in need is a friend indeed.  May all of us treasure friendship.总之,患难之交才是真正的朋友,愿我们所有人珍视友谊。
    19.In other words,there are three times as many girls as boys.换句话说,女生人数是男生人数的三倍。
    20.In other words,we are the master of our own future.换句话说,我们是自己未来的掌握者。
    21.It’s generally believed that people act the way they do because of their personalities and attitudes.一般认为,人的行为方式是由个性和态度决定的。
    22.Jessica devoted twice more energy and time than she did before,so I believe she will succeed this time.杰西卡付出的是以前三倍的时间和精力,所以我相信她这次能成功。

    23.Meanwhile,I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.同时,我期待着尽快收到你的回信。
    24.Mr Black didn’t believe  what I said was right,did he?布莱克先生不相信我说的是对的,是吗?
    25.My father impressed on me the value of hard work.=My father impressed me with the value of hard work.我父亲要我牢记努力工作的重要性。
    26.Our staff have been instructed to offer you every assistance.我方工作人员已被指示为您提供一切帮助。

    27.P4)Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers and the technology in his new school.李康对他的新学校的老师和技术设备印象非常深刻。
    28.Professor Wang is considering going to teach in our school,where he can get paid five times as much.王教授正考虑在我们学校教课,在这里他能获得 5 倍的报酬。
29.Secondary school in the US usually covers seven years,grades six to twelve.美国中学通常包括六到十二年级这七个年级。
    30.So far we have done a lot to build a low­carbon economy,but it is far from ideal.We have to work still harder.到目前为止,我们已经做了很多工作来打造低碳经济,但是
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    31.Swimming is my favorite sport.There is nothing like swimming as a means of keeping fit.游泳是我最喜欢的运动项目。作为保持健康的方式,没有什么能比得上游泳了。
    32.The audience was impressed by his amazing performance.他惊艳的表演给观众留下深刻的印象。
    33.The city covers an area of ten square miles. 这座城市占地 10 平方英里。
    34.The cost of renting a house in central Xi’an is higher than that in any other area of the city.西安市中心的房租比这个城市其他地段的房租都贵。
    35.The course covers all aspects of business and law. 这门课程涉及了商业和法律的方方面面。
    36.The days we were looking forward to came at last.我们盼望的日子最终来临了。
    37.The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be three times as big as the present one.正在为下届亚运会而建设的新体育场将是目前这个体育场的三倍。
    38.The new teacher left a good impression on the students by her rich knowledge and humorous talk.那位新老师以丰富的知识和幽默的语言给同学们留下了很好的印象。
    39.To cover the cost of hiring a bus,each student will have to pay $10 each time. 为了支付大巴车的费用,每个学生必须每次支付$10.
    40.Under the teacher’s  instruction,we’ve made great progress in our physics study.在老师的指导下,我们的物理学习取得了很大的进步。
    41.We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do.Let’s get down to it.我们刚刚搬进一个大一点的房子,因此有许多事情要做,让我们开始做吧!
    42.What’s your attitude to/towards senior high school students taking up part­time jobs?你对高中生做兼职有什么看法?
    43.When I watched the game he encouraged me to take part.当我观看比赛时他鼓励我参加。
                                                                      Module  2
    1.After class,they ran to the playground to play basketball immediately.下课后,他们立即跑去操场打篮球。
    2.As far as I’m concerned,I agree with you in this respect.就我个人而言,在这方面我赞同你的观点。
    3.As we know,with the development of economy,the number of cars is increasing very rapidly,thus resulting in some social problems.众所周知,随着经济的发展,小汽
    4.At that time I loved basketball so much that I played all day long.那时,我那么喜欢篮球以至于我整天打篮球。
    5.During scientific experiments,she explains exactly what is happening and as a result my work is improving.在做实验期间,她准确地解释所发生的现象,结果我的学业正
    6.Good teachers make sure that everyone in the class understands.好老师能确保班里每个学生都理解。
    7.He telephoned me the minute he arrived in the city.=He telephoned me immediately/directly he arrived in the city.他一到达城市就给我打电话。
8.He thought that Joe must be dead,but he didn’t want to leave immediately.虽然认为乔死了,但是西蒙并不想立即离开营地。
    9.He would do anything he could to make sure of her happiness.他愿意做他能做的任何事来确保她幸福。
    10.I always prefer to start early,rather than leave everything to the last minute.我总是愿意早开始,而不愿意把所有的事情都留到最后才做。
    11.I don’t really like the author,although I have to admit his books are very exciting.虽然我不得不承认他的书很令人振奋,但我真的不喜欢这位作者。
    12.I hate it when people talk with their mouths full.我讨厌别人满嘴食物说话。
    13.I really appreciate working with someone who does such a good job.我非常乐意与工作如此出色的人共事。
    14.I would rather you didn’t do anything for the time being.我宁愿你暂时先不要采取什么措施。
    15.I’d appreciate it if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come.如果你能让我提前知道你是否能来,我会很感激的。
    16.I’d like to show/express my appreciation for everything you’ve done.我想对您所做的一切表示感激。
    17.I’d rather (that) you had gone to the party yesterday—it was so wonderful.我宁愿你昨天参加了聚会——它很精彩。
    18.I’d rather study history than geography because I can learn a lot from many historical figures. 我宁愿学历史而不愿学地理,因为我可以从历史人物身上学到许多东西。
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    19.If I had to give up one of them,I would rather turn off the TV than switch off my cellphone or cut off the Internet.如果我必须放弃其中的一个,我宁愿关上电视而不关掉
    20.If you don’t respect yourself,how can you expect others to respect you?如果你不尊重自己,怎能期望别人尊重你?
    21.If you leave the club,you will not be admitted back in.如果你离开俱乐部,不允许你再回来了。
    22.In summer,she usually sleeps with the windows open.夏天,她通常开着窗子睡觉。
    23.It is certain that he will help you out when you are in trouble.你处境困难时他一定会帮你摆脱困境。
    24.It is such lovely weather that we all want to go out for a walk.天气那么好,我们都想出去散步。
    25.Keeping a learning diary every day is so important that I would like to introduce it to you.每天坚持写学习日记是如此重要所以我想把这种学习方法介绍给你们。
    26.Many schools have breakfast clubs to make sure that children get a healthy start to the day.很多学校都有早餐俱乐部以确保孩子每天都有一个健康的开始。
    27.News came from the school office that Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.校办传来消息,王林被北京大学录取了。
28.No sooner had I started cleaning the room than the baby woke up and began to cry.我刚开始打扫房间,孩子醒了开始哭泣。
    29.Physics will never be my favourite lesson,but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs Chen teaching me.物理从来不是我最喜欢的课,但我认为有陈老师教我,我会
    30.She’s kind and patient,and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it!她和善且有耐心,语法讲解得如此清晰,甚至连我也能听懂!
    31.So fast is the city developing that you can never imagine what it will be like tomorrow.现在城市发展得如此之快,你永远想象不到它明天会是什么样子。
    32.The exam was of vital importance for me;as a result,I had no choice but to completely focus on my study.这次考试对我来说非常重要,因此,我别无选择只好集中全
    33.There are various art websites that can help students to appreciate and create art pieces.有各种各样的艺术网站可以帮助学生欣赏和创作艺术作品。
    34.We appreciate your efforts for the development of the company.我们感激你为公司发展所作的努力。
    35.We must take immediate action to protect our environment.我们必须立刻采取行动保护我们的环境。
    36.When visiting another country,you should be aware of those differences and respect them.我们身处异国他乡时,不但要注意到文化差异,还要尊重这些差异。
    37.With a local guide leading the way,we got there easily.有地方向导带路,我们很容易就到了那儿。
    38.With a lot of homework to do,I can’t go skating with you.因为有很多作业要做,我不能和你一起去滑冰了。
    39.With more and more forests cut down,some animals are facing the danger of dying out.由于越来越多的森林被砍伐,一些动物正面临着灭绝的危险。
    40.With more people respecting the traffic rules,our city is becoming better organized.由于更多的人遵守交通规则,我们的城市正变得更有秩序。
                                                            Module 3 My First Ride on a Train 
    1.And what a ride!一次多么美妙的乘车旅行!
    2.As far as I know,his career took off when he was only ten. 据我所知,在他只有十岁的时候就开始起步了。
    3.As soon as he got home,he took off his coat. 他一到家就脱掉了外套。
    4.Be sure to get prepared before you are interviewed for a job.在为工作面试前务必要做好准备。
    5.Because of heavy fog,the plane couldn’t take off  on time.由于大雾,飞机不能按时起飞。
    6.For the first few hundred kilometres of the journey,the scenery was very colourful.在旅程的前几百公里,风景是非常富有色彩的。 
    7.He found it difficult to get his idea across to them.他发现他难以使他们了解他的想法。
    8.He frightened the old man into giving him all the money.他恐吓那个老人把所有的钱都给了他。
    9.He isn’t good at talking but he gets on well with other people.他不善言辞,但是他与其他人相处得很好。
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    10. His mother was seriously ill,so he had to take a day off。他妈妈病得很厉害,所以他清理一天假。
    11.How time flies!It is five years before I knew it.光阴似箭!不知不觉中五年过去了!
    12.I could see the bus coming in the distance.我能看见公共汽车正从远处开来。
    13.I wish that sports day could be abandoned and replaced with some other less competitive event.我希望取消运动会,用其他竞争不太激烈的赛事代替。
    14.If you don’t know the exact meaning of the word,you may refer to the dictionary 如果你不知道这个词的准确意思,你可以查字典。
    15.In China,women who remain single in their late twenties are referred to as “leftover woman” by relatives and the media.在中国,接近 30 岁仍然单身的女性被成为“剩
    16.It is impossible,I think,that we should finish the job in such a short period of time.我认为在这么短的时间内完成这项工作是不可能的。
    17.It is reported that he will take over the company when the manager resigns from the position.据报道经理辞职时他将接管公司。
    18.It was difficult to get to know her because she always kept everyone at a distance.很难搞懂她,因为她总是与每个人保持一定距离。
    19.It’s so cold.Would you mind if I closed the window?天太冷了,我关窗子你介意吗?
    20.Mary was too frightened to tell her family the frightening scene because it frightened her to death.玛丽吓得不敢告诉她的家人那令人害怕的一幕,因为那一幕快把她吓死
    21.Of course,they should not feed them in a close distance because the wild animals may attack people.当然,他们不应该近距离喂这些野生动物因为它们可能会攻击人。
    22.Peter had intended to take a job in business,but abandoned that plan after the unpleasant experience in Canada in 2010.彼得曾打算从事商务工作,但 2010 年在加拿大
    23.Power refers to the amount of control a person has over other people.权力是指一个人对其他人的控制程度。
    24.Take your time—it’s just a short distance from here to the restaurant.别急——从这儿到餐馆只不过有短短的距离而已。
    25.The bird came to the window,but I moved suddenly and frightened it away.那鸟儿飞到窗前,可我的身子突然一动,把它吓走了。
    26.The eagle suddenly flew in the air and frightened me.那只鹰突然飞上天空,吓了我一跳。
    27.The information in last year’s tourist guide is already out of date.去年旅游指南上的信息已经过时。
    28.Those who abandon themselves to despair can’t succeed.那些自暴自弃的人无法成功。
    29.Tim took off his clothes and jumped into the water.Tim 脱掉衣服跳进水里。
    30.To enjoy the scenery,he chose to travel by train.为了欣赏风景,他选择乘火车旅游。
    31.Tom lay on the grass,exhausted after his long run.汤姆躺在草地上,长跑后他筋疲力尽。
    32.We got on in Sydney and we got off in Alice Springs,right in the middle of Australia,more than four thousand kilometres away.我们在悉尼上车,在澳大利亚中部的艾丽
    33.We have reached an agreement that we will not refer to the matter again. 我们已经达成协议,我们再也不提那事了。
    34.We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago.我们看到一些一百多年前建造的现已废弃的农场。
    35.What a good suggestion you have put forward!→How good a suggestion you have put forward!你提出了一个多么好的建议啊!
    36.What lovely wild animals we saw during our tour in Australia!在澳大利亚观光期间我们看到了多么可爱的野生动物啊!
    37.When giving the lecture,he referred to his note from time to time.在发表演讲时,他时不时地翻看演讲稿。
    38.When I am faced with difficulty,I usually choose to refer to relevant learning materials or Web pages.当我面对困难时,我常常选择参考相关学习资料或网络。
    39.Where do you think most of the people live,in the central part of the country or on the coast?你认为大多数人生活在哪里,国家的中部还是沿海?
    40.Who do you suggest be sent to work on the farm?你建议派谁去农场工作呢?
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    41.Would you mind my opening the window?我开窗子你介意吗?
    42.Would you mind showing me your ticket/if I saw your ticket?请出示你的票好吗?
    43.You should refer this matter to our teacher for a decision. 你应该在做决定前向老师提及这事。
                                                      Module 4 A Social Survey—My Neighbourhood
    1.A good many of the/those students in our class have passed the exam.我们班中有很多学生考试及格了。
    2.A new theatre will be put up  where there used to be a temple. 
    3.All the approaches to the airport were blocked by the police.所有通往机场的路都被警察封锁了。
    4.As far as I know,the old woman survived her husband by 10 years.据我所知,这位老太太比她丈夫多活了十年。
    5.As Teachers’ Day was approaching,our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day for a change this year.随着教师节的临近,今年我们班决定换一种方式
    6.I don’t want to put him to any bother,so I try doing it by myself.我不想给他添乱,所以,我试着靠自己做这件事。
    7.I have offered to paint the house in exchange for a week’s accommodation.我主动粉刷房子来交换一周的住宿。
    8.I love cities,but there are times when I need to get out into the countryside and get away from the noise,the dirt and the people.我热爱城市,但是有时我需要走出去进入
    9.I’ll go to the post office to mail this parcel to Ann.我要去邮局给安寄这个包裹。
    10.I’m very happy to learn that you will come to our school next term as an exchange student.得知你下学期作为一名交换生来我们学校,我非常高兴。
    11.If we can get over our present difficulties,then everything should be all right.如果我们克服了目前的困难,那么一切都应该会好起来。
    12.In modern times,many young people get away from home and earn some money on their own.在当代,许多年轻人离开家自己去挣钱。
    13. Is it right to put up the price of houses? 哄抬房价对吗?
    14.It is important for government authorities to provide better service for the foreign invested companies to survive the economic crisis.政府机构向国外投资公司提供更好的服
    15.It seems that a great/good many of them are out of work now.似乎他们中的许多人现在都失业了。
    16.Nowadays a great many teenagers are addicted to playing computer games,which makes their parents very worried.当今许多青少年迷恋玩电脑游戏,这使他们的父母非
    17.Of the six people injured in the crash,only two survived.在这次撞车事故受伤的六人中,只有两人活了下来。
    18.Put up your hand if you have any questions. 如果有问题请举手。
    19.She put up a notice about the school trip to Hong Kong. 她张贴一份有关去香港旅游的通知。
    20.The child ought to be punished.You shouldn’t let him get away with telling lies.这孩子应该受到惩罚。对他撒谎这件事你不应该就这么算了。
    21.The country has a great many problems that need urgent attention.该国有许许多多急需关注的问题。
    22.The job market has changed and our approach to finding work must change as well.就业市场变了,我们找工作的途径也要改变。
    23.The price of the daily necessaries has gone up./has been brought up.日用品的价格上涨了。
    24.The research,conducted by St.George University,shows that different parents have different approaches to these problems.圣乔治大学进行的这项研究表明不同的家长对
    25.There are a lot of tourists around.Don’t they bother you?这里到处都有游客。他们没有烦扰你们吗?
    26.They agreed to put two foreign students up over the summer. 他们同意是假期间为两个外国学生提供食宿。
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    27.They got two free tickets to Canada,otherwise they’d never have been able to afford to go.他们免费得到了两张去加拿大的票,否则他们决不会负担得起去那儿的费用。

    28.They’ve put up a lot of high­rise buildings recently.最近他们建起了许多摩天大厦。
    29.We need his help,so we’d better get in/into contact with him as soon as possible.我们需要他的帮助,所以我们最好尽快和他取得联系。
    30.We put some money aside every month for our retirement.我们每月都存一些钱供退休后使用。
    31.We students should often exchange ideas with our parents,who are rich in experience,and above all,love us most in the world.我们学生应该经常和父母交换意见,他们
32.What bothers me most is that he seems to take no interest in his work.最使我伤脑筋的是,他似乎对自己的工作毫无兴趣。
    33.—Why bother?I’ll see her at dinner this evening.  ——不必麻烦了吧?今晚吃饭我能见到她。
                                                                       Module 5
    1.Add some oil to the water.往水中加入一些油。
    2.After he checked the evidence carefully,a clear clue formed in his mind.在他对这些证据仔细审核之后,一条清晰的线索在他的脑海中形成了。
    3.After President Xi Jinping came to power,he took aim at corruption,which made people content. 国家主席习近平执政后,致力于打击腐败,这使人们很满意。
    4.As far as I know,two­thirds of the work has been done. 据我所知,三分之二的工作已经做完了。
    5.As is known to us,wind can be used to produce electricity.众所周知,风能可以用来发电。
    6.Being able to read people helps kids from misreading a situation and jumping to false conclusions.学会了解他人会帮助孩子们避免误读形势和匆忙作出一个错误的结论。
    7.Children tend to  react against their parents by going against their wishes.孩子们通常以违背父母的意愿来反抗他们。
    8.He concluded from their remarks that they were not in favour of the plan.他从他们的话语中推断出他们不赞同此项计划。
    9.He concluded his speech with a famous saying,“Where there is a will,there is a way”.他以一句名言:“有志者事竟成”结束他的演讲。”
    10.Help in the form of money will be very welcome.以钱的形式资助将十分受欢迎。
    11.However,it is not so easy for people to realise their dreams every time.然而,对人们来说每次都能实现梦想并不是容易的事。
    12.I never used to enjoy science,but last year I changed schools,and the science teachers at my new school are excellent.我以前从不喜欢理科,但是去年我转学了,我的新学
    13.I think it’s important to have a balance between study and a social life,so I’m going to join a few clubs.我认为保持学习和社交的平衡很重要,所以我打算参加几个社团。

    14.I used to smoke,but I gave up two years ago.我过去常常吸烟,但是两年前我戒烟了。
    15.I’m going to try to go to either Montreal or Ottawa University,as both are supposed to have good Physics Departments.我打算上蒙特利尔大学或渥太华大学,因为这两所
    16.In conclusion,people around the world should be aware of the real situation of water shortage.总之,全世界的人们都应该意识到水资源短缺的真实现状。
    17.Instead of shouting empty slogans,it is more meaningful to   donate books and sports goods to children in need.给需要的孩子们捐些书和体育用品要比空喊口号更有意
    18.It is hard to   think of a world without metals.很难想象一个没有金属的世界(是什么样子)。
    19.It is no use arguing with her—she won’t listen.跟她争论没有用——她是不会听的。
    20.It’s careless of you to  make so many mistakes in this exam.在这次考试中你出了这么多错真是太粗心了。
    21.—It’s going to be fine this evening.今晚一切都会好的。      —I suppose so.我想会的。
                                                   中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
    22.It’s very careless of you to make so many mistakes in this paper. 在这张卷子里犯这么多错误,你真是太粗心了。
23.Last year,my total income,with my reward added to,added up to 15,000 yuan.去年我的总收入加上奖金,总计为     1.5 万元。
    24.Look,suppose you lose your job tomorrow,what would you do?哎,假设你明天丢掉了工作,你会怎么办呢?
    25.Move slowly,then be sure to keep your balance and don’t let your body shake.慢慢的移动,然后确保保持平衡,不要让你的身体晃动。
    26.Since then,I have formed the habit of playing basketball with my friends regularly,which helps me to grow stronger and become more confident.自从那时,我已养成了与
    27.The aim of education is to teach young people to think for themselves and not follow others blindly.教育的目的是教会年轻人自己思考,而不要盲目地仿效别人。
    28.The closer you are,the more you’ll see.靠得越近,看得越多。
    29.The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather added to the helplessness of the crew at sea.船只马达失灵了,且恶劣的天气增加了全体船员的无助感。
    30.The main challenge is how you organize and expand your collection around your theme.主要的挑战是围绕你的主题怎样组织和扩大你的收藏。
    31.The more books a person reads,the more intelligent he will become.一个人读书越多,就会变得越聪明。
    32.The more he thought like this,the more unhappy he became.他越是这样想,越是不开心。
    33.The sooner you do it,the better it will be.你越早做那件事就越好。
    34.The harder you study,the more progress you will make. 你学习越刻苦,你取得的进步就越大。
    35.Then a discussion will be held,aiming to improve mutual understanding.然后,将举行一次讨论,旨在增进相互理解。
    36.This trip,I believe,will add greatly to  our knowledge and understanding of your country.我相信这次旅行将会大大加深我们对贵国的认识和了解。
    37.To apply for a job,you must fill in/out a form.申请工作要填表。
    38.Tom,you were supposed to have finished your paper by last Sunday.Why haven’t you finished it yet?汤姆,你为什么还没有完成论文?你上周日就应该完成了。
    39.We are proud that a pupil from our school has won a prize.我们学校的一名学生获奖,我们为此而骄傲。
    40.You have to balance the advantages of living in the countryside against the disadvantages.你得权衡一下住在乡下的好处和坏处。
    41.You have to get used to a whole new way of life,which can take up all your concentration in the beginning.你得适应一种全新的生活方式,在一开始的时候这就会占去你
    42.You’re supposed to ask the teacher if you want to leave the classroom.你如果要离开教室,应该先问问老师。
                                                                       Module 6
    1.According to the statistics,what is the world average of freshwater resources per person?根据数据显示,全球每个人的平均淡水资源是多少?
    2.Across the world,1.1 billion people have no access to clean drinking water.全世界有 11 亿人无法获取干净的饮用水。
    3.Berners­Lee made it possible for everyone to use the Internet,not just universities and the army.贝尔纳斯·李使每个人都能使用因特网变成可能,而不仅仅是大学和军队使
    4.Compared with the place where I grew up,this town is much more exciting.与我长大的地方相比,这个镇子热闹多了。
    5.Concentrate on the good things about the Internet.专注于因特网上好的东西。
    6.Do you think the building was burnt down by accident or by design?你认为大楼被烧是意外事故,还是有意为之?
    7.Everyone hopes that the question will come up at the meeting.每个人都希望这个问题在会上被提出来。
    8.He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989...他于 1989 年提出了万维网的想法……
    9.How did it come about that you were late for half an hour in such a short trip?这么短的路程你迟到半小时,怎么回事?
    10.I think I can help the elderly and the disabled as well.我想我也能帮助老人和残疾人。
                                                   中国现代教育网      www.30edu.com  全国最大教师交流平台
    11.I was at a disadvantage because I didn’t speak French.我处于劣势,因为我不会说法语。
    12.If you wish to invite a friend over to visit,you must first ask your host’s permission.如果你想邀朋友来访,你必须首先征得房东的许可。
    13.It consists of millions of pages of data.它有几百万页的数据组成。
    14.It contains a lot of pictures taken during my childhood.It keeps a record of my birth at the hospital,my first smile and my first walk.这里面包含了我童年拍摄的许多照片,
    15.It is said that the early European playing­cards were designed for entertainment and education.据说欧洲早期的扑克牌是为了娱乐和教育而设计的。
    16.Life consists of not only sunshine but also hard times.生活中不仅有阳光,还有艰难困苦的时候。
    17.Now that you have such a good chance,you may as well make full use of it.既然你有这么好的机会,你不妨充分利用这次机会。
    18.Of course,I’ll do some reading for fun,and for knowledge as well.当然,我会读些书,为了消遣,也为了获取知识。
    19.On average,people who don’t smoke are healthier than people who do.通常,不吸烟的人比吸烟的人健康。
    20.Only in this way can they grow up to be independent and become truly successful.只有这样他们才能长大独立,成为真正的成功者。
    21.People in the west make it a rule to buy Christmas presents for their relatives and friends.在西方,人们常在圣诞节时购买礼物给亲属和朋友。
    22.Playing computer games can give us some relaxation after school,but as students we must concentrate on our studies.放学后玩电脑能给我们带来快乐和放松,但是作为学
    23.Speaking on the phone requires concentration and takes a driver’s attention from the road.打电话需要集中注意力,从而分散了司机观察路面的注意力。
    24.The access to success is to make good use of the access to education.通向成功的方法是好好利用受教育的机会。
    25.The Chinese diet is considered to be the healthiest in the world,which contains a lot of fruits and vegetables.中国饮食被认为是世界上最健康的,里面含有大量的水果和蔬
    26.The container contains many kinds of fruits,including apples/apples included.容器中盛着各种水果,其中包括苹果。
    27The economy has grown at a remarkable rate,averaging almost 10 percent per annual.经济以惊人的速度增长,每年平均增长率将近百分之十。
    28.The fact that she was foreign made it difficult for her to get a job in that country.她是外国人的事实使得她在那个国家很难找到工作。
    29.The information consists with what is said in the newspaper.消息与报纸上说的一致。
    30.The Internet is the biggest source of information in the world,and it’s accessible through a computer.互联网是世界上最大的信息资源库,只要通过一台电脑就可以访问。

    31.The teacher as well as his students is going to plant trees tomorrow.和学生一样,这位老师明天也去植树。
    32.The World Wide Web is a computer network that allows computer users to access information from millions of website via the Internet.万维网是一种电脑网络,它允许电脑
    33.These exercises are designed to develop and strengthen muscles.这些练习是为了增强肌肉力量而设计的。
    34.They made it clear to the public that they did an important and necessary job.他们向公众表明:他们所做的工作重要且必不可少。
    35.We must focus our attention on urgent problems.我们必须把注意力集中在紧急的问题上。
    36.You         can        always         trust       him          to        come          up         with                   solution        to
     any difficult problem.你可以一直相信他能想出任何难题的解决方法。